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Xiaomi Mi Band 3
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This important thing, that is, the CarLog . Of course, many high-end models such as BYD Don DM and other standard recorders, including a lot of 4S stores in the sale may also give you a (wool out of the sheep do not explain), but for the kind of driving recorder, in fact, whether it is its own quality of work, or clarity, wide angle, are very general products, Think of four sons and it’s impossible to send you a high-level carlog.

For the more common types on the market are basically two kinds, one is the need to adsorb in the front windshield (to avoid accidental injury to friends, so do code processing), the other is directly set in the original car rearview mirror. Compared to these two, I personally prefer the latter, because the individual adsorption in the front windshield will always block the driver’s view of a certain angle, there are certain safety risks.

70 Mai is the official partner of Xiaomi Technology focused on smart car products, before its production of 70 mai driving recorder Pro and so on due to the advantages of clarity by many car friends favorite. The old iron received this 70-Mai rearview mirror recorder the latest: Midrive D03 CarLog.

The product includes a rearview mirror CarLog (with straps), a power cord, a dual USB cigarette charge and a black crowbar used to walk the line.

At the top of the recorder from left to right are the Power interface, memory card SLOT, exp expansion port, video input port, the product standard does not have the post-recording function, requires the user to purchase additional accessories.

70 miles of CarLog for many people like, in fact, I personally feel that its greatest advantage lies in clarity. And this new rearview mirror recorder is built into the Sony SONY IMX335 image sensor, the flagship front 2K Real HD, compared to the 1080P HD recorder, it is clear that this new product recorder is more HD, almost twice the 1080P sharpness!

Highlight the silver mirror, the reflected object is also very clear, of course, the specific we have to install in the car actually carry out the test.

Simple plug-in first understand the basic features, this 70-mai rearview mirror recorder in the middle of the power button around a circle is a status indicator, green for normal recording, blue for non-recording mode, red for the non-TF memory card or faulty.

Compared to the previous 70 Mai intelligent CarLog, other brands of intelligent CarLog, I personally feel that the most important driving is still safe, so many intelligent features we really can not go to experience when driving, you can not drive while operating those intelligent functions bar. Therefore, I prefer these simple carlog, move mouth on OK, such as along the road to see some beautiful scenery, or occasionally encounter touch porcelain, just shout “I want to take pictures”, 70 mai rearview mirror recorder can capture the current picture for you, follow-up can be very convenient to see this specially need to take photos.

The installation of the product is very convenient, only need to be fixed through the strap in the original car rearview mirror can be, pay attention to the TF memory card and power cord in advance plug.

The front 6 glass lens supports the universal adjustment angle, but also supports the ±4° rotation, which is very strong, when your sitting habits and rearview mirror adjustment, the driving recorder is not necessarily horizontal, moving direction, turn angle, always adjust the CarLog to the best shooting state.

From the driver’s driving position point of view, the rearview mirror Recorder is perfect , instead, the kind of drive recorder adsorbed in the front windshield is very obnoxious, shielding a small part of the view.

After normal ignition start, the rearview mirror recorder will start the boot screen, when driving the recorder will automatically turn off the screen, to ensure that the driving process after the view is clear enough. Compared to the original rear-view mirror, its bright silver mirror reflection is very real and clear, and slightly larger than the original rearview mirror, can see a wider angle.

When we click the middle button at the bottom, or when the voice calls out “open screen”, the rearview mirror recorder lights up the screen, the 5-inch HD IPS display, the resolution reaches 854*480 pixels, the visual effect is still very good.

When you need to view the driving records, we can view them through the bottom 5 buttons, 2-8 speed playback, check parking monitoring, shrinkage photography, and so on.

Of course, we can also connect on the phone, use the CarLog WiFi hotspot, 0 traffic to download videos, pictures, and edit. To ensure a secure connection, the first connection must be authorized on the recorder, so don’t worry about someone else sneaking into your recorder.

Client side of the personal feeling 70 miles to do more concise, but the function of the set is still very comprehensive, you can set the recorder’s out-of-screen time, open WiFi, collision sensitivity, parking monitoring and other functions, video resolution is best set to 2560*1600,2K resolution is naturally better than 1080P.

As for the sharpness of the new rearview mirror recorder, I was more confident before the assessment, because I had experienced 70 mai Pro before and felt that the clarity was OK. This comparison is a digital company’s CarLog products (not to tear so do not publish the model), the price belongs to the same price products (note: The new 70 mai rearview mirror recorder price of 449 yuan, April 8 The first price of straight down 50, that is, the day you only need 399 yuan to get it).

From the above comparison diagram is not difficult to see, for the front car close to the case, the sharpness of the two recorder can clearly identify the front car license plate, then we pay attention to the right side of the vehicle, the original image amplification, 70 mai new rearview mirror recorder can still recognize its vehicle number, and a brand recorder is more blurred, It was vaguely visible, but it was far from clear.

Friendly tips, to the car grade only for sharpness contrast, if you feel that infringement of your personal privacy, please contact me to delete your license plate number.

In the second set of comparison diagrams, in the same way, the front car grades are very close, so the clarity difference is not big, the problem is still in the same phase three lanes of the left lane and the right lane, 70 miles of clarity can be said to win the latter.

In addition, I also specifically tested the clarity of the night performance, the front car is still quite clear, to my surprise, SONY IMX335 image sensor in the night incredibly also so respectable, F1.8 large aperture is sufficient near light, dark light environment, the right lane of the license plate number is still clearly visible, the opposite view of a brand recorder whether the front car or the right lane of the license plate number has appeared blurred phenomenon.

After some testing, this 70-mai new rearview mirror recorder is very much to my liking, because every time I drive I no longer have to worry about whether the recorder is working properly, as soon as a ignition it will have a beep and a little bit of automatic shutdown to ensure that the post-view HD mirror display, in the course If you want to take a picture, shout “I want to take a picture”, the whole process without manual Click can let the owner more concentrate on driving. The clarity of the 2 K allows for a panoramic display of the same phase three lanes and even for the driveway, HD displays, even if the night performance is still excellent, 140 degree shooting also meet the daily driving safety record requirements.

In addition, the new rearview mirror recorder also supports parking monitoring, unique G-sensor trigger protection, even if not connected to the special Buck Line, its built-in battery can also meet the power outage after the parking guard. Such a simple and efficient CarLog, I scored 95 points, buckle off 5 points because it does not standard post-recording function, haha.

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