Lenovo Z6 Pro Light Assessment

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Reasons to Buy

4800w AI four, Qualcomm Dragon 855 flagship processor, Cloudfront liquid cold heat dissipation, 4000mah large battery, 27w fast filling head, 6+128 2899,8+128 2999, ultra-cost-effective, super performance experience!

Appearance Showcase

Appearance & amp; feel

First of all, this package is really a high-end feeling, wool texture of the outer box, low-key and steady black red color matching, accessories including 27w fast charger and data cable , usb-c to Type-c interface, transparent protection shell And screen protective film.

Pick up the phone, that near the perfect feel, with the hand fit and texture, the rear shell and the body of the perfect stitching, thickness and weight let me hold in the hand do not want to put down (specifically not measured too heavy, much lighter than z5 Pro, directly put z5 Pro throw aside), did not touch Mi 9 and IQOO, do not know how they feel But this is definitely the best machine I’ve ever touched. A narrow chin is a little smaller in perception than z5 Pro, although z5 Pro is already narrow, with the remaining three sides slightly wider than z5 Pro due to the front handset and droplet camera , but narrower than Mi 9 and Iqoo, Here are a few real-machine photos, taken in a book City:

Can see, the left side of that beam of light, really a bit of the shadow of the big shot, black red color matching, low-key and steady connotation, in addition to the left side, the rest of the part, from different angles to see, there will be no use of dark red texture appears, quite good-looking.

Usage Feelings

This photo is already an important indicator in the current flagship smartphone, so talk about it from seven angles:

1. Photo Experience

1) Camera basic function

The basic functions of the camera are complete, including HDR, beauty and body, filters, but also support wide angle, macro, portrait, night shooting mode, support up to eight times times zoom, while supporting laser focus, the focus speed is fast. Video shooting is also supported by macro, wide-angle mode, while moving mode, supports eight-to-one optical stabilization, up to 5 times times zoom; supports variable speed camera, slow motion and accelerated shooting.

2) Ultra-clear Shooting z6 Pro is a rear four-shot design, with a 4800W ultra-clear camera, imaging sharpness and detail retention that are great enough to be enabled or turned off in settings. See below for the actual shooting effect:

Shooting outside is after the storm, the sky clouds more, the brightness of the light is lacking. But in terms of perception, the overall color of the film and the sense of imaging hierarchy, are quite good.

3) Wide Angle shooting

Z6 Pro is equipped with a 125° wide-angle camera, the actual experience found that its use scene is actually the highest, because many times want to take a picture of more scenery, the things are preserved. The wide angle contrasts with normal mode, and the following figure is wide-angle mode, pictured above in normal mode:

4) Night shooting

Z6 Pro is equipped with the industry’s largest 2.9μm photosensitive lens, which is easier to shoot at night

As you can see, the suppression of the high gloss is done well, and even the rolling fonts on the building are clearly photographed, clearly reflected, and breathtaking. At night, 366 Street in Shenzhen was photographed very clearly, the details reserved very well, and the color is also relatively real.

5) Portrait mode

In the lack of models, only casually shot a few, in the light enough and insufficient two cases, z6 Pro background virtualization and keying to do is still good, absolutely hot sister Oracle!

6) macro Shooting

Macro mode shooting can be said to be the most prominent performance of z6 Pro, really is to shoot will be addictive, the details of the object infinitely enlarged, but also can have a very good color, the following is my pat of kiwi, really looks like a bite, really is love.

7) selfie

Speaking of taking pictures, there must be no self-timer function, z6 Pro equipped with 3200W Super camera, imaging delicate texture, although a single, but portrait mode is also very good, but I do not like to take selfies (ugly), there is no actual picture, but tried a few times, the effect is really great.

2. Performance and heat dissipation

Z6 Pro is equipped with full blood Xiaofeng’s strongest flagship 855Soc, the performance is strong do not have to say more, the shopkeeper have run out of the 41W+ high score it (the actual run points vary depending on the machine). At the same time equipped with UFS2.1 storage and LPDDR4x memory, the use of very smooth silky, tough processor of course to be equipped with a tough heat dissipation system, z6 Pro using 5mm copper pipe, PC grade liquid cold heat dissipation, heat dissipation effect is very good, in watching video, listening to songs, watching live and playing games, Basically do not feel the body heating, in Shenzhen hot temperature is still relatively warm cool, of course, in the game to open ultra-high picture quality, or there is a bit of warm heat, but in comparison, the heat dissipation level belongs to the flagship level.

3. Duration & amp; fast Charging

In the current mobile phone life has become increasingly important, Lenovo z6 Pro equipped with 4000 mah large battery, while with ZUI 11 optimization, so that heavy use of a day without pressure. The following figure is the battery consumption when I take a picture, the camera is basically turned on when the screen is on, for the mobile phone, taking photos is a more power-consuming application, z6 Pro is equipped with 4800W main camera, processing pictures is also particularly expensive, even if so overweight use, still strong for more than 10 hours. At the same time, z6 Pro standard 27w fast filling head, battery from zero to full of about 1.5 hours, very convenient and fast, PS: charging when not playing mobile phone words, basically not too hot, thermal praise!


1. Other Highlights

1) 6.39-inch Super AMOLED screen, delicate perception, color pleasing;

2) ultra-small droplet screen, ultra-narrow chin, more than 90% of the screen share;

3) Thinking tuning Dolby Atmos, completely immersed in it, very shocking;

4) 4DU-Touch, convenient and quick, cut everything to open the flashlight , turn to turn on the camera, take a pat fast payment and other functions are very practical;

5) Overwhelming, finally ushered in the Information screen display function, for ZUI, has been improving it;

6) The sixth generation of optical screen fingerprint, unlock speed is very fast, at the same time the success rate is very high, the adaptability of the opponent’s environment is improved, the actual experience is quite good;

7) As for the game performance, because I am not a game enthusiast, but simply with the glory of the King test a bit, open ultra-high picture quality and set in the full opening of the highest settings, frame rate is basically stable in 60-61, very stable, and not very hot, again boast of the heat dissipation system, really great!

8) The last point, but also ZUI has always insisted on, the system has no ads, this does not have to say more, the benefits in your daily use, will feel.

2. Partial slot points

The current trial of this version of ZUI is 11.0.375, but the shopkeeper there is already 11.0.422, and perhaps these problems have been solved there.

1) There is no NFC support, this function of the personal think belongs to is not less things, but there is very little to use, at least I have basically not used this function, is a small groove point it;

2) fastidious, the camera in the zoom occasional carton, affecting the experience, but does not affect the final shooting results;

3) Negative one screen playability to be improved, the current version only weather services, smart travel, commuting advice, calendar schedule, fast payment, sports records and other functions, but look at the shopkeeper there seems to have a courier reminder and other more versatile, and in the internal test group has a person dedicated to solicit user views, I believe it will be gradually improved;

4) Comprehensive screen adaptation problem, some of the app has not been suitable for water droplet comprehensive screen, this should be the need for mobile phone manufacturers and app manufacturers to work together, other home mobile phones should also exist this problem;

I have just used the new machine less than a week, can experience only so much, but this mobile phone is definitely associated with the last five years feel the best mobile phone, at the same time, the performance of all aspects are relatively balanced, macro photography and Macro camera is the biggest bright spot, at this price, the most cost-effective flagship bucket machine well deserved, I believe that with ZUI more mature, Lenovo z6 Pro will burst out more powerful energy!!!

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