Nokia 9 PureView Experience: Perhaps the most professional photo phone of the moment

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Nokia 9 PureView cannot be described as a simple “camera phone”, and its photo concept has broken with existing image knowledge. Traditionally, “at the bottom of the crowd”, in order to obtain superior picture quality, it is necessary to use large-size CMOS, and large-size CMOS often need larger lenses to match, which is bound to challenge the size of mobile phones.

Nokia mobile phone believes that “excellent picture quality” is very important, but the appearance of mobile phones still have to be lightweight, so Nokia 9 PureView after the “12 million x5· Array camera “and excellent algorithms from industry-leading companies to explore the future image direction of smartphones, hoping to achieve excellent picture quality with” universal common sensors + small size lenses “. The “Zeiss Certified” lens is also essential.

Over the past year, HMD has first renewed strategic cooperation with Zeiss, a key partner of Nokia’s mobile phone of the year, and then received PureView’s brand authorization from Microsoft, so Nokia 9 PureView came into being.

So what is the difference between HMD’s first mobile phone with a PureView label,–Nokia 9 PureView? Get to know it quickly with a tech dog’s hands-on experience.

Rear Cai visual sensation Maverick

Nokia 9 PureView features a high-end 6-inch 2K OLED display with a resolution of up to 2880×1440, with a 100,000:1 contrast and a maximum of 600 Ntis brightness of the sun mode and Adaptive screen mode (depending on the scene needs to automatically switch DCI-P3 wide color gamut display mode or sRGB display mode), covering the 104% NTSC gamut.

Nokia 9 PureView features a classic full-screen design, the fuselage Sanwei is 155×75.76×8.2mm, the fuselage weight of about 172g, in high-end products belong to the “lightweight” players, do not impose any burden on users.

Nokia 9 PureView Shoulder to explore the future image of smartphones, its fuselage color named “Cosmic Blue”, is to express the Nokia phone on the mobile phone image function of the exploration will not stop.

Nokia 9 PureView fuselage double-sided high-cover Corning Gorilla 5, rear cover using 3D four curved glass fuselage, rare ultra-large arc height fit the user palm, warm glass material to bring comfortable feel, glass using multi-layer rendering technology, between black and blue to create a sense of the universe, and show ” Colorful Blue “.

Although the mobile phone has 5 cameras behind it, but for the beauty of the phone, the use of lens without raised design, to ensure the integration of the back cover, the overall curve more natural and smooth.

Nokia 9 PureView uses 6-series aluminum magnesium metal frame, rugged and durable. The curve belongs to God, the anodic oxidation border adopts the ultrafine curve design, the radian natural bends, the tactile touch is excellent; the border uses the cosmic blue consistent with the front and rear glass material, integrated can also hide the mobile phone antenna plastic fracture to a certain extent.

With years of experience, Nokia designers bring more leading structural design, touch screen glass and border metal seams between the seam without plastic cushion, high fit accuracy without fear of dust, with the help of metal frame strong impact-resistant ability, no need for additional protection pad can also achieve a good anti-fall anti-crushing screen ability. More importantly, Nokia 9 PureView has IP67 waterproof and dustproof properties.

Nokia 9 PureView is the first Nokia phone with screen fingerprints, with 1143dpi of ultra-high resolution, after recording the user’s fingerprint information, unlock the user’s finger only slightly press the screen fingerprint recognition animation, you can easily unlock. There are 3 animations to choose from when unlocking.

Nokia 9 PureView’s thin screen fingerprint sensor uses photoelectric fingerprint recognition technology, hidden under the ultra-thin flexible OLED screen, the recognition principle is the use of OLED display pixel emitting light to shoot the finger, the fingerprint pattern illuminated, according to different lines reflect the different principles of light, capture biological information. The light, which contains biological information, then reflects through the screen and returns to the fingerprint recognition chip. Fingerprint recognition chip according to the reflection of light to form fingerprint image, through software processing and algorithm comparison to identify. When the screen fingerprint is unlocked, the finger needs to be tightly attached to the glass to obtain an effective reflection.

12 million x5· Array cameras, like rocket thrusters.

Just as the pace of human exploration of the universe is endless, the rear imitation is like a rocket thruster. “12 million x5· Array Camera “Nokia 9 PureView is a” new direction to explore the future image “of the photo phone, so that the” strange “shape is all designed to improve the quality of the picture, 5 cameras are used Sony IMX386 sensor.

Specifically, Nokia 9 PureView is equipped with a rear “12 million x5· Array Camera “, the middle and bottom of the two for the color camera, leaving equilateral triangle for black and white lenses, a single pixel area of 1.25 microns. When shooting, all 5 cameras are focused, with a total of 60 million pixels working at the same time, and huge data information eventually synthesizes a high-quality 12 million megapixel photo.

On the left side of the camera group is the high color double color temperature complement light, which is closer to the natural light when the flash is turned on, helping to restore the true color of the object being photographed;

On the right is laser focus, with an effective distance of 70cm. The principle is to shoot a laser in the focus, when the laser touches the focus object will return, so that it can be successfully focused. When the focus object exceeds 70cm, the laser does not return, the focus can also calculate the focus object more than 70cm distance, automatically switch the focal length. Its actual focus speed exceeds PDAF.

Nokia 9 PureView supports JPEG straight out and can also output uncompressed RAW (DNG) files. After shooting, users can use Adobe Lightroom on their phone directly for late-stage photos, fully meet the photographic needs of professional users.

In order to solve the Valiant Dragon SoC ISP can not achieve 5 cameras at the same time shooting hardware missing, Nokia 9 PureView in the interior equipped with a coprocessor from light, auxiliary completion of shooting and post-synthesis. It is important to note that the Nokia 9 PureView 5 program was developed jointly by HMD, Light and Google.

Learn about Nokia 9 PureView photo performance with a sample Zhanglaifu, (the following photos are taken in automatic mode using Nokia 9 PureView, without any later, JPEG straight out)

It is important to note that the above images are compressed after uploading, the actual sample performance is better. Nokia 9 PureView Imaging style and the current mainstream mobile phone has a relatively obvious difference, the overall color is light, photos do not have a significant sharpening, to maximize the satisfaction of the user later on the photo of a variety of effects processing.

Since Nokia 9 PureView contains three black and white lenses, you can output high-quality black-edge photos in the following sample (black and white mode, no late, JPEG straight out).

It takes a few seconds for a tech dog to synthesize after taking a photo with Nokia 9 PureView for the first time, and when you take a photo and click on it, you’ll find this detail, and if you save the depth diagram (which can be simulated at a later time), the synthesis process will be longer.

For the official sample, please enjoy

If you shoot normally, you’re basically not aware of the details, because the synthesis process is already running in the background, and the normal shot is one second.

Experience Summary: Perhaps the most professional photo phone at the moment

Nokia 9 PureView based on pure Android system for light customization, with long screenshots, screen recording, application double open (support WeChat, QQ, Alipay), mobile phone butler and other functions, to complement the shortcomings of the original system. At the same time support 18W fast charging, the use of sales packaging enclosed with a 18W charger , about 35 minutes can be filled with 50% of the power. To ensure the safety of fast charging, Nokia 9 PureView has an intelligent heat dissipation balance, smart temperature control to disperse heat, while monitoring the temperature of the device and charger, charging more efficient and safer at the same time. The phone also supports a 10W wireless charge that meets Qi standards. A wireless charging device on the market that meets the Qi or PMA standard can be used to charge the Nokia 9 PureView, and the power of the two is different (Qi 10W/PMA 5W).

Not only that, Nokia 9 PureView uses the latest generation of laptop -level water-cooled cooling system, a larger area of condensed cooling copper sheet, coupled with graphene thermal conductivity design, can quickly export heat source, so that the heating zone is extremely cool, long time to maintain the high-speed operation of mobile phones, full performance.

NOKIA 9 PureView unique OZO Audio panoramic sound, mobile phone with 3 microphones , can record deep, directional and detailed atmos, to create a 360-degree stereoscopic space sense of the video, to meet the needs of users like audio and video.

If you are a very professional mobile phone photo user, hope that the phone can provide excellent picture quality and enough late space, excellent imaging quality, Nokia 9 PureView performance is still very good.

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