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IReader released a model for the A6 of the new e-book Reader , the appearance of the same size and T6, hardware and a small upgrade, the function is more innovative to add the “listening” function, users can directly on the A6 above the purchase of audiobooks, And ordinary text books can also be through the listening function, converted to voice playback, look at the product Pre-sale page, participate in the pre-sale of 998 yuan, but also give away the original protection cover , 30 days vip, six period interest and raffle activities, relatively the price has a certain advantage, the following with you simply to share under.


First take you to feel the effect of iReader A6 real person reading aloud, full sound, cadence and feelings, “audio” reading of the audition effect is very satisfactory. Compared with the scarce “audio” reading resources on the Internet, iReader A6 directly provide content, relatively quality is also more secure, looking for resources has become easier.

First, the appearance of details

IReader A6 Front using a flat full fit design, product size 153.8*108.7*7.8mm and T6 basic equivalent (T6 size of 154.9*108.7*7.4mm), weight 166 grams, compared to other brands of the same 6-inch e-reader, A6 will be a little more compact. The screen resolution still features a 6-inch 1448*1072 electronic ink screen with a screen pixel density of 300PPI.


Hardware, iReader A6 uses the Cortex-A9 kernel processor, storage capacity of 8GB, hardware performance improvement is more obvious. Support for listening, iReader A6 comes with a vocal unit and also supports wireless Bluetooth headphones and wired headphones with TYPE-C interfaces.


The back design is very simple, and the narrow side narrows to create a more slim visual feel. In the middle of the position can see iReader’s brand LOGO, the following is some basic information about the product. IReader A6 ‘s rear cover uses a very delicate scrub treatment process, tactile silky. Thanks to A6 ‘s new structural design, iReader A6 supports IP67 dustproof and waterproof, and the application scene has become more extensive.


IReader A6 for the first time in the e-reader above the use of Type-C interface, which is also the general trend, for most users also means to go out with less than a line, praise. On the other hand, because of the addition of the new “listening” function, in the bottom Type-C interface on the left side of the iReader A6 more than a horn unit, on the right is the charging indicator light.


The left and right sides of the use of a fully symmetrical design, the back of the large arc of the relationship, from the side to see iReader A6 more thin.

The power key at the top, which is also the only button on the iReader A6, can turn the device on or off with a long press of 2-3 seconds, and short press to toggle the hibernation and wake-up state.


Second, the application of the system

The overall layout of iReader A6 system is similar to that of T6, there are still four sections, the use of the above is as simple and easy to get started. A separate listening version is more than T6,ireader A6.


Familiar with the book city, to provide internal purchase services, as a domestic established content provider, iReader e-reader can achieve greater success, with the rich content of the book city, basically Amazon can provide the content, in the iReader A6 basic can be found, in the reading experience and localization, IReader has a certain advantage.


Listening section is also one of the biggest highlights of the iReader A6, previously only through mobile phones, tablets, computers and other functions can be achieved, now through the iReader A6 can achieve listening. IReader directly provides a large number of audiobooks, eliminating the troubles found all over the years, for friends who like to use the “Listen” book, iReader A6 design can undoubtedly solve a lot of problems.


My features page, a lot more options than T6.


Under the tool item, in addition to the T6 above the dictionary, translation, new words, associated image notes, associated with Youdao Cloud notes, more tape recorder and music two options.


Click on the recorder, see the following interface, provided three keys, respectively, recording, completion and exit. IReader A6 already has a simple recording function.


The same also provides built-in music playback, but limited memory capacity, listening to the song is still left to a more convenient mobile phone or music player Bar.


The previous separate Settings page was also integrated under my interface and you can see that the menu is very rich, providing wireless, Bluetooth, import, bookshelf, reading, device, about and update options. With Bluetooth, users can quickly connect Bluetooth headphones to achieve wireless listening functionality.


Rich import function, which is also the landlord to abandon the Kindle, switch to iReader A6 a reason, the landlord usually read more TXT format, iReader import is relatively convenient.


WiFi Transmission, the owner of one of the most imported methods, the same area network, can be very convenient to see the book imported to iReader A6 above, simple and direct.


Iii. Usage Experience

IReader A6 ‘s pixel density reached 300PPI, bringing a very delicate display effect, looking at the iReader A6 left 100% magnified screenshot, you can see the font is very clear, the edge transition is very smooth, the whole reading effect, has been infinitely close to the reading effect of printed books.


IReader A6 ‘s refresh rate control is quite good, fast paging no longer appears too obvious trailing phenomenon.


Click on the middle of the iReader A6 screen, you will jump out of the settings page, you can see the table below to provide directories, reading lights, progress and settings options, the upper-right corner provides search, listening and more options, the menu is as rich as that.


Setting options provides a very rich set of options that can be adapted to your individual needs. In particular, the mainstream fonts are supported under Font options, in addition to reading several of your own fonts.

Level 20 warm and cold two-color reading lamp, brightness compared to the landlord’s previous Kindle bright a lot, backlight is relatively more uniform, especially around the display, can not see the place of light, the actual use, iReader A6 in the case of turning on the backlight display, backlight effect is very soft, 20 level warm and cold two-color backlight effect, Eye care is also more able to meet a variety of reading needs.


Weak light environment, the opening of backlight effect, you can see the actual backlight effect is relatively soft, can better reduce eye pressure,


Text reading this piece, the current e-reader used in the basic use of electronic ink screen, the display effect has been very good, especially in the strong light (bright environment) under the ink screen compared to the phone innate advantage, indoor and outdoor can be used normally, long reading to the eyes of the stimulation is also smaller.

IReader A6 ‘s reading experience, I believe you have almost understood, the following look at iReader A6 ‘s “Listen” book experience. For users who like “audio” reading, iReader A6 undoubtedly solved a lot of problems, whether it is “audio” books or books in the city, or externally imported text files, can be implemented from text to speech, the function is very powerful, the practicality is also very high.

The use of effects, whether it is audiobooks (real people read aloud) or text-to-speech (AI voice engine), the effect is more natural, more comfortable listening, rich adjustment options (voice, speed, volume) can also be very good to meet the needs of different users.

Iv. written in the last

Things have two sides, e-readers are no exception, like to say that e-readers are small and portable, an e-reader can be installed in the next library. Do not like also think that e-readers lack of paper books that sense of ritual, standard bubble noodles (eat ash) artifact. But in any case, the emergence of e-readers, very good in portability, reading costs, books occupied by the site to find a balance, overall, or more worthy of having. Coupled with iReader A6 on the basis of traditional pure reading, for the first time in the e-reader to add the “Listen” book function, for friends who like to read books, there is no doubt that there is a new reading experience.


1, junping, compact fuselage design, iReader A6 color value is higher

2, equipped with a new listening and AI synthetic sound engine, e-reader features more abundant

3, 20 level warm and cold two-color gentle light reading lamp, with a good eye protection effect

4, 300PPI ultra-clear ink screen, text display is very sharp

5, rich content, localization to do a good job, easy to get started

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