Innovative Creative Outlier Air Real wireless headset unpacking and personal feelings

Gearbest Xiaomi Mi Band 3
Xiaomi Mi Band 3
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Appearance Showcase

Packaging front

Wrapping back

Headphone Charging Red Halo

Type C Interface Charging

There’s a red halo when charging.

Charging lines and spare earmuffs

The earbuds of the chicken ribs

The earplugs of the wonderful flower

After changing the earplugs, compare them with the moving beans.

After changing the earplugs, compare them with the moving beans.

Usage Feelings

As 51 received, busy to a variety of banquets  , intermittent experience not too long time.


Workmanship and sports beans almost feel cheaper, wear comfort is much better than sports beans, wear 3 hours in a row there is no discomfort; material is easy to stain sweat fingers casually touch there are traces, the appearance of the opinion bar.


Official publicity for 10 hours, the measurement of 3.5 hours using 27% of the electricity, 10 hours should be no problem.


Whether you’re online or playing local videos, a careful experience is a bit of a delay, but as long as it’s not obsessive-compulsive, the mouth type doesn’t basically affect the viewing experience.

Broken Company

When using the left ear as the host, the feeling of broken connection is serious, and after changing the right ear as the host, there is basically no disconnection phenomenon. Cover one after the connection is still very stable, two of all cover the words on the intermittent.

Sound Performance

First the default earplugs set audition, stuffed ears feel empty, after the sound of the heart cold half, bass where Nima bass? It’s the feeling  that the speaker only picks up a treble horn ! Later bought a set of aperture suitable for 4mm to 5.5mm C set, the sound performance turned upside down. It’s not a professional hearing, just write it, and you can just look at it.

At first the tone of the pipa and SONY N3AP with samsung NOTE8 Direct Push effect is similar, the air sense, the strings of their own vibrations, strings and supports subtle friction sound can be heard, proving that the analysis is good. 50 seconds later the drumbeat is good, very strong and very atmosphere, but there is no N3AP that easy feeling of relaxation, Sen Hai’s HD598 here basically can not hear what bass also scattered roaring a few times, I reckon most of the headphones will die here. 1 minutes and 25 seconds of the voice out after no SONY N3AP that sense of shock, think here is more paste, the voice is lowered, big dynamic large compilation is more difficult. Later tested the electronic wind dance music, bass absolutely hot not blow head. Generally more suitable for popular and small production of music, in line with the Bluetooth real wireless headset positioning.


Two headphones can sound, feel free to put one in the box to charge the other can still be used normally, call reception and delivery are very clear.



Life, sound quality, connection stability are excellent

Type C Charging interface

This headset in about 1000 yuan of real wireless headphones should be invincible presence, sound performance is really as good as the external network evaluation, very worthy of purchase.


Earplugs cover is too wonderful, the ear hole big friends are not friendly at all, send is also the same big  , must change C set, this feeling is like at home with Multimedia speakers to see the movie suddenly changed to the cinema in general,  is so exaggerated

Earplugs sleeve joints are also wonderful work, that small ding ding only about one-third of the general headphone connector, C set is best to buy 3mm to 4mm aperture, suitable for 4mm to 5.5mm joints. If the C set has a conical expansion mouth, the expansion mouth needs to be cut off to hold tight.

Install C set after need to be torn down to  charge, hope that the official can out of the large ear sleeve or compatible ear sleeve appears, otherwise every charge to pull the  ear sleeve is too painful

Reading has always regarded the composition as poison, the first time to write so many wrong words do not look forward to everyone a lot of tolerance! Thank you

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