Samsung S10+ two-week experience review

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First, appearance and feel

Haoyue White

This year’s s10+ is definitely a high-value category, because the use of screen ultrasonic fingerprint design, the back of the fingerprint module is less open, so the sense of integration is stronger and more beautiful. The back three and the Flash are arranged horizontally, which is a good match for Samsung’s logo below. camera Bulge is not large, the thickness of its own protective shell is slightly higher than the camera, can effectively prevent the lens scraping, with its own transparent protective shell feel is good, but also easy to stain fingerprints.

Raised lens height

Workmanship on the hyperboloid glass plus silver metal box excessive, single hand holding feel very good, the size of the fuselage and s8+ similar, but the screen share is improved, 6.4 inch screen single hand operation is difficult, on the best feel should still be slightly smaller size of the S10.

On the front 93% of the screen share, the chin compared to the Android flagship machine is also very small, slightly larger than the iphone XS. There’s no XS on the hand, looking for a net map.

Compare iphone XS

The upper forehead is also sharply narrowed with only one handset, while the light and distance sensors are hidden below the screen. The borders on both sides are also narrow enough, especially when the effect of the surface screen is added to be more stunning, but it is also easy to cause misoperation. If there is a false touch situation, you can go to the Samsung App Store to download “edge touch” and other anti-error contact software, the measurement can be effectively resolved.

After the bright screen on the front of the most conspicuous is the front digging Kong, in the current machine is also very recognizable, as for the good not to see a person’s preferences. Although this “pill” digging Kong a certain degree of damage to the ultimate screen share of the sense of oneness, but in fact, as with the current heterosexual screen, in the actual use you will not notice its existence, nor will it affect the use of the experience.

The front area is and in the status bar, in the non-full screen of the game will leave a black edge, in the settings forced to open full-screen mode will block part of the content, this can only wait for the manufacturer’s suitability. Individual apps do block, for example, when I sign up to the button at the top right of the screen while registering a chattering account, but the front area retains the touch layer and can still touch the tap.

Skip in the upper-right corner to be obscured

S10+ ‘s weight official nominal in 175g, contrast S9 and Note9 series are a lot lighter, put in the current flagship machine is also relatively light, in the hands really do not feel heavy.

The Bixby key is right in the middle.

The left side of the phone from the upper to lower respectively is the volume key and the Bixby key, the right side has only one power key, the power key is almost with the left volume + key at the same height, single-handed operation is difficult to reach.

After the Bixby update Bixby supports customization, but only supports custom applications and runs shortcut commands, does not provide more customization features, such as replacing the power key, I can only use the lock screen command to replace, but the shortcut command does not have the network is not available, this is also more regrettable.

The top of the phone is a three-choice two SIM slot and noise-cancelling microphone that supports dual-card and 256GB extensions, the bottom retains 3.5mm headphone holes, then the Type-c interface and speakers, and s10+ is a dual-speaker design that opens Dolby Atmos while watching videos and playing games. The experience boost that comes with it is obvious.

In addition, s10+ motor shock is very strong, daily use is satisfied, but compared to Meizu 16 or less the kind of analog real pressure feel.

Ii. screen

Screen has always been Samsung’s strength, s10+ ‘s screen is currently the mobile phone field of the top screen, officially known as “Dynamic AMOLED”, screen scale 19:9, resolution 3040×1440,526 PPI, support hdr10+, anti-blue light.

Ignore these parameters, a hand to bring the most intuitive feeling is colorful, display delicate, in the outdoor bright light can still maintain a clear display of high brightness, although it is also PWM dimming, but at night turn off the lights to see the phone eyes do not have obvious discomfort, the system comes with night mode and eye care mode, although the personal feeling does not play much, But like to turn off the lights at night after playing mobile phone or suggest to open.

Although the screen is well-perceived, obviously also a big consumer, the system also provides the option to change the screen resolution, you can turn this 2K screen down to 1080P and 720P to improve life and performance, but the personal feeling 1080P can barely see, 720P completely can’t accept.

Samsung’s on-screen display experience has always been better, and it also offers a choice of more information-screen reminder styles

Side screen is Samsung S6E began to have the function, in fact, the side screen itself is still good to use, just provide the function is still too little, and in the not easy to use with a full screen gesture, installed the side gesture application will have conflicts, so the actual use of the scene is not many.

Iii. System Experience

s10+ This use of ultrasonic screen fingerprint + facial recognition of the way to unlock, canceled the previous iris recognition, in the official before pushing the system Firmware update, screen fingerprint unlock speed has a qualitative leap, basically can do “skimming type” unlock speed, only in the Information screen state fingerprint unlock will have a slight delay. The shortcoming is that the area where the fingerprint is unlocked is not large and too lean, and it takes time to adapt. In the fingerprint recognition rate, ultrasonic fingerprint compared with optical fingerprint accuracy is higher, support wet hand unlock, but wet hand success rate has been reduced.

In addition, this S10 series factory has been affixed a film, this film does not affect the fingerprint unlock, and bring their own sparse oil layer, so it is not recommended to tear off this membrane, after all, the current third-party membrane will affect the fingerprint recognition rate.

Screen fingerprints can be used for fingerprint payment, but WeChat is not currently supported, in addition to payment with Alipay can not choose the payment method is not very convenient, hope to optimize as soon as possible.

After the face is unlocked, the front outer ring will be animated when the screen is unlocked, indicating that the face is being recognized, so s10+ this facial recognition is not 3D structure light, but the unlock speed and success rate meet the daily use, in the case of dark light will enhance the screen brightness for face recognition, the recognition rate has decreased.

During the time I used, the one UI gave me the feeling of being in tune, as a former plus user, one UI initial impression is more bloated, all kinds of functions are more complete, the good thing is that most pre-installed and Samsung home applications can be uninstalled. The system is smooth enough, the interface is not much good-looking, but it is not ugly.

Self-full screen gestures are sliding up from the bottom, not really good, recommended to install side gesture applications, can effectively improve operational efficiency

Negative one screen is not very easy to use, can only add fixed several system applications and WeChat small program cards, can not customize the addition of app widgets. Bixby, which has added entity keys, says it can learn and change according to usage habits, but the usage scenario is still limited.

Intelligent pop-up view in the system would have been a better feature, but often encountered bugs, such as WeChat often can not turn off the window problem, can only be closed by killing the background.

Single-handed mode experience is also good, after the habit of one-handed operation is a lot of convenience

Iv. duration

S10+ is equipped with 4100mA battery, in my use of this time, if not playing the game life is completely enough for a day of use, but also can be left about 30%, if occasionally lay the game reluctantly use a day. In the highest brightness to play the King glory an hour of power consumption 19%, the actual use of in fact there is room for optimization, after all, screen display effect and life can not be both.

Samsung in the Note7 battery spontaneous combustion incident on the battery this piece is more conservative, S10+ 4100mA Battery in the state of the screen using its own 15W charger filled about 1.5 hours, the first 80% of the electricity in about 14W, after the power began to slowly decline, Bright screen charging around 6W, this speed is not as good as the domestic manufacturers are prone to 50W and other super fast charge, but basically enough.

Wireless charging using the official wireless fast charging board, in the screen state of the measured power 15% charge to 75% for 1 hours 31 minutes, fully filled it takes 2 hours and 17 minutes. However, the wireless rechargeable mobile phone heat is relatively large, the measured back up to 37 degrees.

As for the reverse wireless charging measurement of half an hour to 4200mA battery Huawei Mate Pro Charge 8%, its own power consumption of 25%, slow conversion rate is low, generally also to the watch, headphones charging or emergency use.

One UI background management is also good, the system in addition to some social software, the default turned on the background activity limit and battery usage optimization options, but also provides a variety of power mode options.

V. Performance

Performance for Samsung s10+ should be completely worry, because the s10+ is almost all of the configuration to fill, but also on the carbon fiber liquid cold heat dissipation, to deal with a variety of large-scale games are no pressure, coupled with Dolby Atmos and AKG tuning of the dual speakers, the experience has also been greatly improved.

Run the King’s glory under the highest picture quality, stable throughout 60 frames

Stimulates battlefield quality to fill, stable throughout 40 frames

The highest picture quality of the collapse of the three average in 57 frames, occasionally there will be dropped frames, the whole is still very smooth

Long time games can feel a lot of heat, but the temperature is within acceptable limits

Vi. photographs

s10+ Camera Partial upgrade is relatively large, the camera provides more customizable parameters, can identify scene optimization photos, and very humanized to add the shooting suggestion this function, similar to intelligent composition, for me this kind of less can take pictures very practical.

Daytime imaging effect is basically in the first-class level, night imaging effect will be slightly worse, in fact, s10+ is a multi-frame synthesis of night scene mode, but only through scene recognition to automatically trigger, brightness has improved, but the imaging effect is still not ideal.

The following sample is taken



Compare Huawei Mate Pro and Xiaomi 9 respectively, with no watermark for Samsung S10+

A little bit of improvement in night view after using Google camera

Bring your own camera

Bring your own camera

Google camera

Google camera

The front camera is equipped with 10 million megapixel master and 8 million megapixel RGB depth lenses, as well as wide-angle, virtual and 4K video. There are also AR makeup, styling and mapping functions, which also provide some playability


S10+ is not a perfect mobile phone, it does not charge fast enough, fingerprint area is too small and too down, no handheld night view, some small details of the system is not good enough, but in the face of its excellent experience, these small problems are only insignificant. s10+ start 6999 Price in the domestic cost-effective machine in front of no advantage, but after use I personally still think the comparison value.

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