PICO G2 4K VR All-in-one: let you see more clearly, play lighter, 2499 Ultra Clear 4K VR All-in-one machine

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On the afternoon of March 27, Beijing time, Pico held the theme of “Seeing more clearly, playing more–G2 4K new product Open Day experience” at the 20 floor of shining building in Beijing office, and released a new generation of VR all-in- one products Pico G2 4 K, marking the full arrival of THE 4K VR era.

Luckily, I got the Pico G2 4K preemptive experience before it went on sale, Pico also showed off its 4K VR all-in-one at an early age, and when I experienced it in the field, the new changes still made me feel like I had experienced a different product of equipment.

Hardware parameters:

Snapdragon 835 VR platform, 4G+32G memory , binocular resolution UP to 3840×2160,ppi:818, improved fenier lens, weight 276g, maximum support to expand 256GB storage, battery capacity 3500mAh, field of view angle: 101°, Refresh rate: 70, equipped with 3DOF handle.

Pico G2 4K version of the use of a new color matching, black texture for the fuselage to add a lot of scientific and technological sense, feel also more 3K version G2 much better. The front of the fuselage adopts breathable design, and the VR all-in-one solves the heat dissipation problem during the use process. The right key of the fuselage is distributed from up to bottom, followed by the return key, the confirmation key, and the Home key.

The left side is a relatively simple Pico Logo.

The bottom is: volume keys, headphone holes, TF card slots (maximum support for expanding 256GB storage), Type-c charging ports (for device charging and data transfer), boot keys.

Pico G2 4K uses an improved Fresnel lens, the position on the center of the lens is the distance sensor, in the face contact, leave the device will automatically light, extinguish the screen. The device transferred the battery to the posterior part of the brain. Pico G2 4K field of view angle, reached 101 degrees. Using a 1 5.5-inch display with a resolution of 3840×2160 and a refresh rate of 70Hz, it is slightly lower than the previous generation of products.

System page

Put on the Pico G2 4 K, power on We entered the Pico VR system. The visual perception increase brought about by the 4K screen is obvious, and the screen effect is greatly reduced compared to the previous 2K screens. Pico VR system Scene settings still continue beyond the G2 style, just ahead is the main interface. We can divide the main interface into 5 sections, bulletin boards, recommendation bars, options bars, historical app bars, and the settings bar at the top, including login.

When you double-click Home, you can see the options for the drop screen, screenshot, and video on the pop-up page.

Pico’s app is clearly richer: App Store, online cinema, Viveport store, file management.

Of course, the Pico G2 4K version also has a very interesting voice assistant.

The new multi-person cinema is also well worth experiencing.

The game content is a focus of my concern, I experienced a variety of games including “stimulating the Battlefield”, “King Glory”, “Death Horizon”, as well as matching NOLO experience steam on the super-fire VR sound rhythm lightsaber.

In fact, Pico 4K in the experience of “stimulating the battlefield” with the keyboard , you will find that the picture is clear, your perspective will also see more clearly.

Of course, what I’ve experienced is more about playing steam’s VR game with NOLO+Pico 4K. Before the use of G2 2K quality has always been set 1080, this time in the router Plus, I arrogant adjust to 4K quality streaming Screen play STEAMVR game since smooth incomparable, have to say this 4K version optimized a lot ah, in the experience Of a P beginning OF the app video, The speed of 10M per second is also cool to explode.

I have to say that the most cost-effective VR all-in-one is also non-Pico, paired with NOLO CV1 positioning set, Pico G2 4K 2499+1299,3000 How far the price can experience 4K screen play steamVR game VR equipment , has been very affordable.

The G2 4K brought by Pico is a good transition. It also gives us a new understanding and imagination of the height that the 3-DOF VR All-in-one can reach. The price of 2499 Yuan can also be said to be very cost-effective. Pico 4K in the case of 3DOF game content, can also be paired with NOLO positioning suite to play steamVR game. In that case, why not try the Pico G2 4K VR All-in-one?

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