The main folding screen concept of “watch phone” Nubian Alpha?

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As the first release of the domestic flexible face screen mobile phone, can also be said to be a wrist machine, it is really exciting. Nubian as ZTE ‘s sub-brand, the spirit of innovation is still very good. This time actually ran in front of other domestic goods released, really a bit unexpected.

Rather than a mobile phone, it’s more like a smart watch . Not only styling, operating habits are also greatly different.

In this year’s MWC2019, Anubis showcased the Nubian Alpha in Barcelona, with the biggest feature of the phone using a flexible screen with a 960*192 resolution of 4 inches, which, according to the introduction, The screen is only 0.64 millimeters thick, so it can be worn directly on the hand like a watch. In terms of wristbands, Nubian Alpha uses a detachable wristband made of stainless steel. In terms of color matching, Nubian Alpha has the Earl black and streaming gold color matching, in which the streaming gold color matching using the 18k gold plating process.

In terms of operation, Nubian has built a Αos for this product, and Αos is more flattened in terms of interaction for Alpha wearable properties. It also supports the ability of the volley gesture to operate the phone by waving a finger at the top of the screen. And can be done and operated by means of voice and handwriting.

In terms of configuration, Nubian Alpha uses a Qualcomm 2100 processor for wearable devices, paired with a 1+8GB storage portfolio. And equipped with a 500mAh battery, Nubian Alpha is able to achieve a maximum of one week of standby time, according to the official introduction, while daily use can provide about two days of life. At the same time, Nubian Alpha is equipped with a 5 million megapixel lens that enables the ability to take photos and video calls.

Because this processor knows a limited amount, it is difficult to judge its performance. However, the combination of storage and memory is not a bit small? And the battery side, very not reassuring to say. I hope the information is written incorrectly.

Nubian Alpha provides a 4.01-inch flexible OLED screen that bends with the fuselage and can be worn on the wrist like a watch.

The screen, with a resolution of 960*192 and 244 PPI, is not fixed as a unique shape like a bracelet or a mobile phone surface screen, it can change with the curve of the wrist, the default strap is long, but it can also disassemble the extra parts to fit the wrist.

In addition to the touch and sliding operations of ordinary smart wearable devices, Nubian Alpha also achieves “volley gestures” through front sensors that can be operated without touching the screen swinging over the screen through the palm of the hand. What if I want to go back? In addition to pressing the side key, you can also double-finger pinch on the screen, or quite fit the interactive intuition.

Intelligent wearable devices “destiny” motion monitoring and heart rate sensing and other functions are readily available, independent of the phone’s hardware design makes it more powerful for health management, can simply put down the mobile phone with Nubian Alpha out of the movement.

Official data indicate that the 500 mah battery on board the fuselage is capable of providing lasting mode for a week’s duration, with daily use maintained for a day or two. Nubian Alpha also enables 14-hour listening, 6-hour motion monitoring, 5-hour (eSIM)/10-hour (Bluetooth) call life.

After all, without getting the physical, it is too early to explore the gains and losses of Nubian Alpha.

But 4-inch small screens, non-mainstream hardware configurations and batteries, and operations that need to be re-learned will make everyone’s habits change.

From the existing evaluation, the general payment, chat, sports and other operations are absolutely no problem. But how is filming, and hand travel, solved?

However, as the country’s first flexible screen phone, Nubian is still worthy of recognition. Follow up, when the friends will follow up, whether there is more configuration and play can be provided to the player, very worthy of expectation.

Although it is, flexible screen, folding screen are representative of the future of technology, but the actual application, as well as life still need to be handed over to the market to verify.

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