First a good cell phone, is a good game mobile phone-black shark game mobile phone 2 hands-on evaluation

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It’s hard to do a mobile phone , it’s harder to do a good phone, it’s even harder to make a nice game phone. As one of the earliest manufacturers to enter the field of gaming mobile phones, black Sharks on March 18 released the Black Shark game mobile phone’s second generation products-black Shark game mobile phone 2, as a new member of the Black Shark game family, Black Shark game mobile phone 2 how to do?

New Family Design ID

Sports car Styling design, is the black Shark mobile phone has been adhering to the appearance of ID, and black Shark game mobile phone 2 is to update it to a new version 3.0. The back of the fuselage using a double material design of glass and metal, in the premise of ensuring the strength of the fuselage, black shark game mobile phone 2 in the antenna and processor and other key areas embedded in the glass material, enhance the aesthetic sense at the same time, can further improve the heat dissipation and antenna performance.

And the game phone as let you in the battlefield between the square, flash maneuver of the operation of the tool, excellent feel is also crucial. In the middle axis part of the back, the black shark cleverly designed a prism: when holding the vertical screen, the waist surface on both sides of the fuselage can cut the thickness of the fuselage from the feel, just as other phones do on the back curve; When the horizontal screen double grip, the waist surface on both sides of the fuselage can provide better support, so that the index finger naturally on the top , no matter the vertical screen, can provide a comfortable feel.

The front of the fuselage uses a 6.39-inch, resolution of 1080*2340, screen ratio of 19.5:9 AMOLED comprehensive screen, not using the current popular water droplet screen and Liu Hai design, but the choice of the simplest but the best effect of the upper forehead symmetrical comprehensive screen design, Ensures the best visual results when playing.

And in the center of both sides and back of the fuselage, is the continuation of the previous generation of flank lamp belt and LOGO lamp, support 16.8 million color flow color lamp effect, support competitive light, music light, intelligent life light three scenes. In the game, both sides of the flank light band will accompany the game’s sound effects and flashing, baking the game atmosphere. You can also tell which friend or APP you really are when you come to the phone or have a message notification.

Good game cell phone is first a good cell phone

Black Shark Game Mobile phone 2 using the latest Qualcomm flagship chip-Valiant Dragon 855, in the performance of the best choice, the highest support for 12+256GB internal storage collocation, 4000mAh large battery , The maximum support of 27W charging fast Charge 3.0, the measurement of only 45 minutes can charge 87% of the power, full of the entire phone takes 75 minutes. As for the life, we have been trial for half an hour after the glory of the king, mobile phone power consumption of 7%,4000Mah large battery is still very durable, normal heavy use of the day is no problem, and then with the 27W fast charge, life problem has been a good solution.

On the basis of the X+1 antenna of the previous generation of products, in addition to the back X-shaped 4*4 MIMO antenna and the side of the WiFi antenna, a new side LTE antenna has been added to ensure a smooth gaming and online experience. and exclusive support Black shark * unicom game acceleration, in the use of Unicom King Card, can be free to open the game acceleration, before June 30 can be used free of charge, with 8 hours of free experience per day, can reduce game latency in the network congestion, tested network latency has indeed been reduced to a certain extent.

In addition to these, the most important thing is to have a good screen, and black Shark game mobile phone 2 screen is not good.

At the hardware level, thanks to the independent image processing chip, Black Shark game mobile phone 2 can achieve the entire DC dimming, solve the ordinary OLED screen in the low brightness of the screen flash problem, dark light screen fluctuation is smaller, effectively alleviate the long time after the use of mobile phones, the problem of eye acid fatigue.

And black Shark game mobile phone 2 also through the four-channel light source sensor, the realization of intelligent color adjustment, that is, the mobile phone can automatically adjust the screen color according to ambient light, to ensure the consistency of color display in different environments, which should also be the first time in the Android camp to achieve this function.

In addition, the Black Shark game mobile phone 2 of this screen also supports video HDR mode, Super Cinema mode, sun screen these features, but they and the previous introduction of the color intelligent adjustment and DC dimming, need to be opened separately in the settings, I would like to suggest that you buy mobile phones after the ability to turn on these functions, After all, now that we’re using our phones for more and more time, a more pleasing screen is worth having.

What a good gaming phone needs to achieve

With the e-sports craze has spread to the mobile phone this small screen, a good game mobile phone can let you in the competitive arena in the Vietnam War, and since it is a competitive game, it depends on who can be faster and stronger, and want to achieve all of this is the basis of the game is not Carrington.

Want the game not to carton, in addition to the ultimate Valiant Dragon 855 as a performance engine, a good cooling system is also crucial. After testing, in the course of an hour-long game to stimulate the battlefield and the glory of the king, the maximum temperature of the fuselage is only 36.8 degrees, appearing in the camera on the back of the fuselage, but the whole fuselage has no obvious temperature difference, the heat dissipation is more uniform.

This is due to the black Shark game mobile phone 2 of the liquid-cooled 3.0–tower global heat dissipation, first in the fuselage interior design, engineers will be the heat source dispersion design, in the charging heavy load device moved under the mobile phone, to avoid the heat source overlay, we in the test fast charge also did find that the body heat is mainly concentrated in the back of the fuselage And because of this, Black Shark game mobile phone 2 can also be in the game to achieve fast charging.

In the heat dissipation components, Black Shark game mobile phone 2 also sufficient materials, oversized liquid cold plate, high-efficiency thermal conductive copper sheet, independent liquid cooling pipe, nano-composite multilayer graphite, these components almost covered the fuselage of chips, batteries and other almost all heat sources, which achieved such efficient heat dissipation performance.

Since the game is not jammed, the second thing that needs to be solved is the operation is not Carrington.

Black Shark Game Mobile phone 2 is the world’s first mobile phone to achieve 240Hz touch point rate, in addition to custom touch chips and algorithms, professional game mode, adjustable touch level and custom peripheral accessories, Black Shark game mobile phone 2 is from these four aspects of the realization of 240Hz touch point rate.

And black Shark game mobile phone 2 Most let me forget is its excellent tremor, after I experienced all the market with linear motor Android phone , it gave me the best experience, vibration short and powerful do not procrastinate, whether it is the daily operation of mobile phones or usually use input method typing, or magic Press’s screen presses the tremor, all let people forget. This also reflects the value of this custom vibration control chip and large-size precision linear motors.

With good hardware, the software will naturally not lag behind, black Shark game mobile phone 2 through a number of AI core scheduling, so that mobile phones more understand the user. AI performance scheduling through intelligent monitoring and regulation of mobile phone operation status, can automatically identify the game of skydiving, driving, finals and other scenes, to carry out different optimization scheduling, and can also use a separate DSP chip, the game frame optimization, so that the game screen more smooth and natural.

After we tested the popular King glory and stimulated the battlefield, we found that the game frame rate is really very stable, we through the mobile phone built-in monitoring ball observed that after entering the game, the frame rate of two games almost no fluctuations occurred, the King Glory opened ultra-high picture quality and high frame rate, the game frame rate is stable at about 60, While stimulating the battlefield to open Ultra HD picture quality and ultra-high frame rate, the game frame rate is stable at 40FPS, in the combination of hardware and software, get is really the ultimate gaming experience.

Fish and bear paws can be both

Black Shark Game Mobile phone 2 is not only a good mobile phone, but also a good game phone, screen display color precision, support HDR and DC dimming, give the eyes the most comfortable feeling; ergonomic fuselage gives the palm the most comfortable grip; custom large-size precision linear motors and vibration control chips for the player’s best tremor The front double speaker stereo gives the ear the best listening sense, 4000mAh large battery with 27W fast charge, give you the most intimate sense of security, Android Camp Optimal performance with AI performance adjustment, give the player the best sense of the game experience. If your life and entertainment are no longer dependent on your phone, then it is recommended that you try the Black Shark game Phone 2.

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