My mind of the all-around lightweight, Huawei MateBook 14 Open Box Experience

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Creative Position statement: Standard measured for jingdong at their own expense to buy, their own hand out of the box experience, I hope to see the value of friends to provide some reference.

Reason for purchase

This time want to buy MateBook 14 reason is the first laptop has been bought a freshman, 15.6 inch silly thick now boot fan on the whoop, although 4 generations of i7 and 8G memory can also be used, but take out too inconvenient, fan one turn down the start card .

Had been following Matebook 13 before, but that was also after the start, missed, starter offers and giveaways felt very loss, so began to wait 14. Then looked at the 14 overseas launch, compared to 13 of the price feel that the introduction of the unique version is also almost under 6000, this initial offer 200 in 5799 yuan, just in the budget, so in Jingdong snapped up to a.

Appearance Showcase

Because of the previous deposit pre-sale relationship, 0 points snapped up orders have been slow to out of the warehouse, but still in the rush to the next day arrived, or relatively happy. Jingdong in the distribution speed and after-sales service is superior to other official channels, but also to Jingdong Point  a praise.
It has to be said that Huawei is still in line with Apple in every way. This outer packaging is very apple wind, but there is no box inside, can be said to be very economical, less a hint of ” Jue flavor.”

A big reason to choose Matebook 14 is also the use of C-port charger, go out very lightweight, even without plugs is easier to find suitable alternatives. I do not know why such a convenient design of some international factories do not accept.

Plug Support 5V 2 A, 9V 2 A, 12V 2 A, 15V 3 A, 20V 3.25A a variety of quick charge agreements, for notebook returns blood just now, also suitable for other laptops and mobile phones, tablets.

Huawei MateBook 14 of the A face canceled the “Chrysanthemum label” design, also looks very simple and tidy. Scrub metal material is not easy to leave fingerprints. This dark gray color is considered to be more upscale than silver and can be shown a little purple and brown in different light.

Although for the first batch, but the workmanship is still good, the whole no visible scratches.

15.9mm thickness, although not comparable to Air, but in this configuration is OK, plus 1.5kg or so weight or relatively light, put bag or handbag are more lightweight.

On the left is the full-featured Type-C interface, the 3.5mm headphone port and the HDMI interface.

The right side is a USB3.0 and a USB2.0 interface. Need to spit, these two interfaces are a little hard, not very good plug-in.

Built-in Huawei prides itself on the Huawei share label, but it’s crooked …  Although they do not use Huawei mobile phone, but tore also strange pity, after-sale there to be 100 yuan a small one it.

This hidden pop-up camera has also been Devolved from Matebook X pro to 14, damping is good, usually boring can also play. It’s a boon for someone like me who buys almost no front-placed camera, but if it’s often used, it’s right in the nostrils, or it needs to sit a little further.

Integrated fingerprint power key, a bit loose, not very straightforward.

Three-stage backlit keyboard that can barely see the backlight during the day. The overall keyboard key bit moderate, feel better. The trackpad is large in size, silky and smooth.

The back is a long strip of anti-skid pad and sound hole. Dolby sound effect plus hold quite shocking, also do not have to buy small bluetooth speaker when peripheral.

MateBook 14 Main is also this 2K resolution, 100% sRGB color gamut screen, plus more than 90% of the screen share, visual impact is very strong, the screen is very transparent, the feeling is very comfortable. In addition, a small portion of the leakage at the edge of the screen is acceptable. 3:2 scale screen design, wider up and down, can see more content, brush Weibo, office is very convenient, watching the video has a certain black edge.

230,000 of the running points can also, this is the Chimei screen, the west number of hard disk, see also Samsung and Toshiba SSD Mix, in fact, this phenomenon is more common, the daily use of the difference is more subtle, there is no  “raffle” said.

Practical use, i5-8265 and MX250 enough daily office , entertainment, play LOL, watch pioneer frame rate is also relatively stable. Good heat dissipation situation, daily codeword fan almost can not hear the sound, 57.4Wh battery out for a day of Office no problem, comprehensive experience down to fully meet my game, video, and code word needs.


Advantages  : 2K High Color domain screen impression is excellent, all-metal fuselage, c-port charging, fingerprint recognition, compared to 13 interface more complete

Disadvantages  : Power key is relatively loose, product control is less stable than the first-line factory, need to buy, LACK of SD card slot

Huawei as the power industry’s forces nouvelles, can come up with the MateBook 14 this work is still very sincere. For example, fast charge C mouth, a touch and other functions have solved the user’s pain point, 2K High-color domain screen has greatly improved the user experience. As a 5000-7000-price laptop, or quite competitive, but also hope that domestic brands a lot of power, the introduction of more cost-effective and product strength of the product.

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