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Xiaomi Mi Band 3
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Remember two or three years ago, there was a VR craze, htc,psvr,oculus, and even today, Nintendo added VR kits to switch.

The current high-end VR has been very mature, as long as it can give the budget, can have a very strong real experience, but there is still a considerable gap from the popularity, in the VR very hot period of time, mobile phone VR popular, but because of the backwardness of the interactive experience (no suitable handle, Mainly by staring at one place to confirm) and the lack of content (dedicated VR video or quality games very little), so quickly lost the heat. In the development of these years, VR’s high-quality content gradually increased, exchange experience is gradually enhanced, so I considered buying a VR to use, a combination of portability, content richness, convenience, I chose in last year Xiaomi released the VR all-in-one machine.

Xiaomi VR all-in-one machine is basically the domestic version of Oculus go, if you like tossing, and can science online, the original Oculus go will be more advantageous in content richness, but I bought mainly to experience some of the game and at home to see the big curtain ( projector + Home theater wants to achieve similar results a bit less expensive). The basic parameters are valiant Dragon 821+2k screen, my This is the Super player version, in addition to the basic 64g memory host also sent some games, the quality is good, but most of the game is the core of the shooting game with different content. 1999 of the price minus the value of the attached game , Price is good, if only to experience the feeling of VR games, I would like to go to some big shopping malls with VR games spend 20 yuan to experience, if it is VR watch video, dozens of pieces of mobile phone VR can be, Buy All-in-one is not very recommended to buy, it is best to wait and see, waiting for the decentralization of high-end technology.

Wear the comfort aspect, adjust the tightness of the headband after the experience is not bad, normal flat head does not bow the words will not have too much burden, long time after wearing the neck will be a bit tired. Winter time is good, summer if not open air conditioning words close to the place will be very muggy, more wet areas wear VR when the lenses will fog, need a period of time waiting for the fog to disappear. Wear glasses directly on the VR words will be a bit tight, and easy to see the area outside the glasses, installed specifically for glasses users to use the spectacle gasket after the experience can be improved a lot.

It’ll be a lot more comfortable after adjusting the headband.

In the direct wearing VR out of the time, the volume is not high when the people around actually do not listen very clearly, VR issued the sound mainly around the ear around, there is a feeling of wearing headphones listening, sound effect words personal feeling slightly stronger than some hundred yuan price of headphones, if do not want to disturb others, there are special headphone holes can be connected to the headset

Using micro interface charging, only 2600mah battery caused poor life, and charging speed is not high, basically belong to charging two hours, play two hours, once the start of charging, will be turned on, so want to see the movie for a long time is best to charge while watching, but this will lead to serious heat, And always hold a rechargeable treasure . The handle is powered by a battery number fifth, which is more durable and consumes only about 5% of the electricity for a few hours to play down.

Charging and headphone interface

Display effect, the 2k screen experience has exceeded the vast majority of mobile VR, although there is still a lattice sense, but compared to other mainstream prices of VR, lattice feeling is not obvious, belongs to a higher standard, but if the first time to use VR may be a little disappointed. Due to the algorithm, the normal position of the eye is displayed more clearly when used, the edge part is a bit blurry, but as long as it is not always staring at the edge to see the basic does not affect the experience. Screen refresh rate of 60/72hz, but still not enough, for the usual computer games will faint 3d people or give up this VR bar, as an old player, I sit and play games after more than one hours will have obvious discomfort, standing to play will be much better, But in general, playing the game 1.5 hours is about to lose power, so for me the impact is not very big.

Is equipped with Qualcomm 821 processor, 3g running memory, at the same time can only run a software, the heat is more serious, long time to play the front panel of the game hot, but as long as there is no hand to touch, use when there is no obvious feeling. Performance words are basically enough, look at the video, play simple games are very smooth, but open the application takes a long time, power consumption is too high, just released when I feel a little pity with 821, if the use of the processor is 835, the degree of availability will be much higher. Can stream to play steam game, this time the test is the computer’s hardware strength and network speed.

Unlike HTC Vive, Xiaomi’s VR only detects movement up and down the head, and when it moves forward, the perspective in the VR does not change, which affects immersion, and does not adjust the display to the front when it is lying. So that the main application of Xiaomi VR is limited to the sofa and other places to sit and use (I would have liked to lie down to watch the video with VR is not beautiful, the result … )

The first boot needs to cooperate with the phone side of the millet Vrapp, connected to WiFi before it can be used independently, the app itself function is basically in the VR can also be completed, so say the first connection after the end can no longer use this app. Content, in addition to their own Xiaomi with some video resources and game resources, but also can download echo and YouTube VR applications, in the film and television resources are more comprehensive, the game also has some quality games, through the computer can be transferred some of their own find or inconvenient to find resources (such as some 3d video), If only to sit and see the movie, Xiaomi VR can bring an excellent experience, but if you want to play the game, it is best to consider the PC level VR good, or first use the mobile VR to see if there is a game you like to make a decision.

The handle is relatively simple, so you can’t play a very complicated game, but the basic operation is enough.

In general, Xiaomi VR all-in-one can be regarded as a lower threshold of entry-level VR products, 1499 of the starting price can experience more than 50% VR experience, if only in order to simply experience some of the features of VR, with a certain portability of Xiaomi VR all-in-one machine is absolutely value for money, For movies and concerts is still very cool, if used to play games, or PC-level VR or specifically for the game to live psvr better, in the quality of the game resources, they have all the current VR all-in-one machine has a rolling advantage, can be said to be dedicated to the game of equipment. The current VR device is not mature enough, or mature VR devices are not so easy to buy, I think the future will certainly be mixed display of the era, VR and AR is just the current alternative state (Microsoft’s HoloLens2 is really expensive).

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