Lifting lens + 48 million pixels, vivo values as additional members, Vivo x27 Initial evaluation

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Later this evening, Vivo officially released in Sanya, Hainan, the new representative of the X series–vivo X27, this “let the United States go further” work, the actual performance will be what? In the first time at the end of the launch, the author and everyone walked into this new machine with a “star Halo” plus.

The first to see is X27 ‘s very visual impact of the positive value, there is no slightly visual fragmentation of the water droplet screen, Vivo will NEX series of lifting lens technology used in X27 body, compared to the previous generation of X23 has a very obvious improvement.

0 of the full screen of the visual impact, so that the screen does not have a trace of open, but also the edge of the screen to further narrow, so that the surrounding border near the same as unbounded, the arrival of Vivo x27 seems to be ready to push the flagship machine into the real comprehensive screen of the era.

The design of the back of the fuselage is a different kind of surprise, it can even be said that vivo every generation of new machine design will let the back does not doesn’t same clothes, this X27 with Finch texture design, nano-grade multiple exposure, plasma polishing technology to give the back cover more detailed texture, in the same value at the same time a very trendy sense.

In the end, Vivo X27 brought the feather blue, pink gold, emerald color three kinds of highly recognizable color matching, and its value only with photos can not be perfectly conveyed, perhaps only you really hold in hand that moment, will know …

In addition to the surprise of the design, the design of the automatic lifting lens, is also the Vivo X27 to show the sincerity of the user, slightly the technology of the lens together a drop of the sound, 16 million pixels with a double soft light effect of the front lens, so that your beauty with the lens to capture, photo Vivo has been doing very understanding of the user.

In addition, the Vivo X27 after 48 million wide-angle night scene three, in good faith brought the flagship machine photo level, the lens design has also done the industry leader, the stepper motor, front camera and rear camera presented on a module, in increasing product identification at the same time, Flat smooth rear cover three lenses without a hint of bulge, which in the current mobile phone world, Vivo X27 is still a precedent.

The back cover is still 3D curved glass panel, the feel is excellent, and compared with the previous generation is the addition of stainless steel metal box, if there is a hand experience of friends, will obviously feel X27 a bit heavy, but this pink gold, is really for the girls tailor-made …

In addition, X27 also ushered in the era of type-C positive and negative blind plug, while still retaining 3.5mm headphone hole, bottom sim slot, double MIC noise reduction and so on, the left side still has that familiar AI smart key.

Of course, Vivo X27 in the aesthetic design, functional experience and practical aspects are also very sophisticated, familiar Jovi voice, wisdom photo, screen, etc., Super screenshot, Game Magic box, screen fingerprint and so on, the only slight regret is that X27 still did not join the NFC function.

Feel the charm of vivo X27 sixth-generation screen fingerprint unlock, compared to the previous generation of X23 has had a qualitative improvement …

Configuration, should be the Vivo X27 again by netizens criticized one, thought in iQOO has ushered in 855 of the processor, Vivo X27 will continue, the results are used on the Valiant Dragon 710, good in storage to 8GB memory Start, based on processor disadvantage, The author experienced the popular Hand tour King Glory and stimulation of the battlefield, almost perfect operation without pressure, this has to boast about the vivo in the System experience optimization …

Battery Capacity is a surprise of vivo X27, in the premise of ensuring the thickness of the fuselage, added 4000mAh capacitance capacity, and support 22.5W fast charge, although Compared to iqoo 44W slightly insufficient, but after all, the positioning is different.

For the life and fast charge charging time, carried out the measured, can be found that vivo x27 charging speed can still be, almost 80 minutes or so can be filled, and 5 hours of heavy use of the measurement, there are 64% of the remaining, or very good.

Simply share two vivo X27 of the hand to take a sample, feel how the X27 of the photo effect …

Finally to talk about this vivo X27 view, put a lot of flagship black technology used in this mobile phone, plus color values, details, photos and other aspects of the promotion and creation, can be said to be a good faith full of new machines, but also a good interpretation of the “let the United States a step closer” concept, the only slight sense is that there is no NFC

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