Red Devils 3 Quick Get started: Air cooling + high refresh rate screen, this is the electric phone terminator?

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In the last Sunday before Labor Day, Nubian’s latest electric phone, Red Devils 3, was released in Beijing, and the battlefield of high-end gaming phones became more intense.

Will be used in Tencent LPL Professional competition League Red Devils 3, this time will bring what kind of performance? Let Ray share a quick look.

Familiar Red Devils feel, deeper visual impressions

Red Devils 3 with a 6.65-inch AMOLED screen, with its due display quality, this time also added 90Hz refresh rate and 240Hz touch refresh rate, finger across the same feel is obvious.

Inheriting the Red Devils series of all-metal electric wind body is still impressive, X-type layout under a bit of diamond tattoo embellishment, Red Devils 3 Four Corners to bring the eye of the Red Devils, there is a higher degree of recognition. In color matching, there are four options for Xuan Iron Black, red flames, field camouflage and a brand new red and blue athletic version.

The thinnest 6.6mm of the thickest 9.65mm under the fuselage, to plug into the 5000 ma when the large battery is not clearly perceived, but the 215g net weight does make the whole phone’s weight more clear.

Red Devils 3 Fingerprint recognition module above the addition of a cooling hole, the air cooling is realized here, the outlet is set on the box, the highest 14,000 rpm per minute cooling fan directly TO the CPU blowing. Ray tried to feel it, and needed to be close before he could hear the sound of the wind.

The front double speakers at the top and bottom are well received, and 3 microphones are set up on the fuselage for Game voice, all designed to prevent being covered by both hands. The Red Devils also retain 3.5mm headphone holes at the top of the 3, which is well received.

In the series of consistent electric style RGB back light bar, the Red Devils 3 new added red logo lamp, so that the whole phone gives a more impressive impression.

Performance just valiant Dragon 855, stable and not reduced frequency

Red Devils 3 As a game phone naturally also uses the Valiant Dragon 855, and is to maintain the highest frequency 2.84GHz non-descending frequency, the highest equipped with 12+256GB storage, worth looking forward to the actual gaming experience.

It is also a popular part of the Rabbit Run, the launch of the laboratory run points reached 430,000 points, Ray in the scene to run a score of 390,000 points and reached the higher segment of the Valiant Dragon 855.

Due to the time limit of the live experience, it is not possible to get a complete game experience conclusion, but from the launch of the game competition in the performance of the contestants, the Red Devils 3 can provide adequate performance protection.

Create a gaming experience, Red Devils 3 is serious

Red Devils 3 still provides access to the RedMagic game space through the independent switch, painting, picture-screen hanger, game strategy, kill video screenshot and other auxiliary functions are readily available, compared to the past Red Devils more humane.

This time also provides a fan speed adjustment option, even if you feel that the fan is too noisy can make a corresponding adjustment.

Like the previous Red Devils Mars, the Red Devils 3 naturally have an air trigger, which can be used for extra operation through the middle frame touch groove, this time also added fingerprint recognition as the game touch button.

After Ray tried to use five fingers to operate, it felt that such a design would be more testing of the proficiency of the operation, but it was believed that after proficiency, it would be possible to compete efficiently.

Some small new features seem to improve the efficiency of the game, AI noise reduction will eliminate the noise of the game Voice, based on the fast travel and Biubiu Game Network acceleration can directly connect the international game, so that you can pull the foreign sister?

Red Devils 3 also set up 7 contacts on the side of the fuselage of the Red Devils expansion Dock, bringing a few interesting expansion features: First, the Power box, in the provision of no hands interference with the headphone hole and charging port more than the RJ45 network cable interface, Ray game level can not take the WiFi signal difference to do the interface.

After that there will be 5G armor, through the external module for the Red Devils 3 to provide 5G network support, do not have to buy 5G version of the phone. Red Devils peripheral products such as mobile phone shell , handle, cartridge design 27W fast charge Mobile power supply , but also strengthen the atmosphere as an electrically competitive mobile phone.

Functional complement of the system, almost no longer have regrets

Red Devils 3 equipped with upgraded RedMagic OS 2.0 system in the past many regrets have been filled, popular full screen gestures, calf Voice, notification bar shortcut switch and other mainstream convenient operation are added to it, if it is to switch to the Red Devils 3 Ray think there will be no too much maladjustment.

Android 9 ‘s health management has become an “anti-addiction system” in Red Devils 3, capable of setting the use time of individual games and apps, while the game is good but still has to be allocated a reasonable time.

This linear motor has a standalone chip, with the QQ rider Travel Intermodulation brought the exclusive tremor, but also to stimulate the battlefield and other games to provide linear motor shock support. In the hand, the feedback of the feeling vibration is more crisp, can feel the subtle difference between different levels of vibration.

It’s just a single camera, but it can also have an ultra-high analytic force.

Although the Red Devils 3 is still a rear-order, but using the well-known 48 million megapixel sensor Sony IMX586, the front camera reached 16 million pixels, can take a clear enough photo.

The Nubian family’s various photo features have been preserved, and this time the Red Devils 3 has a new 8K resolution video, as well as 1920fps 64 times times slow motion video, and allows you to adjust the slow-moving parts of the video.


Red Devils 3 from May 3 in the official website and e-commerce sales, pricing is 6+64GB version of 2899 Yuan, 6+128GB version of 3199 yuan, 8+128GB version 3499 yuan, 12+256GB version 4299 Yuan.

From the Red Devils 3 ‘s all-metal fuselage, air-cooled + liquid-cooled cooling design, as well as the 90Hz refresh rate screen and 5000 mah battery, you can see the passion to build a professional gaming phone. 2899 Yuan this valiant Dragon 855 mobile phone lower starting price, more can feel the sincerity of it.

Whether the Red Devils 3 can be welcomed in the market, and then perhaps only the stability of the supply needs to be solved.

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