Put the computer “switch” in the phone! Sunflower Boot Socket Deep experience

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With the popularity of WIFI, 4G networks and the continuous optimization of traffic and bandwidth, more and more people are beginning to choose to follow the free way of surfing the Internet. In the case of frequent business trips, I used to make a lot of graphic data when I was making a project information that forced me to do it in a WIFI environment in my office or home, and now I can use a tablet to do it on a business trip, which is the change that comes with wireless networks and high bandwidth.

At the same time, more and more people are getting tired of the heavy access devices at hand, and no one wants to go out with tablets and laptops all day long. How good would it be to “put” a computer in a mobile phone? Not to mention, the hand of this sunflower boot socket and its remote control linkage function really helped me to achieve.

Graphic evaluation

Had heard of similar products before, but this time it was a deep “close touch.” Sunflower boot socket and traditional plug is the same, black coating plus a good value, showing a low-key appearance. However, its use of V0 class flame retardant PC material, the interior is made of high-quality tin phosphorus bronze. The reason for this intention in the material, mainly in order to avoid the brass material easy to heat, easy to catch the drawbacks of fire. For a device that is often plugged into the power supply, the sunflower boot socket is in place at this point.

At the same time, we can see the “MAX 2500W” callout on the front of the socket, indicating the power peak of the product in the first place. In addition, we can see an LED indicator in the upper left corner, which is mainly used to take stock of the running state of the socket. In addition, there is a power key above the switch “, mainly used for socket opening, off, as well as long press to achieve reset function.”

In terms of size, the long width and height of the sunflower opening socket are 58*48*49mm, which can be applied to ordinary interpolation or wall sockets, and the small size also makes it not affect the use of adjacent equipment plugs. On the bottom of the socket, we can see some information about the socket, such as the 2500W peak power, 250V rated voltage and 10A rated current mentioned earlier.

A lot of people see it here and may have expressed their expectations for its use experience. Don’t worry, we’ll get to the point next.

Before use, first we need to plug the sunflower socket into the plug or fixed power supply, and the computer’s total power plug is plugged directly into the sunflower boot socket (also can be plugged or other extended power supply to the socket, as long as the computer plug on the rear side access, will not affect the boot operation). As you can see from the picture, the size of the sunflower boot socket does not affect the next plug, which is one of the advantages of a small design.

After connecting the socket, we need to make some adjustments to the computer. Although the boot scheme used by the Sunflower boot socket is not limited by the motherboard and can be used normally even WITHOUT the WOL wake-up feature, we still need to turn on THE “AC recovery” feature IN the BIOS.

First, we need to press Delete, F2, or F12 to enter the BIOS interface at the beginning of the boot, then we need to find the power-related column, and then turn the AC Recovery (AC Power Recovery, after Power Loss, AC back) option device below. In the measurement, almost most of the existing desktops have this feature, and some laptops can support it.

After the above operation is complete, we need to install the “Sunflower Remote Control” APP on the phone, and then we need to bind the socket. In an unbound state, the light of the sunflower boot socket flashes for the blue light. At this point, we need to “add Smart Hardware” in the upper-right corner of the APP “Devices” column, select “Socket”, and then follow the prompts to connect to the environment WIFI. It is important to note that the Sunflower boot socket only supports 2.4G WIFI. When this is done, we can control it directly into the main page of the socket on the device home page.

On the home page, we can intuitively see the switch status of the Sunflower boot socket (the background color will change), but also in the bottom settings to achieve a timed shutdown, Countdown and a series of operations. After completing the binding of the sunflower boot socket, we also need to install the Sunflower client on the computer side and perform a series of connection binding operations. Specific here will not be more introduced, according to the flow of tips, digital small white can also be understood.

And after completing all the actions mentioned above, you really put the “computer” into your own phone! And in real life, what kind of experience will we bring as a result?

With the help of the sunflower boot socket, we can open the home computer and implement the remote control linkage anywhere. As long as your phone, tablet and other devices can access the network, this operation can be done. Since then, friends who often use remote control has not been required to keep their home computers up and running, saving power and eliminating the loss of hardware.

Scenario One: Do you encounter important documents when you are traveling?

Business travelers who are often out of town like Dawn often forget to copy important documents from their office computers because of big things, and have suffered a lot before. After all, the number of files is too large, and mobile phones, tablets or notebooks are worried about loss, so many important files can only be placed in the office computer.

However, with the help of sunflower opening socket, even if there is no preparation on the go, we can also open the office computer through the mobile phone, anytime, anywhere to access and transmit important documents, is very convenient.

If your phone screen is large enough, we can also edit or simply process the document directly on the phone. After using the sunflower boot socket, my notebook was often still at home.

At the same time, we can also implement a lot of more used operations on sunflower remote control. In addition to the computer can be connected with the screen, but also directly to the hard disk files, view computer camera screen, with the Sunflower Boot socket remote Switch function, really put the computer “into” the mobile phone.

Scenario Two: Picture sharing backup

Many travel friends often take a lot of photos in the phone, but if you want to put their P’s beauty and friends to share in time, at this time the mobile phone can not meet the needs of the status quo. At the moment, we can turn on the home computer through the mobile phone, on the one hand, the phone in a large number of pictures to back up, on the other hand, you can use the PC end Repair tool to trim the picture, so that sharing backup two.

Scenario III: Viewing and chasing drama + remote download

Viewers like Dawn have long been rid of 1080P low picture quality, but in the face of 4K pieces of huge file volume, there is really no time to download and wait. And with the help of the sunflower boot socket, we can turn on the computer at any time, so that the home computer using the idle network to download the 4K source in advance, so that back home can be viewed directly. At the same time, we can also use the phone to directly watch the video content on the computer. Of course, 4K quality of the film on the phone to play can be a bit of a chicken rib, but used on the way to relieve boredom can also be.

Scenario IV: Remote Game control

Friends who often like to play games know that many of the tasks in the game take time to concoct, such as some page tours. For workaholics like Dawn, there is not much time on weekdays to wait for the daily brushing process, missing out on a lot of experience benefits. And with the help of sunflower boot socket and its same screen linkage, we can turn PC game into hand tour and use mobile phone to do the corresponding operation anytime, anywhere.

Scenario Five: “Load” the computer into the car

Sunflower Boot control has a function that I personally prefer, that is, we can directly access the computer hard disk files. When the music in the car is tired of listening, we can turn on the home computer through remote control, arbitrarily pick up their own computer collection of songs, to achieve a seamless connection between the car and the computer hard disk interaction.

Scenario Six: Forgot to turn off the computer?

After a busy day, tired I often because of the transition tired and buried in the sleep, even if the bedroom and study distance, I do not want to get out of bed to shut down the computer (said I am lazy to stand up!) ), And after installing the Sunflower boot socket, I don’t seem to have turned off the computer on the system!

Unlike other linkage switchgear products, the shutdown process of the sunflower opening socket after the corresponding optimization processing, after receiving the shutdown instructions, the computer will be the first to shut down the operation, and the socket itself will be 2 minutes after the power outage. Such an operating process not only leaves the computer with sufficient shutdown time, even if the system update is not afraid of the “hard shutdown” caused by the loss of files.

Summary of Reviews

After a period of experience, the sunflower boot socket did change a lot of my operating habits. On the basis of the original Sunflower remote control, the computer’s switchgear function is “loaded” into the mobile phone, so it has really got rid of the bondage of distance. If you enjoy the convenience and fun of remote operation as much as I do, there is an opportunity to have a close encounter with this “little guy”.


1. Remote boot linkage with sunflower for seamless intelligent Remote boot operation

2.V0 class flame Retardant PC material made, safe and reliable

3.58*48*49mm Sanwei size for easy placing in corners or mezzanine

4. “Gentle” type shutdown, do not hurt the hardware.


1. Product design is too low-key

2. Look forward to adding more linkage features to the APP

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