Snapdragon 855, 44W fast charge,iQOO mobile phone hands-on experience

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Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855 was released for some time, the previous manufacturers mainly have Lenovo, Xiaomi, Vivo iQOO and Samsung, but from the current situation, reasonable pricing is relatively easy to buy should also be counted Vivo’s new brand iQOO, the whole system with Snapdragon 855 CPU, three kinds of memory combination, Let iQOO become a well-deserved performance flagship, primer 2998 of the starting price, is also full of sincerity. As the opening of the Vivo system, iQOO so priced, I believe that friends and businessmen should be put under pressure?

The landlord hands on this one also has one weeks, with the use of down in addition to fluency or fluency, 350,000 + score, but also let iQOO squeeze in the Android phone of the top three, game space, game Magic box, side virtual keys to join, but also let iQOO’s gaming experience has been further improved, excellent workmanship, Strong performance combined with a good price/performance ratio, it is really not easy to find a reason not to buy it? Here’s a simple share with you.

First, open the box sun-a new start

As Vivo’s sub-brand for Internet users, iQOO has been redesigned from the outside out. As the first user to see the packaging also changed the shape, the use of a new upper and lower cover asymmetric design, color matching has become more deep. The front uses a light-effect design similar to the back of the phone to do the decoration, but also to leave a suspense for the user.

Look at the side of the box, the upper and lower cover to do a slant treatment, the middle exposed a circle of blue decorative strips, and the front of the box decoration echoes, very design sense. As Vivo’s sub-brand, on the side of the box or retain the Vivo brand LOGO.

The other two sides have IQOO brand LOGO.

Open to see is the landlord has been in the hands of one weeks of iQOO mobile phone body, internal packaging using the upper and lower layered design, the top layer is mobile phone, the middle layer is mobile phone sets, instructions, card needles, the bottom layer is the charger and data cable .

Family blessing, on the left is a newly designed mobile phone cover, the middle iQOO mobile phone local, the landlord started is the lava orange version, compared to the other two color matching, will be slightly open a little bit, on the right is the support 44W fast charge of the charging head, the following TYPE-C interface data cable. Unfortunately, this time the iQOO is not as standard as vivo other models have headphones.

This standard mobile phone cover good workmanship, compared to the Vivo X system standard transparent mobile phone cover, more lightweight, the back of the bright surface of the raster design, texture and feel is relatively good a lot. The mobile phone sleeve corresponds to the position of the luminous strip on the back of the phone to do a hollowed treatment.

The position of the two virtual keys on the right border of the phone is also hollowed out.

Corresponding to the 44W fast charge of the data line, if you look closely at the data cable interface, you will find that although the interface is using TYPE-C, but the interface location of the contact layout and ordinary TYPE-C data line is quite different, that is, if the use of ordinary data cable, is to achieve 44W fast charging effect.

The TYPE-C interface part uses a more novel L-type capsule design, taking into account the possibility of the user having side charging side games, the interface part uses a 90-degree corner design, the operation of the mobile phone when charging will not cause interference.

Charging head should be one of the highlights of this phone, compared to the Vivo series 18V charging head a circle, more than a set of 11V 4 A charging function, the official statement, this time fast charge in 44W state,15 minutes can be filled with 50%, This should also be one of the largest charging power in the mass production version so far.

Second, the appearance of the details-different from the traditional design

iQOO’s front uses a screen fingerprint + dynamic water droplet screen full screen design, AMOLED material display, display scale of 19.5:9,1080*2340 FHD resolution, the actual viewing effect should be quite stunning. The border and hem design is very narrow, the camera converges in the “water droplet”, coupled with the clever sensor/handset and other components to do a hidden Design, Iqoo screen share reached 91.7%, compared to the Liu Hai effect is more prominent.

The back of the phone is now one of the major brands to create a place, IQOO is not a case, the first feeling is quite stunning, the use of 3D glass design, 3 dazzling night light rail texture of the back cover highlights the speed and strength.

Hidden LED lights and back texture into one, in different games (set) state can burst out of the cool light effect, cool lighting effects are more in line with the positioning of iQOO electric phone.

iQOO’s border design is very characteristic, different from the traditional mobile phone integration design, iQOO border on both sides of the smooth cutting processing, cut the place with the same back texture with the same slide gold, the first time to feel good. In addition to the standard power key and volume key, the iQOO right box is also designed with two pressure-sensitive buttons (Monster Touch) on the upper and lower two sides of the border, with iQOO’s game space, game Magic box, can easily achieve 4 finger operation, playing games friends should know such a design, The effect is much greater than the results of 2+2, in these days of the game experience, brought a lot of convenience, shooting, mirror faster several levels.

The right side of the layout and vivo other mobile phone tired like, above is Nana SIM card slot, support dual card double stay, the following is the Jovi smart key.

The top retains the 3.5mm audio interface, which is much more vivo than other brands.

interface using the TYPE-C interface, of course, the actual careful look at the interface contacts, you can see with the standard TYPE-C contact number and layout above is also slightly different, compatible with each other, to achieve 44W fast charge or need to use the standard charging head and data cable.

Third, Snapdragon 855-performance improvement more than a little

Core hardware aspects, iQOO is standard Snapdragon 855 CPU, price different within (flash) into three gears, the landlord to start is a combination of 8GB+128GB. is also the current major brands of mobile phone one of the most powerful configuration, compared to lukewarm Lenovo, rare sales of millet, high above Samsung, iQOO has undoubtedly become the most readily available Snapdragon 855 mobile phone.

Look at the bottom of the rabbit’s running points, the left side is the landlord now the main mobile phone Samsung Note9 Snapdragon 845 6GB+128GB, on the right is the protagonist iQOO Valiant long 855 8Gb+128g,iqoo comprehensive score increased by 70940 points, the increase reached 25%. The GPU also has a close to 20% increase, the same UX and MEM two options have also increased significantly, the performance improvement is very obvious.

Then look at the Entertainment master test situation, the comprehensive performance improvement in about 60,000, with the An of the increase is basically the same, the CPU has nearly 40% of the increase, the GPU increase is relatively small. More interesting memory performance improvements, Android itself memory management is not very good, memory consumption is generally high, in the past few years Android phones have become more and more fluid, but also with manufacturers continue to increase memory capacity has nothing to do.

Four, open the game life: Game Space, game Magic box, pressure button

In terms of gaming experience, iQOO in addition to full hardware support, the new Funtouch OS 9 system, accompanied by a stronger and better use of the Multi-Turbo multi-turbo acceleration engine, also makes the iQOO system become more fluid. At the same time, in order to have a better gaming experience, iQOO also added a separate gaming space, providing comprehensive game management features to improve the speed and speed of game opening. Through the long press side of the two pressure-sensitive buttons can be quickly started, after the start of the interface is also very refreshing, in addition to managing the game, the upper left corner also provides CPU, GPU and temperature monitoring module, the operation of the system at a glance.

In addition to providing game management and system monitoring functions, the game Data interface also provides the total length of the game, nearly 7th traffic statistics to function.

After officially entering the game, iQOO also provides a very thoughtful function: Game Magic box, through this function, can let the user in the game process one click to open (Close) background calls, block notifications, reject calls, open the mode of electric competition and pressure key settings, that is, convenient and improve the game experience, automatic shielding of external interference, The game process can also become more focused.

Side added two pressure button, small white can also easily achieve four fingers operation, the actual use of, in addition to the beginning because of the pressure button operation needs to be familiar with, skilled, the use of experience is quite in place, like the Landlord to play Jedi survival, the left side of the setting into a shot, the right side of the setting has been mirror, The number of enemy enemies rose in a straight line, eating several chickens in a row.

Fast mirror, continuous shooting one go, the whole operation is very smooth. Full high special effects, all options selected the highest, the number of game frames is also very stable, basically maintained between 59-60, thanks to iQOO’s super liquid cold cooling system, a few games experience down, in the case of wearing a set, the mobile phone easy to heat the position is slightly hot appearance, Excellent heat dissipation has a great auxiliary effect on the performance of mobile phones.

Victory clearance, the last meal, although slightly immature, but I believe it is also the vast number of chicken friends are most happy to see it.

Look at the war, a few consecutive chicken, beat the number of more than 10 +, strength does not allow low-key. A few days of gaming experience, from passers-by to the ability to eat chicken quickly, also from the side to confirm the success of iQOO design.

V. Safety: Carrying a new generation DSP screen fingerprint acceleration technology

The landlord’s last on-screen fingerprint recognition of the mobile phone is vivo NEX S, screen fingerprint technology through this more than a year of development, but also a great progress, this time iQOO is carrying a new generation of DSP screen fingerprint acceleration technology, unlock speed feeling is really faster than NEX will be so little, At the same time also added a more cool unlock dynamic, become more dynamic, unlock speed has been infinitely close to solid fingerprint recognition.

iQOO In addition to screen fingerprint recognition, but also support face recognition technology, the real recognition process is accurate and effective, basically reached the speed of the second open, the camera capture ability is also very strong, mobile phones with a little angle can also be easily identified.

Vi. photographs-Familiar vivo femdom style

iQOO’s camera uses a rear three-camera (main dual-core 12 million pixels, rear wide angle 13 million pixels, rear secondary 2 million pixels) + front dual-core 12 million pixels combination, the overall layout of the camera is basically the current mainstream level, iQOO is also a rare in the Vivo department do not take photos as a propaganda point of one of the mobile phones, the actual iQOO of the photo effect of what? From these days of fear of the situation, the photo effect is similar to X23, color conditioning or familiar vivo style (all pictures of the original image straight out, no late).

iQOO is doing quite well in the weak light, with dark details reserved in place.

Under the natural light line, iQOO color reduction is more correct, the vision of the virtualization is also more natural.

Portrait shooting, beauty effect is relatively natural, the character skin color is closer to the scene under the light situation at that time, the vivo phone in the selfie and portrait shooting does have a great place.

Look at iQOO’s ultra-wide-angle performance, above is the standard lens sample, the following is the iQOO ultra-wide angle of the sample, you can see the application of ultra-wide angle shooting photos, more perspective, can be photographed more scenery, very suitable for outdoor and need a large wide angle shooting scene.

The effect of direct shooting at night, you can see the high-light part of a bit overflow, but the overall noise control is still within a reasonable level, the background is relatively clean, the main lack of


Bring your own Super night View sample, from the sample above obviously can feel the difference, through the iQO advanced in-machine algorithm, reduce the saturation of the high-light part, enhance the dark details, and finally show everyone is a very clean, comfortable picture of the night scene.

Vii. written in the last

In addition to the above, iQOO’s 44W fast charge is also very bright eye, the measured starting charging power around 42-45W floating up and down, the more backward, linear decline, the middle of the charging power is basically maintained at about 35W, from 5% to 50%, the time is about 14 minutes, With the official 15 minutes full of 50% basic match, the whole charging process is probably only about 45 minutes, which is the landlord used mobile phone inside the fastest charging speed of the phone, not one of them. 4000mAh of large-capacity batteries also bring better life performance, to the landlord’s normal use habits, probably can be used for about a day and a half.


Snapdragon 855,44W extremely fast charge, new bias style design coupled with iQOO a variety of self-brought game bonus, compared to other brand prices also have a certain advantage, is such a no obvious short board of the flagship mobile phone, worth the possession, I believe that we should have a own answer in mind.

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