HD recording true 4K,6 shaft stabilization belt delay-seabird motion camera experience Assessment

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Xiaomi Mi Band 3
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When it comes to sports cameras , the first thing you can think Of is GoPro, but even the lowest end of the product is often thousands of yuan price, for many domestic consumers or too high prices. Compared with the current foreign running camera higher premium space, at present domestic brands have also begun to launch their own products. Recently Xiaomi has a product on the shelves of a seabirds 4K sports camera, let’s see how it experiences.

Seabirds 4K motion camera is similar to the rice home of the white simple carton packaging, the front of the product color printing to face the contour map, marking the color of the internal product, so that consumers have an intuitive understanding of the appearance of the product.

Product packaging Internal accessories have a camera body, instructions, charging lines, and batteries one each.

The Seabirds 4K motion camera features a common small camera design, square like a matchbox, and the front of the camera has only one camera and a switch mode selection button. The white feeling is very fresh and perfect for young trendy love campaigners to use.

The camera’s Sanwei is 59X41X21.3mm, the overall size is very small, you can master it. Battery-free net weight of about 65g, take in the hands feel very light, long-term grip shooting will not feel a load. With a diameter of 17.4mm, the camera is made up of 7 HD optical glass plus a blue glass filter, paired with an internal Heath 3559 master chip, while supporting SDIO3.0 high-power intelligent wireless high-speed transmission protocol and 6-axis optical stabilization. With Sony 13 million megapixel sensor, the maximum 4K/30Fps video capture is supported, with up to 13 million photo pixels and the same stability in a large aperture dark light environment.

The camera is accompanied by a lens silicone protection cover that can be covered in time to protect the lens when not normally used. On the side, you can see that the surface of the seabirds 4K motion camera is treated with a similar cortical texture, with the advantage of retaining the feel while the anti-skid performance is still excellent. Above the fuselage there is a sinking design of the shooting key, imitating the way the camera operates to make it easier for beginners to get started. There is a power status display light next to the shooting key to remind you of the remaining charge.

The rear of the fuselage features a 2.0-inch IPS Touch LCD screen that displays your shot in real time and changes the parameters and settings taken by the camera by touching it.

On the left side of the fuselage is the charging interface and SD card slot, outside there is a protective cover design, when not used can be covered, play a certain waterproof and dustproof effect.

At the bottom is the battery compartment and 1/4 threaded interface of the seabirds 4K motion camera, which can be used in conjunction with other sports accessories or camera tripods of the camera. The camera is equipped with a rechargeable lithium polymer battery with a capacity of 1050mAh, with an official theoretical life of about 1.5 hours and, of course, a spare battery that can be purchased to meet the long demand for your motion shoot.

The use of seabirds cameras is basically similar to that of the card machine, when shooting the screen will display real-time screen, the resolution of the screen is still very good.

The screen can be touched by touching the function menu, according to the large lattice display photo, camera, settings and album four features.

Photo function inside can be set ordinary, continuous and timed three kinds of photo mode, but also can choose RAW format, the function is still very rich.

Camera shooting parameters can choose white balance, ISO and exposure compensation settings, providing different parameter settings, playability is very high.

Of course, for sports cameras, the electronic stabilization function is still very important, you can also choose to turn on or off. Because it is a wide-angle lens, if you do not like the fish-eye effect, you can choose distortion correction, so that the picture is more in line with the actual scene.

Photography interface is basically similar, there are ordinary, shift and delay photography, if you have a tripod, you can try to take a seabird camera to shoot delayed photography, it will be very interesting.

Of course, circular photography and slow motion are also common shooting methods, you can also adjust the resolution of the video, but I still like high-resolution 4K photography, shooting more clearly.

Let’s take a look at the photo effect first, the overall reduction degree is still very high, dark light environment will not have obvious noise.

As a smart device , the seabirds 4K motion camera has a DEDICATED mobile app that can be intelligently operated, you just need to DOWNLOAD the app and sign in to sign in, and then open the Camera’s WiFi to connect your phone to the camera device and instantly view photos and videos taken by your camera. Management is very convenient.

Mobile phone side can also support similar to the drone horizontal screen instant viewing, and the shooting parameters of the adjustment and settings, parameter adjustment settings interface is simple and clear, a look will be very powerful.

Shooting the actual picture sample effect is still very surprising, can be adjusted by distortion toggle wide angle and normal angle of view, the picture color saturation, no polarization and excessive sharpening. The focus is on video stabilization performance is more critical, the basic operation is appropriate to say goodbye to the platform, feeling in addition to extreme sports is also very suitable for shooting life videos.

As a sports camera, seabirds are equipped with a full range of peripheral accessories, such as waterproof shells, through a completely closed waterproof housing you can achieve very cool underwater shooting, let you take a holiday leisure blockbuster, become the most high-profile star of the Circle of friends.

Note A detail, seabird camera waterproof shell installation is also very convenient, only need to be manual can be achieved, humanized design is better.

Experience Summary

Seabirds as a determined to build a good camera brand, the launch of the 4K sports camera really to our domestic sports camera enthusiasts surprise, 500 yuan within the price, with a good shooting camera strength, plus the mobile phone side of intelligent and simple operation, and a wealth of optional accessories, so that this camera is very playable, Highly recommended.

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