Front 32 million stereo beauty selfie, Huawei Nova 4e strong attack

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Mobile phones in our lives occupy an extremely important positioning, from the high-end to the low-end market, each manufacturer for a seat and constantly introduce new products. Huawei Nova series is designed for young, stylish people, not only stylish appearance, but also excellent in taking photos, March 14, Huawei Nova 4e as promised.

First look at the packaging, Huawei Nova 4e box design simple atmosphere.

Remove the phone and accessories because Huawei Nova 4e retains the headphone hole jack, so the accessory contains a white headset, plus a charging socket, a charging cable and a thimble.

Huawei Nova 4e charging socket is Huawei Fast charge head, socket part also gravure HUAWEI the words.

Huawei Nova 4e uses a 6.15-inch “pearl full screen”, screen accounted for up to 84.1%, the whole screen curve curvature beautiful, mellow and clear and clear, more importantly, Huawei Nova 4e screen also passed the German Rhine eye Protection certification, so that users in the long-time use of the case, Greatly reduce fatigue and play the role of eye protection.

Huawei Nova 4e front lens using 1/2.75 inch COMS sensor, through 4 in 1 light fusion, equivalent pixels up to 1.6μm, pixels up to 32 million, but also with stereo beauty algorithm, to bring users a different selfie effect, in AI Plus, can intelligently identify 8 types of 200+ scene.

Huawei Nova 4e applications exclusive patented technology, the use of catheter micro-handset, hidden three-color indicator, in charge and call will light up, and this design, is to achieve a higher screen share, not only the handset is thinner, but does not affect the volume and sound effects.

Take another look at the back of Huawei Nova 4e, I received the pearl white color Matching, after the 24 million + 8 million + 2 million AI ultra-wide angle triple lens, in addition, there are fingerprint recognition devices.

Rear lens, not only support 22 categories, 500+ scene recognition, but also has 480fps super slow motion and call video show and other functions, 8 million ultra-wide angle, not only can make the shooting picture more extensive, with 24 million camera can also achieve 0.6~6x wide range of zoom capacity, The big scene is on the right now.

Huawei Nova 4e power key and open key design on the right side of the phone, fit our daily operating habits, while the phone screenshot is at the same time press the volume minus key and power key.

The bottom is the audio cable interface and the TYPE-C connector, and the speakers are also designed here.

SIM slot design in the top of the phone, the fuselage border is relatively smooth, with the change of the environment color and map the corresponding color, so that the white back add a hint of a different color.

In front lens, Huawei Nova 4e’s 32 million pixels make the details richer, combined with the new AI stereo beauty program, to effectively display facial details and makeup naturally. The implementation principle is as follows:

Huawei Nova 4e and the library website to achieve AI to the million-class picture library learning and classification, and then rely on AI stereo beauty program to the Avatar deep beautification processing, the average face of 8 mainstream face and the corresponding high-precision 3D head mold, according to the user face characteristics automatically match the most appropriate model. And on this basis, through the beauty rebound technology to complete the user’s own photo of the stereo beauty, so that the selfie more clear, natural, moving.

The picture above is a selfie photo, not only clear and natural, but also a good restore of makeup, thus, the front 32 million lens and three-dimensional beauty of the super combination, so that the selfie effect is more powerful.

In terms of rear lens, Huawei Nova 4e uses 24 million + 8 million + 2 million AI ultra-wide angle three lenses, imaging performance is good, color reduction is high, shooting scene is outdoors, the mountain is built with factories, green weeds, color list of buildings can be clearly displayed.

Take a look at the panoramic photos taken, and the reservoir color is under the lens.

Taking photos can be selected as normal as well as 1X and wide angle shooting, using wide angle to capture a wider range of views. and Huawei Nova 4e shooting scenery can be clearly visible, the details are also handled well.

Use night shooting mode to see how the night racket effect of Huawei Nova 4e, by using night shooting mode to shoot, can make the night lights too bright and white situation greatly reduced, if the use of normal mode shooting will appear floodlight, but the use of night shooting mode to handheld mobile phone shooting, through 4 seconds of waiting, You’ll be able to take a nice picture of the night scene.

In terms of configuration, Huawei Nova 4e is equipped with kirin 710 chip, plus 6GB+128GB memory combination, built-in 3340mAh lithium polymer battery, support 9V/2A, mobile phone operating system is the latest EMUI9.0.1.

Initial boot set up the basic information, into the system, the first page can see the system comes with the application, including Huawei Mall, Huawei Video, Theme and application market, the first use of Huawei system, did not find too much third-party software, the system is relatively clean.

And the operation aspect, the slide exhale fast mode, as well as the fast adjustment brightness, and the switch order can also set itself, slide back to the main interface, slide down the screen can exhale the background interface, can one delete, can also click on the trash bin all closed, for smartphone users, The overall operation is simple, easy to get started.

Huawei Nova 4e support face unlock and rear fingerprint unlock, and face recognition speed is very fast, by setting up direct unlock, basically lift the phone to the face can be unlocked immediately, and fingerprint unlock and password unlock can let the user choose their favorite way of unlocking.

Gaming experience, although Huawei Nova 4e is the main selfie, but the performance of the game depends on Kirin 710 and AI Auxiliary, through the black Technology GPU Turbo 2.0 Plus, to bring users a good gaming experience.

Huawei Nova 4e as a personality and cool tide attitude of the smartphone, not only stylish appearance, but also strong selfie, the front 32 million three-dimensional beauty in the competitive selfie market stand out, to meet the young user’s pursuit of self-timer, coupled with stereo beauty algorithm, to bring an excellent selfie experience for young people, It is believed that Huawei Nova 4e will become a new star in the selfie world.

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