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Chat with friends in the process of talking about vivo X27, suddenly found that they seem to pay more attention to this phone than I do. Looking back and thinking about it is not difficult to understand, vivo X27 this time without punching full screen design and ultra-narrow border design really attracted the eyeball. Coupled with the successful application of lifting camera ON Vivo NEX, it can give users a unique feeling.

As a um daily Anlibo master, the first time to get started Vivo X27, look at the actual daily process of this phone performance?



Unpacking part in this temporarily skipped, in fact, is nothing more than that how old are kind of, but compared to Apple vivo X27 with a headset, with a quick punch

Liu Hai punching screen flooding today, Vivo X27 did not go with the flow of these two types of screen for mobile phones, this is to have to point a praise for it. The top edge of the screen is almost about the same as the sides, and the sensory ascension of such an “infinity” design is by no means 1:30. Of course, it is absolutely not enough to control the three sides alone, the bottom border is also controlled in a rather narrow range, to achieve a 91.6% screen share, my first feeling is to think of the earlier Vivo released the concept machine APEX.


Got I quite like the pink gold, earlier I thought it was a gold-dominated kind of discoloration, after the hand found that pink gold is pink and gold composition of the mixed color.


This focus of the rear camera part uses a three-camera, no-bulge design, with a 4800W pixel sony IMX 586 sensor, this flagship sensor does not need me in this too much introduction and bragging, the bull is right. The other two are 1300W pixels of ultra-wide-angle camera and a 500W pixel virtual camera, the specific sample how to look at the sample after the text.



At the launch of a separate focus on Vivo X27 ‘s back peacock tattoo design, light refraction of the peacock pattern to give a different visual feeling, to the first glance to see what did not find but a closer look at the original “a hole in.”


Because I have requirements for color requirements, the first time after hand is to set the screen display effect set to not so “cold.”


A lifting camera with one of the protagonists, I really want to say that thieves are cool! The system also comes with the “tease ratio” setting of the dubbing when lifting.


Front is a 1600W lifting camera, beauty for today’s camera should be brought, for myself, cough cough, and then beauty feeling can not save myself, but a selfie is definitely needed.


The launch specifically said that the lifting camera built in R! G! B! Light! Yes, it’s R! G! B! Vivo X27 really for the value of all with its pole.


Two new star filters have been added, namely the black and white filters Liu Wen exclusive and Kershaw teacher femdom. Maybe my personal taste problem is not very cold to the Liu Wen filter, but the Kershaw teacher is very interested in the filter.

In addition, in order to let the “tangled” crowd do not grapple with what filter is good, the system has added a new “smart filter” function, can be judged by the environment to intelligently recommend suitable filters. This feature looks a trivial and small setting, but it greatly optimizes the photo experience for a large proportion of the population, including me.


The 6.39-inch Super AMOLED Screen Vivo X27 uses is very good in perception, and if you’re worried about screen quality, it’s really a bit alarmist.



Of course, full screen design you’re going to get another back fingerprint recognition. Really, I’m going to swearing. For me, back fingerprint recognition is always a compromise solution, even if Samsung S8 so good single hand feel a back fingerprint, I will hardly use.

If you have a front fingerprint and a back fingerprint of the two phones, for my turn on the back fingerprint spit slot I think you also feel it?


The screen fingerprint module used by Vivo X27 a significant increase in both inductive area and recognition speed. Judging from my own actual experience, there is no difference between the physical fingerprint module. (Animation is cool!) Love it! )


The whole mobile phone workmanship excellent exquisite, after all, this price of mobile phone can not always use the requirements of the Thousand Yuan machine to ask, right?


See a lot of people spit vivo X27 thickness 8.95mm worried about whether the feel is not light enough, in fact, big can not worry. Parameters can not determine everything, the same thickness of pebbles and bricks in the same hand feel the gap is also very different. Its own vivo x27 back curvature is a design that favors a larger arc, so the contact surface of the edge palm is less than the conventional design, and the direct feeling is as if it is lighter, a conclusion that I compare with my own iPhone XS Max feel. So what I’m trying to say here is that I wouldn’t care about it if you weren’t talking about it. Looking back, a mobile phone with 4000 mah batteries, you still want to be very light on the parameters, is it a bit too much to ask for?


As I said, the radian on the border design doesn’t look like a 8.95mm phone, and you can rest assured if you’re worried about the thickness affecting the feel.


There is a separate button on the left is the Jovi exhalation button, the operation process is similar to the use of walkie-talkie . It doesn’t work like a walkie-talkie alone, and this version of Jovi supports multiple rounds of dialogue! What this means, which means that the usability of speech features directly enhances N times well!


The right two keys are the volume size button and the lock Screen button, and this lock screen button position is very clever set in the middle of the entire phone to a little bit, so that the normal handheld thumb position is exactly in the Lock screen button position, do not have to lock the screen specifically to move the finger up to lock the screen.


At the bottom is the SIM slot position and the Type-C and microphone position, yes, you’re right. This is a direct type-c! It is also a happy big Pu ran.


At the launch of the various TURBO plus let Valiant 710 in the daily game can also be able to navigate. While valiant 710 may indeed not be as extreme as Valiant Dragon 855, I also know that the moment you consider buying vivo X27 is not for the ultimate game.


Valiant Dragon 710 actual experience to meet the moderate game users is no problem, “King Glory” to meet almost stable 60 frames, “stimulating the battlefield” to crack the limit frame rate stable 59 frames average fluctuation 1 frames such excellent results are also absolutely satisfied with the requirements of ordinary users to play games. In order to eat chicken, I believe you will not play “stimulating the battlefield” to open all the highest special effects, right?

Liquid cold heat dissipation to pressure Valiant Dragon 710 will get what effect? That is, the temperature control is too good, even when playing the game on the side of fast charging, but also only a state of warm hands.


The whole photo experience feels very good, wide angle +2.5CM Recent focus distance macro These two features I really recommend that all manufacturers be on the future! I can’t live without a wide angle right now!


Take a look at the specific sample:

My favorite Kershaw filter mode







The performance of the front lift camera also took the little sister’s beautiful clatter? (Want to see if I have a selfie)

Finally, mention the bright screen fast charge, after I put the film measurement online, from 10% charge start calculation, 40 minutes charge to 80%, 70 minutes full of 100%, for a 4000 mah battery phone is really good results.





This is my experience of vivo X27, the article should finally sum up a wave is not? This vivo X27 appearance of beautiful eye-catching, lifting camera gimmicks full, plus bright screen fast charge and system function strengthening, such as there is a key to send friends circle a key sweep code and other practical functions, the use of liquid cooling design to dissipate a valiant dragon 710 this heat dissipation specifications can be described as luxurious excessive. Of course, considering the bright screen fast charge in the process of playing, also count as “take it for granted.”

Really want to say short board, probably not Kang Dragon 855 also count? But in the actual experience, even I feel very little. Big can not feel no valiant dragon 855 will subconsciously feel a variety of Kaka, does not exist.

Equipped with ultra-wide angle +2.5CM recent focus distance camera and HDR backlight shooting, are directly enhance the rigid needs of the shooting experience, for vivo X27 My assessment should be, easy to use, good-looking, with comfortable.

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