APPLE 2019 New AirPods Open box brief comment

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Open the box.

The following pictures please ignore my photo level. Just look at it.

Courier Packaging

Express packaging is good, thick corrugated cardboard, inside with plastic film wrapping, to prevent courier transport in the packaging and courier box collision caused by shell damage.


The new model is: MV7N2CH/A, the old style is MMEF2CH/A.

Packaging front

Wrapping back

Internal objects

After unpacking, the inside is the headset body, the data cable , the instruction manual, and the Generation no different.

Non-disassembled film front

Removable film Back

Open the lid.

After opening the lid for the first time, the headphone box light does not blink white.

Headphone body

Headphone body

Inside the Charging box

Charging box cover inside headset information

Charging box The lid inside, like a generation, prints some headset information.


1. After getting the second generation of AirPods, found that no matter from the size and appearance of the same as a generation, the official claim of the H1 chip, so that the headset connection faster, this compared to a generation, personal feeling no change, in connection with the IPHONE 8 PLUS, the phone after about 2 seconds of opening the cover Beat the painting.

2. Life because of the problem of time, there is no specific test, from the use of a generation, basically will not bring headphones for more than 3 hours in a row, and charging quickly, so do not care about the renewal problem.

3. Hey Siri function is still more convenient, do not have to knock on the headset body can be through the voice to control the headset.

4. Other, compared to a generation, just updated some small details, to the need to buy new models if you have a generation of headphones, and the headset is not a problem, the replacement of the second generation is not significant, if you like to experience new and wireless charging, you can buy the latest.

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