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March 18, 2018, Xiaomi released Redmi Note7 upgrade product–Note7 Pro.

As a national mobile phone, REDMI since independence, has always adhered to the concept of high quality and ultimate cost performance. January 10, 2019 internal code “little King Kong” Redmi Note7 officially released, in less than one months of open sales, China’s sales exceeded 1 million units. At the same time REDMI first break the industry 12 months warranty practice, set a 18-month warranty standard, can be seen Xiaomi continued the consistent cost-effective strategy, in the quality of confidence and persistence has not changed. At the same time in the industry has also set off a quality revolution, many friends and merchants began to gradually follow, high-matching mobile phone prices are more and more pro-people.

Remember Lei June said at the Redmi Note7 launch, Redmi Note7 will be in the near future upgrade, this time did not let us wait too long. In what areas did Redmi Note7 Pro be upgraded today? Is there any change in the price? Is there a difference in the appearance and color of the fuselage? This time the radish will lead you to understand Redmi Note7 Pro.

First of all, in appearance, Redmi Note7 Pro and Redmi Note7 are almost identical, but on the hardware has been a radical upgrade, the specific upgrade is as follows:

Samsung GM1 48 million camera upgraded To Sony IMX586 Ultra Clear Camera

“Full blood version” Valiant Dragon 660 upgraded to Valiant Dragon 675

64GB Memory Maximum optional upgrade to 128GB large memory

18W Fast charge Standard 10W charger upgrade to 18W fast charge standard 18W Express charger

Interface/Key waterproof protection upgrade to Increase P2i whole machine life Splash

18 months extra long warranty time unchanged

On the packaging REDMI Note7 Pro uses a simple packaging, the lower left corner is the product logo and name, no excess decoration, the bottom corner line “18 months super long warranty” highlights Xiaomi’s confidence in their own quality.

Packaging content is also a common content, including mobile phones, charging lines, charging heads, wireless charging, manual warranty card, etc., here will not be repeated. Each phone has a sticker on the screen to introduce the characteristics of the phone, but also Xiaomi mobile phone has always been the practice, easy for users to Redmi Note7 Pro has an intuitive understanding.

In terms of body color, the color of the REDMI Note7 Pro fuselage continues the 3 colors of the Redmi Note7, each with its own characteristics. The fuselage uses four surface rounded gradient design and nano-spraying gradient process, hidden handset design can greatly improve the screen share, 3.5mm headphone hole and infrared remote control readily available, did not provide NFC slightly regret.

The back gradient design of the fuselage and the nano-spraying gradient process reflect different luster in different light, which is still very nice in general.

For cost reasons, Redmi Note7 Pro uses the fingerprint design behind it, but there is no inconvenience in daily use, after all, as a mid-end mobile phone, in the price and configuration to strike a balance, it is not easy.

Screen aspect, REDMI Note7 Pro uses 6.3 inch water droplet HD comprehensive screen, single hand holding feeling is good, in addition to the sun screen, Germany Rhine certified eye protection screen, Eye Care Mode 2.0 have a support.

13 million front beauty camera, support a variety of AI beauty features, the camera above the handset.

The previous Samsung GM1 48 million CMOS was finally upgraded to Sony IMX586, which will improve photo performance, and this upgrade is true 48 million pixels. The rear camera still features a prominent design that supports the functionality on Xiaomi’s flagship cameras such as handheld super night scenes.

Processor using Qualcomm Dragon 675 with 4000mAh large battery, you can play for a day, QC4.0 with Type-C interface easy to use. Double-sided gorilla fifth generation Glass still has the addition, at the same time Four corners to do intensive treatment, can make the mobile phone more durable. P2i The life of the whole machine splash greatly reduce the chance of water damage to the mobile phone, which is the basis of REDMI dare to promise a 18-month super long warranty.

In addition, the REDMI launch also released a Redmi7 mobile phone, the overall shape continues the appearance of Redmi Note7, but in the details of a little different. The main configuration is: Qualcomm Dragon 6,328 core processor, 12 million AI double camera, 4000mAh large battery, 6.26 inch water droplet comprehensive screen.

The body color provides fantastic blue, Phantom night red, bright black three kinds, the new Phantom Night Red combined with dark red passion and black mystery, impressive.

In addition, Redmi7 has added two larger fonts: Oversized fonts and Big Mac fonts, which are more convenient for parents or friends with poor eyesight to use to see messages.

In some ways, Redmi Note7 Pro can also be said to be designed for parents of mobile phones, it has built-in high-voltage amplifier Smart PA, external magnification volume than Redmi Note7 increase 40%, while supporting the oversized volume mode, the loudness is 25% larger, Parents who do not listen well are not afraid to miss calls or the phone volume is too small, but also support the radio function.

On the camera side, Redmi7 uses the pre-single AI double-camera scheme, which is basically the same as Xiaomi 6 main: 12 million megapixel main 2 million megapixel depth of field secondary, 1.25μm f/2.2 large aperture.

The front 8 million beauty camera supports AI intelligent beauty, AI single-camera virtualization, AI face unlock, playability is relatively high.

Processor using Valiant Dragon 632, compared to Valiant Dragon 625 added 4 large core, can bring a certain performance improvement, the battery using 4000Mah,400 hours standby, interface for Micro-USB, which is also due to cost considerations.

The 3.5mm headphone hole and infrared remote control are equipped and do not support NFC.

However, Redmi7 still provides 18 months of ultra-long warranty, plus corning fifth generation Gorilla Glass, the fuselage using four-angle protection Design, P2i life Splash.

Redmi Note7 Pro and Redmi7 These two models have their own characteristics, of course, there is no difficulty in choosing, to the performance of the value to choose Redmi Note7 Pro, the requirements are not high to choose Redmi7 on the right, daily entertainment and application can still be satisfied.

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