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Liu Hai, which was popular in the 2018, evolved into a water droplet screen in 2019, but in the final analysis most of the phone’s shape still belongs to the front face blindness, behind the iPhone design style. As a sentiment manufacturer, Meizu 16s is still the only very recognizable product in this pile of mobile phones.

Mobile phone shape of the minority-no bangs, no water droplets, up and down the very narrow border, but also the continuation of the previous generation of the single front camera open white front panel.

Market sales of the minority-do not do the market crowd, Meizu 16s tells you in the “outside of marketing” flagship mobile phone should look like!

1%Selected 100%Efforts, hundred efforts only for the one-of you. This is Meizu 16s preheating on the first day of the throw out of this Slogan, in the moment to get the phone, an indescribable feeling in the moment in my heart to stir ripples, I like the familiar Meizu mobile phone back.


Meizu 16s packaging is very simple, black packaging front printed with 16s and Meizu LOGO highlight the flagship identity. The back identifies the basic information and hardware features of this review phone: Samsung Amoled screen certified by the German Institute of Electrical Engineers VDE Low Blu-ray eye care, Qualcomm Dragon 855 SOC, 4800W AI double camera, new screen fingerprint and NFC, condensed white color matching, memory 6GB, storage space 128GB.

Packaging included: Mobile phone host, 24W power adapter, Type-C data cable , SIM card THIMBLE, VIP card and mobile phone warranty certificate.


Meizu 16s is still no Liu Hai narrow border full screen design, battery capacity of 3540 Ma, the fuselage sanwei size of 151.9×73.4×7.65mm, slightly thicker than the previous generation of 0.3mm. Screen using a customized Samsung 6.2-inch SuperAmoled screen, the screen is 0.2 inches larger than the previous generation, but the height of the phone has only increased by 1mm, up and down the width of the bangs further reduced, so that the large arc edge of the screen in this generation more coordinated, more refined and beautiful appearance.

Meizu mobile phones are known in the industry as custom freaks, and by further structural optimization, Meizu 16s has crammed 20 million of pixels of large photosensitive front-mounted cameras, light sensors, breathing lights and distance sensors into its narrower forehead. And through the self-meizu 15 ru Kiln White since the use of special coloring technology, to achieve a single open hole panel, the color value is super high.

Meizu 16s By default turned on DC dimming mode, in the screen color control, Flyme support “eye mode”, “Screen color temperature”, “screen mode” and other adjustment functions, users can adjust according to their actual needs. Over the course of many days of use, I personally feel that this top Samsung Amoled screen, which supports Blu-ray eye-care VDE certification, is not just about filtering harmful Blu-ray from the color of the screen, but the result of the whole system combining the automatic light-sensing brightness adjustment and dimming mode of the screen.

I belong to every night before going to bed will turn off the lights to play a little mobile phone people, in the past Amoled screen phone is adjusted to the lowest brightness, will also make people feel glaring, so this time with Meizu 16s, immediately feel the difference between the two screens, after using it will never go back.

Meizu 16s adopts the second generation optical fingerprint scheme, the mobile phone supports the entry of 5 sets of fingerprint data, the input process needs to collect the data of each angle of the finger to improve the unlock accuracy, taking into account the convenience of fingerprint unlock in the grip state, this generation of fingerprint recognition module location has been moved down, The thumb can easily touch the recognition area, the recognition rate and speed than the previous generation has been significantly improved, in the case of the screen has a film does not affect the recognition rate.

Flyme 7 also provides a front-camera 2D face recognition unlock function, the system through the collection of human face plane feature data for identification. The combination of face recognition and screen fingerprint two unlocking techniques facilitates the use of mobile phone scenes in everyday life. The system uses the phone’s own gyroscope to detect the wrist lifting action, as soon as you pick up the phone can be screen unlocked, and dark light can also use the screen to fill the face to unlock, the experience is excellent.

Face recognition in Flyme also supports the realization of face payment function in Alipay.

Meizu 16s support supports dual-card dual 4G full netcom, mobile phone top and bottom of a total of antenna openings, to provide 4×4 MIMO antenna technical support, stronger signal, faster Internet access. The dual SIM card slot features a new two-sided card layout design to further reduce the space occupied by the card slot.

Like the flagship machines, Meizu has finally done the 3.5mm headphone hole. Electromagnetic environment, fuselage space and circuit design difficulties, limited the mobile phone in the better sound quality improvement, the launch of so many wireless bluetooth headset products is also to confirm the development direction of audio equipment, Meizu 16s This completely removed the 3.5mm audio interface, is the future of audio wireless affirmation. Meizu 16s Type-C interface is not supported to transfer direct output analog 3.5mm audio, so the market without DAC chip conversion Head is not available, this step for many users is a very high threshold, because it is bound to need to buy a chip with the conversion head can be used 3.5mm headphones, this investment said expensive to say less , But with Meizu 16s released with the CS43131 chip based HiFi Converter is a good choice, 199 yuan Price super high.

Meizu 16s uses the top handset and the bottom speaker to form a dual speaker system that achieves a new pinnacle of the series in a loud, full degree of sound. In addition to watching movies can let the outside provide a more three-dimensional sound field, in the chicken game, the location of gunfire is also more accurate.

The back of Meizu 16s varies greatly from the previous generation. The first is a compromise in design, with Meizu 16s moving the dual camera, ring Flash and laser focus module from the back center position to the upper-left position in order to optimize the fuselage structure and circuit design. The thickness of the 16s fuselage was raised from 7.3mm in the previous generation to 7.65mm, and the thickness increase was very limited, but this structural adjustment allowed 16s to plug into a battery about the same capacity as the Plus. Under the lower power Valiant 855 SOC, 3540 mah batteries are better able to cope with the daily use of non-life pressure.

The back of Meizu 16s is not just monotonous pure white, as in the previous generation, but special grating texture processing.

In the light angle of the transformation, the back cover of the phone will have a clear sense of stereoscopic and gradient, highlighting fashion.


Meizu 16s features a 48 million megapixel SONY IMX 586 stacked CMOS image sensor, sensor size 1/2 inch size, 0.8μm ultra-small pixel size, using Quad Bayer color filter array. The secondary camera is a 20 million megapixel SONY IMX-A-size CMOS image sensor with twice zoom capability, combining the two to provide 3 times times non-destructive zoom capability.
In addition to supporting AI algorithms, the main CAMERA supports OIS optical stabilization technology. During night shooting, the slowest time of the automatic shutter is controlled in 1/4s, and optical stabilization can compensate for the slight displacement caused by the slow shutter, thereby increasing the amount of light in, and shooting high-quality, low-noise night photography. In order to get a better handheld shooting effect, Meizu 16s’s dual-camera +OIS optical stabilization technology from the hardware level is indeed a real practice.

A ring flash under a dual lens. In this generation, the inner components of the ring flash are only decorative, the laser focus function has been removed, because with the increase of CMOS weak light focus ability, the role of Laser auxiliary focus is becoming weaker, has become optional of course to continue the previous generation of the design of the shape will still give the old user illusion.

The details and workmanship of the flagship machine are becoming more beautiful in the macro lens.

Recently popular Pat Moon, so in front of the evaluation of Meizu 16s camera, presented with external card color lens after the lunar roof map Bar.

12 million VS4800 million

In automatic mode, the default 12 million pixels in pieces with 48 million pixels in the open professional mode in the preview, from the screen color and white balance reduction, at the same level, there is no significant difference.

But the advantage of 48 million high pixels at 100% is immediately revealed, as shown in the figure, 12 million pixels, 300 meters away of the Goodyear Tire Shop logo is no longer discernible, and 48 million pixels or details will be richer, However, the imaging time and file size will be greatly increased, daily shooting, the specific mode of shooting to the user on their own.

In the professional mode can be “shutter time”, “sensitivity”, “exposure compensation”, “focus” and “White balance” manual adjustment, so do not be too superstitious friends hand function to shoot the strength of the galaxy, by manually setting exposure time and ISO, you can create a very diverse light and shadow effect, playability is very high.

Outdoor Cloudy shooting

During the test, continuous rainy days, so the Meizu 16s camera throughout the low-key AI shutdown mode, the camera’s white balance remains accurate, the prospect of the leaves can still be distinguished.

Photography in automatic mode is enough to be easy to use, metering is also very accurate, only in a few cases need to adjust the exposure by tap to obtain normal color performance.

Compared to the background virtualization function of software synthesis, I prefer to use the hardware features of the mobile lens f1.7 large aperture to create.

Indoor shooting

Shop lighting in the mall is intricate, Meizu 16s metering and white balance are very accurate, as long as the distance close to the subject, the large aperture of f1.7 brings the effect of depth of light is particularly obvious.

Portrait shooting

In portrait shooting, Meizu 16s Ai camera technology can accurately identify the face of the picture, and automatic tracking focus and portrait Ai beauty, for the beauty requirements of higher users, but also “light beauty” and “deep beauty” switch. When the “Portrait” mode is selected, the double-perturbation shooting algorithm is started, which further highlights the character theme and weakens the background, thus achieving the effect of a full-frame SLR comparable to the large aperture.

Super Night View

In order to bring you more beautiful photos of the night scenery, I came to the Huzhou Lake Resort in Zhejiang Province, the Fisherman’s Wharf, took the following Moon Hotel and light exhibition themed photos.

Compared to Meizu Note9 ‘s first surprise of Super night scene mode, Meizu 16s’s Super night scene model shows a higher standard, the picture purity and detail completely do not fear the 100% original image of the prick, the use of multi-frame stack technology and algorithms, the night with the human eye can not detect the wonderful display.

Meizu 16s camera operation is simple, in addition to automatic shooting, but also provides “fun shooting”, “Portrait (background Blur)”, “video”, “Professional”, “Panorama”, “Sweep code”, “Delay photography”, “Slow Lens”, “Square” and “Super Night Scene” These shooting modes, but also with automatic HDR, timed shooting, Voice shutter, filter and other functions, enough to meet the needs of the vast majority of users.

While DXO Mark’s rating has its authority and comparability, the more meaning behind this icy number lies in marketing. Meizu 16s did not send DXO Mark, but this does not mean that Meizu 16s camera in the evaluation of the indicators is backward casualty merchants, mobile phone photography hardware and algorithms for better photos to serve, not for running points exist, running points are on the tripod for data measurement, and users are handheld to shoot, So ask the Meizu 16s, which has the best CMOS and dual OIS optical stabilization hardware, will fall behind You Shang?


Meizu has not been a key deployment in NFC functionality, and with the improvement of Meizu pay service in recent years, it is now equipped with a fully functional NFC system on Meizu 16s. After the upgrade of Meizu pay integration UnionPay QuickPay, Alipay payment code/Sweep code, Alipay ride code, bus cards and access cards and a combination, for travel and life has brought great convenience.

In order to improve security, Meizu pay will require Flyme account authentication and personal identification authentication in the process of copying cards and card opening, because the function of the copy card will be at great risk once it is misused.

I used the card copy function, in the unit attendance, access control, elevators and internal consumption process, only need to use the mobile phone NFC brush can achieve the original card effect, very convenient.


Flyme as the first echelon of the domestic mobile phone system in the best, it is relatively regrettable that Flyme8 is still in the intensive development, and did not release with Meizu 16s, the current 16s on the Flyme 7.3 based on the Android P (9.0) kernel, Many mainstream models have also been added to this version of the test.

April 22, 2018 Meizu 15 launch good deals, Flyme 7 has been released for a whole year, The current version of 7.3 also belongs to the end of the big version, in this version mainly improved the performance of mobile phones and power consumption optimization, intelligent freezing 3.0 technology under the background switch, so that the phone in multi-task switching fluency has been greatly improved.

Flyme 7 The most distinctive features that friends have emulated are game mode, Global night mode, and Home Guardian.
* Full screen Application mode and bubble notification under the Game + Small window mode, can make chat, play games to see the film two
; * Global night Mode AUTOMATICALLY configures the system UI and THIRD-party app app colors to be configured to dark theme effects, Helps to view content more comfortably in dark light environments;
* Family guards can prevent telecommunications scams, find family members, help with Remote Assistance and children’s apps, providing a full range of daemons from old to child.

Meizu 16s uses a new generation based on 7nm process Cheng Dragon 855, with a maximum frequency of up to 2.84GHz and a single core performance of up to 45% compared to Valiant Dragon 845. GPU with a new Adren 640, performance compared to Valiant Dragon 845 increase 20%, the rabbit run points easily reached 370,000.

Running split data is not as comprehensive as the actual running game directly, in accordance with the Convention, respectively, the use of “Jedi survival: stimulating the Battlefield” and “Glory of the King” for game testing.

The game settings all use the highest picture quality, for the last Dai Long 845 can run smoothly for the game, Valiant Dragon 855 is even more important. UFS2.1 storage of high-speed read and write speed allows the game load time to get a qualitative improvement. “Jedi Survival” stabilized at 40FPS, and on the plane and skydiving did not feel the drop frame.

And cope with the “glory of the King” Valiant Dragon 855 is more comfortable, the whole 60FPS under very stable.


Feel is the soul of Meizu mobile phone, from Meizu 16 to Meizu 16s, sandwich structure between the material transition has been well optimized, the transition of the box to people is no longer independent cut feel, from the phone’s width, weight, overall arc and material, Meizu is the most balanced design of the most satisfying. Any person in the long time to use other mobile phones, switch to Meizu mobile phone after the first sentence is absolutely: this feel really good!

From the slot design and the removal of the 3.5mm interface, the movement of the rear camera module position, you can find that Meizu 16s is not simply re-upgrade the new hardware on the previous generation of products, but equivalent to the re-structural design, is to make up for the previous generation of products in the life of the short board. Transverse linear motors, dual speakers, OIS optical anti-shake cameras, these in the invisible to enhance the user experience of the hardware, the casualty business released by the running cell is not considered in the category, but Meizu 16s mobile phone user experience, the target is not a friend, but the Apple phone and iOS comprehensive experience, Even though he is still the humble minority in the market, he is really doing his best to pay homage to the user experience.

1%Selected 100%Efforts,100% ‘s effort was to get me to choose you in hundreds of phones-Meizu 16s.

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