Mobile phone than the toilet is still dirty how to do, can not wipe with water, may use this sterilizer

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Think of the toilet is very dirty, if you touch the toilet every day certainly do not want to. However, according to the verifiable report, we use the mobile phone every day, which is covered with bacteria, including a large number of germs, is really more dirty than the toilet oh.

So, at present, I am the net purchase of a large bag of the kind of small alcohol scrub disinfection sticker, every now and then wipe. However, this one has several problems, one is the alcohol some smell, this problem is not very big, soon dispersed. The other is, this thing is wet, good worry about that day did not pay attention, infiltrated into, causing the failure of components, is not a loss of hair.

So, I bought a mobile phone sterilizer, the principle is ultraviolet disinfection, do not despise ultraviolet disinfection, one of the important disinfection means in the hospital, is ultraviolet disinfection. My own home also diy a UV disinfection cabinet , to the hospital where, back to disinfect under. Mobile phone’s UV sterilizer, do trouble, just buy it. This is my second one.


MOMAX Momis ‘s cell phone sterilizer, there is an additional function, is to be able to charge wirelessly, from the technical data can be seen, iOS can have 7.5W, and Android can have 10W.

Remove the sterilizer, which is a bit like a lunch box, all white.

The box has a certain OU, the back, there is a type-c interface, should be the power supply.

One side has a button, the middle has the indicator light mark, the side brush has the 18min/30min mark, this is 2 kinds of disinfection length can choose.

Open the lid, find the inside is the accessories, the lid inside is also full white.

Accessories have a wiping cloth that says you are, 2 straws? What’s this for? I’ll know in the back.

In addition, there is also a test report, is a qualified Guangzhou Industrial microbial Testing Center issued by the Certificate of inspection.

According to the certificate, the killing rate of Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli was 99.98% or 99.99% (three Tests) at 18 minutes of disinfection, while the killing rate of Candida albicans was 99.95%/99.96% at a length of 30 minutes.

Accessories also have a charging cable.

Take a closer look inside the empty sterilizer, each side has 1 UV lamps, in the middle of a … A horn ? No, this one can be put into smoked essential oils, the front of the straw, is can be used to absorb essential oil. Side antivirus, while to the mobile phone incense, then take a fragrant mobile phone, with people different feelings.

Look at the bottom of the shell, 4 pads.

Plug in the power cord, the light in the middle of the button is on, it’s red.

Click on the green light and start entering the 18-minute disinfection mode.

Click again, the blue light is on and enter the 30-minute disinfection mode.

Put the phone in, 6 inch 18:9 of the phone is no problem, from the space to see, the larger can also.

There is still a surplus of space around it.

Ultraviolet light is also harmful to people, so can not look directly, then, open the lid, ultraviolet light automatically shut down.

This disinfection box, one of the advantages is that the height inside is relatively high, about 1 cm, so, not only mobile phones, other things, can also be put in disinfection. This is the comparison with my other disinfection box, the other is relatively shallow, can only disinfect the mobile phone.

This is higher, and putting it into other devices, such as headphones , is also starting to be possible.

Think of me also have a super thick three anti-mobile phone, bring over, high enough, the same can be disinfected use.

On top of that, the headset has a wireless charging function, an Apple headset, or a mobile phone that supports QI specifications, all of which can be recharged.

Can be disinfected, can also be wireless charging, but also to the mobile phone incense, this small thing, in fact, is still a bit interesting. It’s even more fun to add to charging other devices at the same time. However, it is necessary to add more power equipment. Disinfection, in the disinfection of the mobile phone can not be wireless charging, but think about it, can be incense, then in case there is a problem on the trouble.

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