The perfect combination of traditional watches and smart bracelet: NOERDER MATE2 smart watch experience!

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For the  NOERDER brand, perhaps many people are not very familiar, it is a young and dynamic French brand, the fashion youth and Sports health integration, is committed to providing young people with fashionable and healthy life products.

Packaging, NOERDER MATE2 adopts a double-layer design, the overall design is stylish and concise, the front is the product physical picture, name and brand logo, the side is about the watch parameter introduction, can let you have a simple understanding of this watch.

When you open the lid of the box, you can see that the top layer is the NOERDER MATE2 Sports smart watch, placed very firmly, the bottom is the Quick Start Guide, security Statement and professional open cover tools, which open cover tools using metal material, workmanship is also very fine.

NOERDER MATE2 uses a minimalist design style, with cool black and stylish white colors, and the classic round dial, combined with mechanical pointers, makes it look more like a quartz watch, and is still significantly different from many sports smart watches today.

NOERDER MATE2 uses the pure white dial design, above in addition to the brand logo and scale, only keep the clockwise and minute hands, will give people a simple and fresh literary fan, but not equipped with a second hand, want to read seconds to trouble point.

The clockwise and minute hands of the watch are also added to the unique fluorescent material, which is also more convenient to use at night or in dark light conditions, in addition to the use of sapphire mirror, more anti-scratch and wear-resistant.

NOERDER MATE2 case using stainless steel material, the surface has also been brushed treatment, the whole machine only retained a physical button, the surface is also carved with brand logo, the details are still very attention, the keys only support the press operation, can not twist, can not be used to adjust the time.

The back design of the watch is basically consistent with our common quartz watches or mechanical watches, and some information and precautions about the product are etched by laser.

NOERDER MATE2 ‘s strap uses silicone material, soft and delicate feel, can reduce the skin discomfort or allergic reaction to a greater extent, enhance the comfort of wearing, strap buckle for stainless steel material, with 11 pinhole, users can freely adjust according to actual needs.

The NOERDER MATE2 strap is replaceable and can be disassembled with a small clasp at the strap and case junction, allowing users to easily replace it as needed.


Wear aspect, NOERDER MATE2 use 40mm dial design, regardless of boys and girls are more suitable size, and silicone strap soft and delicate, wear is also very comfortable, but White is not dirty, more suitable for women to wear, men or choose black is better.

The above is about NOERDER MATE2 appearance Introduction, with a sentence is summed up is simple fashion, more suitable for young people to wear. The first time you use a watch, you need to first make a device binding operation, after downloading the NOERDER life APP on the phone , connect the Bluetooth binding device according to the system prompts.

In terms of function, NOERDER MATE2 still continues the minimalist design concept, retaining the basic functions of motion analysis, sleep monitoring, intelligent reminders, and so on, will be a large number of users do not often use the function to remove. In the “Device” interface of NOERDER life APP, it features Smart school, remote photo photography, smart alerts, Bluetooth hibernation mode and music control, as well as viewing the current power of the watch.

It is necessary to set the time for NOERDER MATE2 before use, in which the automatic timing function is still very interesting, just after entering the current time on the mobile APP side, the frontal pointer on the dial will automatically start to rotate rapidly until the current time will stop.

For smart watches, motion analysis and sleep monitoring can be described as the most basic functions, with NOERDER MATE2 built-in Swiss movement and high-precision sensors capable of all-weather data monitoring. Through the actual use of the test, the watch can not only take steps, but also intelligent walking and running, sports data records are very detailed; in sleep monitoring, the time to fall asleep is not known how to calculate, and the actual lie down time difference of nearly two hours, wake up time is accurate.

In addition to motion analysis and sleep monitoring, NOERDER MATE2 supports a variety of motion modes, capable of monitoring information such as activity data and energy consumption through selected motion modes, and automatically drawing motion paths according to the line after each exercise is completed.

In NOERDER life APP also has a built-in high-intensity intermittent training/HITI mode, users can download video as needed to customize their own HITI movement, anytime, anywhere can be professional sports training.

With the “my” option in the NOERDER life APP, you can target exercise, sleep, and weight, as well as watch firmware upgrades and data synchronization WeChat.

In terms of functionality, NOERDER MATE2 in addition to supporting features such as motion analysis, sleep monitoring and smart reminders, it adds interesting features, such as this “remote Photo” feature, which automatically takes pictures by pressing the fuselage button or shaking the wrist.

NOERDER MATE2 also supports music control, before use need to turn on the “Music control” function, continuous click on the dial 2 to switch the next song, continuous click on the dial 3 times for the switch on a song, but do not support the play/pause function. It is recommended in daily use to turn off this feature, because shaking the arm will mistakenly trigger the music function, not suitable for strenuous exercise when used.

As a sports smart watch, for waterproof performance is also to have certain requirements, NOERDER MATE2 support 50M depth waterproof, even if swimming or shower do not have to pick, can be applied to more different sports environment.

In terms of life, NOERDER MATE2 uses CR2032 button battery , no need to charge, normal use can reach up to 180 days, light use up to 365 days, the actual life is also based on the actual user frequency to set, in addition to the gift of professional open cover tools, The user can easily complete the battery replacement at home.


For this NOERDER MATE2, the perfect combination of traditional manipulator watches and smart bracelet not only has a simple and stylish look, but also supports features such as motion analysis, sleep monitoring, smart reminders, remote photo photography and music control. Of course, it is certainly not a professional smart sports watch, but it can make people more willing to wear, even if those smart features are not said, as ordinary watches to wear is also very fashionable. Advantages here no longer say, finally combined with their own actual experience, to this watch to mention some personal advice

Less than the% recommendations:

There is no second hand on the dial, want to read seconds can not be achieved, in addition, if you can also add luminous function in the scale position is better;

The music control function will trigger the phenomenon incorrectly, and does not support the playback/Pause function, it is suggested that the pause function can be added;

There is no built-in GPS and heart rate monitoring, for a sports smart watch, or slightly not professional.

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