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Reasons to Buy

Bluetooth 5.0 Real Wireless headset has long wanted to try, because the use of Huawei mobile phone so look at Huawei Wireless, the price let me deterred, familiar with his home things premium is too high, Xiaomi seconds kill a few 399 that (not very serious snapping ), Feel the rice flour Festival is coming can wait, there is really “goods”, is today said This Redmi Airdots. 99.9 experience the real wireless headset, you should have the needs and curiosity will participate in it  .

Make a little contrast.

REDMI AirDots Real Wireless bluetooth headset (black only)

1. Bluetooth 5.0 2. Wear weight 4.1g 3. Total Life 12 hours 4. Full power required 2 hours 5.IPX4 waterproof level

6. Entity button, double-click to start the Voice assistant, do not have to toggle song function 7. Sound Unit 7.2mm 8.DSP Intelligent Environment Noise reduction

9. Android voice input with mobile phone microphone 10. Dual-channel stereo 11. Charging Interface USB Micro

Xiaomi bluetooth Headset AirDots Youth Edition (only white)

1. Bluetooth 5.0 2. Wear weight 4.2g 3. Total Life 12 hours 4. Full power takes 2.5 hours 5. Waterproof level does not indicate

6. Touch the button, double-click to start the Voice assistant, do not have to toggle the song function 7. sound unit 7.2mm 8. Noise reduction function does not indicate

9.–(should be the same as REDMI) 10. Dual-channel stereo 11. Charging Interface USB Micro

Xiaomi bluetooth headset Air (white only)

1. Bluetooth 4.2 2. wear weight 5.8g 3. total Life 10 hours 4. Full power requires 1.0 hours 5.ipx4 Waterproof level

6. Touch the button, double-click to start the Voice assistant, do not have the function of switching songs, pick the next headset music pause function

7. Sound Unit 7.0mm (titanium plated diaphragm ) 8. ANC active Noise reduction

9. Android voice input with mobile phone microphone 10. AAC HD sound quality 11. Charging interface USB Type-c

Above three millet camp of the real wireless headset simple contrast, after all, Bluetooth headset still has a delay problem, so the expensive also does not necessarily have any qualitative leap, it is better to choose a use of more frequency, practical own.

TWS: The abbreviation for True Wireless Stereo is the meaning of true wireless stereo, and the implementation of this technology is based on the development of chip technology. Technically, it refers to the mobile phone by connecting the main speaker, and then by the main speaker via Bluetooth wireless connection from the speaker, to achieve a true Bluetooth left and right channel wireless separation use. When not connected from the speaker, the main speaker returns to mono sound quality. TWS technology has been used in the field of Bluetooth headsets, so it has also spawned a new product-TWS bluetooth headset.

Compared to ordinary Bluetooth headphones, TWS Real wireless bluetooth headset has the following advantages: 1. True wireless structure, completely abandon wired troubles, sports more free. 2. The use of a variety of ways, can be exclusive, can be shared, but also a machine as two machines. Since the TWS bluetooth headset does not require a wired connection, the left and right 2 headphones form a stereo system via Bluetooth, and listening to songs, talking and wearing have been improved,

Appearance Showcase

The outer box is not on the map, is a special blue box, headphones, instructions. Two sets of small and large ear sleeves.

This time is charging display, white display full, red display is charging

This is the box in charge, charging is red, after charging full is the red light out.

This is the maximum angle that the box can open, and it can be better taken if it can be opened in a larger way.

This is the size and thickness of the box held in the hand, very small, convenient.


Usage Feelings

When charging the box charging interface USB Micro plug can not be fully inserted, feel a bit awkward wouldn’t be, so get the hand after not see this situation again into the plug.

The upper right corner can see the right side of the main headset power, the logo is clear, there will be no sudden power off display.

The home has these headphones, Sony WH-CH700N, Huawei active noise-CANCELLING headphones 3,phiaton PS210. Made a comparison.

Music: Redmi AirDots used to listen to the novel is no different, if listen to the song or suggest to open the cool dog sound effects, immediately rise a few grades I just use Sony’s 1000x sound, tooth tone a lot better. Remember this is a 99.9 headset, this effect has been successful.

Game: Playing the glory of the king, there seems to be no delay. But there is a noticeable delay in stimulating the battlefield, and the delay is small, unless the enemy immediately appears in front of you, basically can still hear footsteps to fight back.

WeChat: Crash … At least one more second needs to be said, or if you send a voice, there will always be a few words that have not been finished …



1. Portable, fast connection, easy to connect

2. The price is cheap, the staff is not heartache

3. Comfortable ear, no pain (I did not), Test left and right head n times did not fall

4. Electricity is consistent with official data and is generally not afraid of electricity

5. Stethoscope effect is basically not felt


1. Charging box does not have a power allowance display, can not clearly understand the allowance

2. Charging box cover open not big enough angle, take when you can only take the right ear, the left hand to take the left ear is more convenient

3. There are occasional outages during listening, and the short time may be the time to say a word, which is not stable enough (my analysis may have something to do with the phone receiving data)

4. Why not use the Universal charging interface USB type-C, feel a little embarrassed ah …

5. WeChat send this low is a bit bad, send WeChat more children’s shoes, it is best to try their own to think about starting, maybe  I am an example

Common advantages and disadvantages of this type of headset

1. Strong portability, walking to work sports with no need for a good sense of hearing, a certain listening effect and mute effect, enough to use, cut off I can ignore a shortcoming. 99.9 of the positioning is where, there is no way to ask too high.

2. Estimated two headphones and one charging box estimated to have lost one, and there’s no way to match it?

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