Yeelight clip lamp, no Blu-ray + Long range to create a barrier-free night reading experience

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Clip lamp is a more subdivided product of the table lamp category, clip lamp more use scene is night reading, learning, so an excellent clip lamp must have no blue light harm, adjustable lighting angle, high clip stability, charging wireless dual use, charging mode diversification and other genes. This issue with you to share a clip lamp boutique “yeelight clip ⼦ lamp”, can let you fall in love with the study of the night reading good things!

Clip lamp because of its flexible and changeable characteristics, the use of the scene can be bedside, desk, table and other small lighting space. In order to create a dynamic experience, “Yeelight LED charging clamping table lamp” to get rid of the traditional clip lamp thick, line chaos and other rough problems, the use of minimalist line design, with the white lamp body, such as art can generally be integrated into any home environment.

“Yeelight LED charging clamping table lamp” The whole lamp is mainly divided into ring lamp head, hose, clip three parts, clip on the integration of key, Power LED, USB charging interface. To facilitate user charging, “Yeelight LED charging Table lamp” comes standard with a power cord of up to 120cm, which is usually suitable for 5V 1A mobile adapter or USB interface.

“Yeelight LED charging clamping table lamp” Lamp head design ring design, built-in 15  index Ra80 LED beads, ring arrangement can make luminescent cover  product ⼤, light distribution evenly; clip lamp is usually used for learning, color rendering index is particularly critical, “Yeelight LED charging clamping Table lamp” Display up to Ra80, can be more realistic to restore the book inside the page vivid color.

Takeshi Finger is important, but eye care safety is a top priority, “Yeelight LED charging clamping Table lamp” No Blu-ray harm, light biosecurity reached the RG0 exemption level, for learning, eye Health to provide a strong guarantee. “Yeelight LED charging clamping Table lamp” also supports high, medium and low three-gear brightness adjustment, no video flash, the use of 4000k constant color temperature light warm white.

“Nimble” is the biggest feature of the clip lamp, “Yeelight LED charging clamping Table lamp” using 360 degrees hose design, hose line height of 26cm, can be adjusted to any need of the angle, whether it is upturned, bending, transverse, slanted can meet your needs.

Clip lamp, as the name implies, the main application of the scene need to use a clip to fix the lamp body, “Yeelight LED charging clamping table lamp” Using minimalist splint design, can clip thickness 1.5cm-5cm, suitable for bedside, desk; Of course, even if you do not need a clip, you can use it on the desktop, the bottom of the splint has anti-skid design

Unlike traditional clip lamps, the “Yeelight LED charging clamping Table lamp” uses a touch-type key switch to reduce the switching damage rate. Short press switch by default to turn on high-grade brightness → mid-range brightness → low brightness → turn off the lamp, each press four times for a cycle, short press the turn of the lights default to the highest brightness.

In order to meet the needs of fixed brightness users, “Yeelight LED charging clamping table lamp” has memory mode, in the current brightness gear, long press the key 1S clock off the lights, when turned on again directly for the brightness before the turn off the lights. For example, low-grade brightness when the key 1S turn off the lights, the next time the key is turned on the low brightness, eliminating the staging operation.

In order to relieve the trouble of Wired, “Yeelight LED charging clamping table lamp” built-in 1500 mah polymer Lithium battery , Learning mode (high-grade brightness) can be 6 hours, computer mode (mid-range brightness) can be 14 hours, night light mode (low brightness) can be 50 hours. Not only the life is strong, but also support USB plug, Mobile power supply , computer USB multi-channel charging, support edge filling and lighting.

Built-in battery “Yeelight LED charging Clamp Table lamp”, users can be placed at will, do not have to worry about whether there is a socket, when some corners of the home, high need lighting, “Yeelight LED charging Clamp Table lamp” can also act as a flashlight role, wireless bondage, Clip lights are more free. So remember to at any time to “Yeelight LED charging clamping table lamp” charging, at the latest three months to charge.

The above is “Yeelight LED charging clamping Table lamp” All experience sharing, review, “Yeelight LED charging clamping table lamp” mainly has? The main feature, one is to have 15 Takeshi finger beads of the ring design lamp head, more uniform lighting; the second is 360 degree hose design, can be illuminated at any angle; the third is the Touch type button switch and memory mode; its four is built-in 1500 mah battery, the longest 50H super life; its five is support plug adapter, mobile power supply, Computers are recharged in multiple ways. Overall, “Yeelight LED charging clamping Table lamp” is an indispensable home night reading good things!

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