OPPO Reno 10 times Zoom Edition evaluation: The new flagship of the image is so refined

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April 10, OPPO Reno series flagship machine officially released. As a new product line for OPPO, this product has been under high hopes from birth. 10 times times Hybrid Optical zoom technology, Qualcomm Dragon 855 mobile platform, new industrial design and bold innovation make this product a full range of powerful image flagship.

An industrial design full of artistic sense

OPPO Reno 10 times times Zoom version of the phone using a flawless fuselage, as long as you light the screen, you can understand why the Reno series can and Find X series is called “dual flagship.” The overall flawless panoramic screen of the front brings an extremely immersive visual experience.

This 6.6-inch 19.5:9 screen features a 2340*1080P resolution and a screen share of up to 93.1%. The chin width is only 3.5mm, because its screen uses the same COP packaging technology as OPPO Find X, using the flexible characteristics of the screen material, the screen line and chip part of the bending fold, so that it is arranged inside the fuselage, greatly reducing the size of the front “chin” area of the mobile phone, In turn, improve the screen footprint performance.

Reno10 Zoom version uses a new light-sensitive screen fingerprint, top technology to lead the innovation Force for OPPO new Reno series unique next-generation screen optical fingerprint scheme. 3P lenses reduce distortion, increase the amount of light, let Reno fingerprint recognition speed compared to the previous generation of 28.5% increase, recognition success rate compared to the previous generation of 20% 30%.

The same is true of Quanjing, Reno 10 times times Zoom version of the phone And Find x series Implementation of the principle is somewhat different, Reno 10 times times Zoom version using the way of side rotation, the front The camera and rear flash are hidden inside the fuselage. Reno’s lift camera structure design, also after rigorous testing, and like Find X, with the detection of drop protection measures, when the drop state is detected, the front camera module will automatically hide.

Reno 10 times Times Zoom version of the back using an integrated 3D glass fuselage, gradient process re-upgrade, with more introverted color expression, a hand, we are Reno 10 times times Zoom version of the back without a raised camera and the subtle texture of micro-scrub attracted.

Reno 10 times Times Zoom version of the phone on the back of almost all the design elements are placed on the axis, the pursuit of art Reno 10 times times Zoom version of the mobile phone even in the fuselage with gem mosaic technology embellished with a design element called O-Dot, this O-Dot hardness is very high, slightly raised, When we put the phone flat on the table, it can hold the camera slightly up to protect the lens from wear and tear.

The OPPO Reno 10 times-Fold Zoom Edition offers two colors, polar night black and foggy Sea green, respectively, using a condensation gradient process of bright and foggy surfaces, creating two different textures.

Quanjing’s immersive experience, the perfect feel of the camera’s not raised, the visual feel of the new process of curved glass, and the ingenious design of the side spin forward are designed to make the Reno 10 times zoom version of the phone full of artistic sensations, and to see what black technology is hidden in this artistic phone.

The 10X zoom phone turned into a telescope OPPO Reno 10 times-fold zoom version features a rear three-shot, 48 million megapixel main camera, 13 million megapixel telephoto lens and 8 million megapixel ultra-wide angle lens, the main camera features a Sony IMX586 sensor with a 1/2-inch large bottom and f/ The large aperture of 1.7 increases the performance of the weak light.

Interestingly, the telephoto lens, which uses 5 times times optical Zoom, is based on a latent mechanism, so the appearance looks different from the previous circular lens, but rather the rectangular appearance of the structure.

Reno 10 times times zoom version with three different focal length of the camera, equivalent focal length 16mm-160mm, covering the commonly used focal section, can let the user free in the ultra-wide angle to the telephoto between the free switch, we come together to experience the Reno 10 times times Zoom version of the photo effect.

The first is the ultra-wide-angle sample:

2X Sample:

6X Sample:

10X Sample:

The first is the ultra-wide-angle sample:

1X sample:

2X sample:

6X Sample:

10X Sample:

As you can see, Reno 10 times times Zoom version of the telephoto photo is very shocking, can be the naked eye to see the vision of the eyes brought to the fore. We all know that the most important thing to shoot the telephoto is the anti-shake, Reno 10 times times Zoom version of the ball type + prism rotation double OIS optical stabilization, effectively offset the phone understand the impact, so that the photo more clear.

Let’s look at a set of daily samples.

We found that Reno in each focal section performance is stable, color tuning is also very pleasing, “more real clarity” is Reno 10 times times Zoom version of the shooting keyword. Ultra-Clear Night Scene 2.0 of the addition, but also let Reno 10 times times Zoom version of the phone can be captured in the human eye can’t capture the details. Whether it’s screen purity or color performance, detail restore, OPPO Reno 10 times-fold zoom version of the phone is satisfactory.

More comfortable photo experience is this Reno 10 times times Mixed optical zoom to the author’s feeling, whether it is coke segment switching or shorter handheld night view time, Reno has brought a very good shooting experience, it can be said that in the present, Reno 10 times times Zoom version is the new flagship of OPPO image. But the new flagship of the image is still strong in other ways.

Valiant Dragon 855 Mobile platform Transformation game artifact

The Reno 10 times-fold zoom version is equipped with the Qualcomm Dragon 855 mobile platform, which is built using the most advanced 7nm process, and the new Kryo 485 CPU is customized by ARM Cortex-A76. 1+3+4 ‘s eight-core design enables flexible response to a wide range of usage scenarios, resulting in up to 45% performance improvements compared to previous flagship platforms.

Graphics performance, Valiant Dragon 855 mobile platform using Adreno 640 vision subsystem, with 20% graphics rendering speed increase, power consumption also continue to stay ahead. Valiant Dragon 855, the first platform to support Elite Gaming, provides system-level optimization solutions that speed up game loading, reduce network latency, and support Vulkan 1.1, High dynamic Range (HDR), and physical rendering (PBR) capabilities. In addition to the OPPO aspect of the special optimization, Reno 10 times times Zoom version of the phone performance of the game is very top.

Let’s first test the running score of the Reno 10 times-fold zoom version of the phone.

An’s run score reached 354964 points, which shows that Reno 10 times times Zoom version of the phone for 855 mobile platform tuning performance is good, can unleash the greatest potential.

Reno 10 times-fold zoom version of the phone also provides a new version of the game Space application, it has a very cool game interface, co-ordination of all the games installed in the phone, all games can be launched here quickly, from here to start the game, will be directly equipped with OPPO specially built game optimization program, Able to leave all the system resources to the game, for the user to present a unique immersive game space.

We actually tested the game performance of the Reno 10 times-fold zoom version of the phone, selected the current popular game “King Glory”, the test we opened the highest quality options, game mode to choose the equilibrium mode. After a whole game down, Reno mobile phone frame dozens of points stable, very small fluctuations, almost the entire run in 60 frames of full frame environment, fluency performance is perfect.

Obviously, Reno 10 times times Zoom version in the game has an excellent performance, even compared with the special game phone is not inferior, whether it is slow-paced leisure, or fast-paced fierce confrontation, the use of Reno 10 times times Zoom version of the game is a pleasure.

ColorOS 6: A private and customizable comfort experience

Reno 10 times-fold zoom version of the phone is equipped with the latest ColorOS 6 system, compared to the previous generation has a small increase. The kernel uses the latest Android 9.

ColorOS has been adhering to the pursuit of beauty, the new ColorOS 6 put forward the “borderless” design concept. “Borderless” design concept mainly uses lightweight and elegant color, the use of “cloth white” to ease the user’s information anxiety, and designed a large number of icons and animation effects.

The new logo and digital art wallpaper, so that ColorOS 6 has a high degree of recognition, but also has a heritage. In addition, ColorOS 6 also provides a variety of wallpapers, can better match the appearance of the new phone color, Reno 10 times times Zoom version of the phone to provide four sets of theme styles, respectively, suitable for a variety of colors, we can choose according to their own love.

The notification Center is the largest change in all interfaces of ColorOS 6, with all switches turning into large icons and woolly glass on the ground floor. The screen brightness adjustment adopts the slider design, and the Notification Center is the popular folding card style.

Efficiency and fluency are the key words for ColorOS 6 interaction. In the system interface, ColorOS 6 redraws more than 3,500 animations in order to reflect higher efficiency. For example, the animation effect of the Notification center, background management, the effect of starting the app, and so on, almost all the details of the animation have been adjusted.

In order to reflect the OPPO mobile phone unique VOOC flash charging function, ColorOS 6 also designed a special charging animation effect, from the most common slow charge, to VOOC Flash charge have different animation and text prompts.

ColorOS 6 is equipped with Breeno intelligent assistant, compared with the previous small European assistant Simple voice interaction, Breeno more attention to the use of scenarios, through the voice, knowledge, screen and other multi-modal interaction, combined with multidimensional data analysis, AI decision-making, proactive insight into your deep needs, Bring more personalized intelligence services in different situations.

Breeno also opened up OPPO hardware, software and service platform to better understand the needs of ⽤ households. In addition, in order to improve the user’s chances of using Breeno, more active reminders have been added to the system to improve the practical value of the information.

VOOC 3.0: Faster and more refreshing charging

Reno 10 times-fold zoom version of the phone is equipped with a 4065mAh large battery, to meet the needs of a full day’s life. This time in terms of charging has brought a whole new technology, OPPO called VOOC 3.0. From 1% to 100% of the battery, compared to the VOOC 2.0 flash charge time reduced by 23.8%, once again refreshed the phone’s charging length, so that the phone can quickly resurrect, improve the overall life experience.

We charge from a low charge of 16%, and a total of 100% kilowatts of electricity takes 1 hours to complete, and the charging speed is quite satisfactory.

The charging speed of the Reno phone does have a significant improvement over the previous OPPO R17. However, the Reno phone does not strengthen the charging power, its charger is still 5V/4A standard VOOC flash charger. So Reno mobile phone in what way to achieve faster charging speed?

From the charging curve in the test, we can see that this is a fairly smooth curve, even in the final stage of charging, still maintain the slope of the curve, and there is no particularly obvious slope change. This also shows that the Reno phone in the charging phase after charging 80%, there is no significant reduction in charging speed, and it is the final constant voltage charging stage of high speed, so that VOOC 3.0 has a higher charging efficiency.

OPPO revealed that VOOC 3.0 mainly uses a new VFC charging algorithm, greatly improving the speed of the constant pressure charging stage. To put it mildly, the whole charging process of Reno mobile phone can be in the high power charging stage, even if the final stage for the battery maintenance will have a slight power drop, but also than the traditional charging method has several times the increase. This is also the core of Reno mobile phone in the case of no increase in charging power, but also to improve the speed of fast filling efficiency.

Summary: A full range of powerful image flagship

From the whole test point of view, Reno 10 times times Zoom version of the mobile phone is a full range of strong, from industrial design, photography, performance to software adaptation, this is a few short board “light flagship” products. Reno series and Find X is also known as the “dual flagship”, we are not difficult to see, Reno 10 times times Zoom mobile phone in the image of the more powerful, has become OPPO’s new flagship aircraft.

Other configuration aspects, Reno 10 times times Zoom version is also extremely tough, Dolby Atmos, full-function NFC, transverse linear motor, copper pipe cooling, stereo speakers and so on are not missing.

From the price point of view, Reno 10 times times Zoom version of the 6GB+128GB price of 3999 yuan, 6GB+256GB price of 4499 yuan, 8GB+256GB price of 4799 yuan, the price can be described as a conscience, for friends with higher performance requirements, or recommended directly on 8GB memory of the top version.

As OPPO’s new product line, Reno impressive, over the past few years, OPPO’s various types of black technology products to impress us, this is OPPO with technological innovation as the driving force of the results, I believe that in the future, we can also see OPPO bring us more surprises.

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