Huawei P30 Series First Experience

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Xiaomi Mi Band 3
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Huawei released its annual Photo flagship–P30 series in Paris on the evening of March 26, 2019.

Landlord in the first time to ———— store experience, the initial feeling of Huawei new products.


The colors of the P30 series are bright black, Aurora, Sky, pearlescent mother, red Tea orange, a total of 5 colors.

The landlord saw 4 species at the scene, no orange.

Aurora Color

The landscape of the sky


Pearlescent mother

Black because it is too ordinary, it is not photographed, refer to any phone ‘s black.

The Aurora color is very cool, the light is radiant, is the closest to the real Aurora color. The Sky is a new color, feeling a little special, very fresh, there is a summer ice sprite feeling. pearlescent mother is a previous color, very euphemistic, mellow, pearl white powder, very suitable for girls. Orange Scene No, the actual situation is unknown. Overall, these colors are very good-looking, each has its own characteristics, Huawei from the P10 began to seem to understand the true meaning of color, praise!

Individuals most recommend the sky, of course, this color sold out 0 o’clock on 27th, but the official mall is currently available in version 512.

Feel and Configuration

P30 6.1 inch non-curved Samsung LED screen, 7.5mm 165g, smaller than M 9, feel very comfortable, full screen cover without pressure. Equipped with 40 million main camera + 16 million wide Angle + 8,000,003 times times telephoto.

P30PRO 6.47 inch Surface LED screen, is said to be BOE arrangement, 8.4mm,192g, and Iqoo basically consistent. Equipped with 4 million main camera (with OIS) + 20 million wide angle + 8,000,005 times times telephoto (with OIS).




Simple, try the telephoto.

Normal shooting

5 Times-Fold zoom

10 times-fold Zoom

50 Times-fold zoom

Take a few photos of ZEALER’s exterior.

Transfer from ZEALER Videos

Transfer from ZEALER Videos

Transfer from ZEALER Videos


Very worthy of the start of the mobile phone, photo peak, texture is very good, if you do not want to consider value for money, that is the domestic production of Ding.

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