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Let’s sum it up first. In fact, only one sentence, more than 2000 to buy such a configuration of mobile phones, not cost-effective. But I like this square shape, 21:9 is also special enough, the workmanship is also quite solid, some also have, the system is also very clean. The CPU is too inadequate, but I think it should be enough if you don’t play the game.

All right, open the box.

Pure white shell Plus this font, very beautiful, but the paper is relatively soft.

The main configuration parameters are indicated on the back, including dual cameras, 2930 mah batteries, 636 processors, and 6G+64G. Configuration is really more common. Sell this price, alas, it’s not easy to say love you.

It’s a pseudo-box, and I’ve been playing for a week. It looks like a long piece of brick.

Finally all the accessories are here, mobile phone body as well as earplugs and chargers and lines, is quite rudimentary, did not attach a mobile phone shell and film.

Mobile phone body Square, although very slender, but look used to in fact also quite pleasant.

The front camera is 8MP and may be quite a shabby configuration.

The bottom is the Type-C interface

The right side is the power supply, fingerprint recognition, Volume control buttons, workmanship and feel are very good, feel very delicate and coordinated.

On the left is the plug SIM card and SD card, support dual SIM card, do not need to use needles can be buckled out, it is more unique bar.

Back is very concise, dual camera design has finally caught up with the trend, but unfortunately now has begun to popular four cameras.

Round Corner is also very good-looking, so see although the feeling of the thickness is touching, but holding the feel is very solid, feel safe.

Appearance sharing, I personally feel still quite like, in fact, do not think the particularly long, narrow also very good-looking, coupled with some of the previous design elements back, very stylish. The following is a brief introduction to the system, the system is very clean, there is no pre-installed software, very appreciative of this practice. Of course, I just spent a period of time, and did not have a deep understanding of the drawbacks or bugs of SONY’s mobile phone system, so may be introduced to some of the surface of things, please forgive me.

The desktop looks very succinct, with round icons, not so flowers, very good.

Drop-Down has some quick settings, it won’t be very complicated, simple and clear.

Android has always had a system-setting style, and there’s nothing to say,

It is estimated that everyone’s ability to take pictures of mobile phones is one of the most concerned, but also the favorite part of being scolded. I first put some basic settings parameters bar, I really will not use mobile phone to take pictures, has been very sick of using mobile phone to take pictures, shoot very general, estimated just can be discouraged. Ha ha.

Manual adjustment of the things are complete, although the choice of automatic to meet the needs.

Because it’s a 21:9 ratio, you can also choose this size to shoot when you take a photo, but I guess it’s more normal to get 16:9 back.

Shooting video can also make some adjustments to the parameters, but I think the default settings are good, this Part I do not quite understand.

Humble introduction after the photo, Haha, is not quite in line with psychological expectations? SONY Mobile phone photography really no good to say, enough ordinary. And then another criticized me looked at it as if to say that the problem of photo delay, I feel and the 6s ratio on the hand is a little pause, may be less than 1s bar, but sometimes do not deliberately think of the words, it is ignored.

Again, this 21:9 screen. The slender ratio is very suitable for split-screen operation, in some scenes such as the opening of WeChat, at the same time can open the Web page to copy URLs and so on, is a way to improve efficiency. And the proportion of the split screen can also be adjusted, the following figure can account for the big picture of the Web program, and then a small part below can browse pictures and other things to do something else.

Of course, this proportion of publicity is best for viewing and playing, I verified to see some power when it is true that there is no black edge, very good. At the same time, I also use map software to compare, found that the actual display of content than I ip6s show up and down a lot more. I think such a ratio in the display of content and information still has a certain advantage, the habit is good.

Directly with FTP to find an animated film simply played a bit.

By the same, about this screen, is LED, not particularly outstanding. The maximum brightness and medium brightness contrast, feeling in the sun may be a little overstretched. If you can use OLED, that might add some selling points. The sound part is also sloppy, anyway, the volume is big enough. Battery section I think it’s OK, a day is completely enough. Of course, for the older me, with the mobile phone is only to answer the phone, on Twitter, occasionally listen to songs, do not play games. It is estimated that playing the game may take one day.

No running points, also did not use the game to do testing, anyway, we all know very uneconomical, I do not move bricks to smash their feet. Just a simple box and introduction, it is estimated that there are many, many people said the problem is not mentioned, but also please forgive more. I did not study the mobile phone enough, only know to use the mobile phone to meet my daily needs, the basic functions are complete and good workmanship on the line, side screen induction temporarily use the frequency is not much, so dare not talk nonsense. For this phone, shape I want to give high marks, workmanship is also very good, the system is very simple, not to say nothing, of course, all this is based on you can endure everyone’s disdain for this price. Of course, the shortcomings are also obvious, performance everyone said very low (although I did not feel carton for the time being). Then there is the price, now it is not easy to make money, cheaper prices can buy the same experience of mobile phones why choose SONY? It takes courage. I’ve been used to this phone after a week, and using 6s again will feel how small the screen is. I found that this phone is also suitable for parents, because when the font is raised, the display is still a lot of content. It’s just that if you add waterproof functionality, it’s perfect. Well, the simple sharing is over, can not fully display this phone also please forgive. I hope everyone can use the perfect mobile phone, thank you for reading.

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