ZTE AXON 10 PRO Experience

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AXON eight uses a front and rear double-sided glass design, the main two-surface fuselage. It’s so slick  .

Surface screen

The front uses a 6.47-inch deep curved surface droplet screen, using AMOLED flexible screen, equipped with optical screen fingerprint recognition, screen bending arc is not small, feel very smooth feel. The forehead and chin are very narrow, the handset is also hidden between the border and the screen between the narrow slit, so that the front of the whole machine regardless of the perception or feel, are very comfortable. 

The visual feel of the surface screen is excellent.

Handset and front camera

Water droplet front camera , 2000W pixels, so that the front screen share is excellent.

Extremely narrow forehead after bright screen

There’s only one hole at the top.

The volume key and the boot key are placed on the right side of the metal box. There is only one secondary microphone at the top. The bottom is placed with a SIM card slot, a type-c interface, and a speaker opening. The transition of the border and front screen is very smooth and smooth, with fingers paddling across completely without any sense of fragmentation, integrated. This good feel with side sliding back gestures can be refreshing.

The surface screen and the measuring border are excessively smooth

Power Keys and volume keys on the right

Bottom Charging Port

The top of the phone is the handset, on the outside is also the speaker, composed of dual speaker stereo, improve the audio and video experience.

The back of the phone is also a curved glass, sky-blue mirror can not only show beauty, but also collect fingerprints …  The radians at the edge of the backplane are also very friendly to the grip. The camera uses a vertical arrangement of three lens combinations, from the top down are ultra-wide angle, 4800 megapixel master, 3 times times long focal. The first two cameras are surrounded by a border, protruding from the back of the fuselage, the convex point is still more obvious  and the edges are sharper, and the telephoto lens and flash are level on the backplane. The arrangement of the whole back camera is more harmonious and beautiful.

Back camera

The protrusion of the main camera and the wide angle is obvious

AXON logo

Mirror sky blue color value is extremely high

  • About the system

Since the machine I got was not on sale, the system on the phone was not a formal system, but it was also possible to get a general idea of its system.

Mobile phone on the MiFavor UI 9.1 system, based on Android 9 customization, on the basis of the native system to add a lot of practical features, fully meet the needs of domestic users.

Accessibility features

The domestic 4G version provides dual-card dual-to-double 4G, two cards can be 4G standby at the same time, two cards can be volte standby at the same time. What is even more valuable is that the phone’s signal acceptance is very stable, and the data flow from one card to another card is almost no delay, can be described as a second switch.

Dual card settings

Android 9

Hardware information

Many of the features you bring with you can also make everyday use easy. This system through my time of the main use, the experience is relatively good, some details are not the same as iOS and MIUI, but the gap is already very small.

Screen fingerprint recognition speed and success rate is very high, in the recognition of the phone is picked up on the screen to display fingerprint recognition area, easy finger positioning.

Fingerprint recognition Area

After more than half a month of the main use of the experience, ZTE mobile phone system is really a refreshing feeling, once the “negative optimization”, “chopping hand xing” has completely ceased to exist. No matter the fluency of the system, ease of use has caught up with the domestic mainstream level, the new design of the system interface and icons, but also out of the “Earth X” like the aesthetic. It can be said that this time A10pro on the system, is already a very high degree of completion of the product. “I am responsible for this conclusion. ”

  • About Performance

AXON-Pro uses a processor that is Qualcomm’s strongest flagship, Valiant Dragon 855, with no doubt about its performance. However, after middle age, there is no energy time to study the game, only once in a while to  the glory of the Buddha King. The phone also has a built-in game mode, which blocks most notifications and touch gesture operations when turned on, allowing you to concentrate between the canyons

With the running division software, you can see that Axon 855 can completely release the performance of Valiant Dragons. Running sub-data is for reference only.

Disobeying a score.

  • About Photography

The phone’s three cameras, respectively, take on three different usage scenarios: The main 4800W pixel, which provides high-resolution parsing, in four-mode, and the synthesis of large bottom addition. Wide angle camera 2000W pixels, 125 degrees oversized wide angle shooting, you can get a large field of view. The 800W megapixel telephoto camera provides three times times the optical zoom capability.

Two plus two

Three cameras and flash column vertical arrangement, software on the phone to support AI beauty, portrait background, Super Night scene and other practical functions. Three cameras with different focal segments, so that the creation has a lot of space. As can be seen from the following set of comparisons, the use of different cameras in the same location can make a very large difference in the range of the viewfinder.



Three times times the telephoto

Mobile phone with the camera also built into a variety of photo modes, night view, large aperture, slow motion video and other practical functions.

And the front 2000W HD selfie lens, support personality beauty, AI background virtualization, is a good partner  of small sisters. Support for face recognition and unlocking is also provided.

Portrait virtualization works very well.

Portrait mode works pretty well.

  • About Batteries

4000 mah battery allows users to basically do not have to worry about the life of the day, the actual use of experience down, can fully support from early seven o’clock to eight o’clock in the evening home during the high-intensity use. At the same time, the maximum 27W QC4.0 fast charge, which also makes it possible to returns blood quickly at low power.

But the charging head provided is only 18W …

The system has built-in power-saving mode and super power-saving mode, intelligent battery management can also effectively limit the self-startup of background applications.

Duration Management

  • About 5G

5G, a topic that has been extremely eye-catching and controversial in the last six months. Melon Masses are happy to discuss related patents, technology, blockades and other topics. But how close is 5G to us? It has been rumored that the Ministry of Development and Infrastructure will issue operators 5G license in the first half of 2019, the three major operators China Mobile Unicom Telecom is also actively preparing for the construction of 5G network, mobile phone factories are not far behind the “release” of several 5G mobile phones. But, for the average user, can we really use 5G quickly? It wasn’t really as fast as it was, and it wasn’t that good at first.

In general, operators will not start a large-scale 5G site until the Ministry of Industries has issued a licence and allocated the respective spectrum resources to each operator. 5G has NSA (non-independent networking) and SA (Independent network) two schemes, in a nutshell, the NSA is the use of 4G core network to drive 5G base station, SA is the full use of 5G core network +5G base station. The NSA solution can be seen as a subtraction version of 5G (5G Youth  version), and SA is a full version. The development of 5G mobile phones is bound to go through a process that does not one-step support all of the new 5G features and performance.

At the same time, 5G base station will certainly start from the hotspot area coverage, such as the big city business district, station Airport, CBD and so on, will gradually spread to urban residential areas, living quarters, and finally all urban areas, small cities. This process is unlikely to be too fast, and I reckon it won’t be a more continuous, fast 5G experience for the average user until at least the end of 2020. So, although many manufacturers scramble to launch 5G mobile phones, but there is really no need to go to small mice so early, the newly listed 5G mobile phone will have such or such a new problem, maybe you buy a new 5G mobile phone this year, until the end of next year to use the “real” 5G signal.


As an initial experience, I want to write here is enough, after all, I am not professional evaluation, more detailed data also do not have the ability to obtain. Just as a user, summarize the point of this phone:


Surface screen;

Lightweight fuselage, feel super good;

Large battery, fast charge;

Valiant Dragon 855 + F2FS file system;

Slot Point

Although the photo is not bad, but still does not reach the level of the first echelon;

Water droplet screen (some people can’t stand this);

No headphone holes, infrared;

Not waterproof?

The competition in the mobile phone industry has been fierce in the last year, and I think the vast number of consumers are certainly happy to see more brands involved, the more competitors will have the more choices. ZTE joined the battle today in the hope that there will be more contestants tomorrow, offering more options.

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