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In Meizu ‘s Dictionary, design, beauty may be the most important word, because you can really touch the power of design from every Meizu phone, you can really feel the beauty of the design. Meizu’s flagship machine do not have to say much, the value of the experience is recognized by everyone. The most puzzling is that in the major brands are used mold design of the Thousand Yuan machine, Meizu still spare no effort to do different products. The new Machine Meizu Note9, released on March 6, is a deeply customizable mobile phone from the inside out, and what kind of experience can this phone bring? This is exactly what this article is going to say.

“What kind of thousand-dollar machine do I want? 」

In fact, when we buy mobile phones, we will first consider what kind of mobile phone they want, I believe that many people, like me, want this machine to be held on hand every day can have a high value design, but also to bring a smooth gaming experience, can take the power of the photo, it is best to have an extremely long life, Of course, the price should also be reasonable. So everyone in a circle of mobile phone market, will be surprised to find that such a mobile phone is really difficult to find, especially in the thousand Yuan price is very rare.

and Meizu Note9 may be able to meet your requirements.

“Simple Open box”

Meizu Note Series positioning is actually “bucket flagship”, each time the note series of models can always make people pounding. This time the Meizu Note9 also no exception, you want it almost all can give you. The box design is not much different from the previous product, the front is a blue Note9 word, simple and low-key. I got the magic black version of 4+128GB, of course, this phone also launched Hao Bai and the new star Yao blue color.

Accessories are still classic How old are-like, flyme pins, instructions, data cables and charging heads. This time Meizu Note9 supported the 18W mcharge fast charge, so the charging head is also standard 18W fast charge head. Although the industry has also appeared some 44W or even 50W fast charging program, but for this price of mobile phones, 18W fast charge is already the industry’s top, after all, there are many manufacturers of the flagship is actually only 18W fast charge.

“Appearance, all you see is customization.”

Last year Meizu released a very good value for money light flagship X8, that phone use of custom small bangs screen impressed me, until now should be the industry’s smallest Liu Hai. This time Meizu opened the custom mode, it is said that spent 8 million for Note9 to customize the small droplet screen. Although like other manufacturers of products are water droplets screen, but this phone’s water droplets shallow to 3.06mm, the overall perception is much better.

Screen size of 6.2 inches, in fact, such a screen size with 89.23% of the gaoping share, the resulting fuselage size is very comfortable. However, for the screen, the most important is the visual perception, Meizu Note9 of this LCD panel should be able to say that the flagship level, full screen look at the picture or play the game when the effect is quite shocking.

Turning over the phone, let’s take a look at the back design of Meizu Note9. For me, the back of Meizu Note9 is a bit familiar, because the Phantom X8 I used before actually uses the bright porcelain stack process back cover, the advantage of this process is to be able to give the phone a better texture, at the same time compared to the glass, the material is also very light, for the phone weight control will be better.

Meizu has always liked to put the camera in the middle of the fuselage, but this time moved to the back of the upper left corner, although lost some symmetrical beauty, but in the black fuselage is not really abrupt. Meizu shows that the phone uses a custom-made Samsung GM1 sensor with 48 million pixels and is definitely a flagship in photo performance. The secondary camera is a black and white lens that customizes the large aperture of the f/1.9, which can lead to a greater amount of light, and the specific photo performance we’ll talk about later.

In the era of comprehensive screen, after fingerprint recognition has also been a lot of netizens spit, but I personally feel that as a thousand yuan machine, there is no need to pursue screen fingerprints. At this stage of the screen fingerprint unlocking efficiency can still not exceed the capacitive fingerprint, and as a thousand-element machine, limited to the cost is not likely to carry advanced screen fingerprint scheme, the experience will be greatly reduced. Therefore, the posterior fingerprint knowledge of the optimal solution, and Meizu in order to beautiful, but also further reduce the fingerprint recognition area of the opening, and did not affect the phone’s color value.

This time Meizu not only equipped with the Type-c interface, but also retained the 3.5mm headphone hole, which is also very large for the user experience of the promotion. People like me who don’t like Bluetooth headphones very much and don’t bother to get any adapters like this simple and rough scheme.

“Performance, domestic debut Valiant Dragon 675”

Value for money for Meizu Note Series models is “the foundation of Life”, and performance in the value for money has occupied an important position, so Meizu Note9 configuration is also good. The phone is equipped with the Qualcomm 675 processor, which is, of course, the processor’s domestic debut. Valiant Dragon 675 is a very powerful CPU performance chip, it has comparable to the flagship chip performance, but GPU performance is slightly weaker, so the game may be a bit of a struggle. Meizu engineers also explicitly mentioned this at the launch, so they opened up a very crazy optimization process in order to make Meizu Note9 easy to navigate the mainstream game.

After getting the phone, I naturally also can’t wait to download the Rabbit Rabbit for the run sub-test. Because we all know, Meizu an engineer promised that if we get the phone to run less than 18W, he will live on the kneeling durian. However, the phone is really not disappointing, I tested the run score of 180353 points, although not much more than the promised 180,000 points, but at least reached.

Interestingly, Meizu Note9 this phone’s Weibo small tail is “eat chicken Not card”, so I have to play games to see the Phantom optimization effect. I also downloaded the current hottest chicken hand tour, “stimulating the battlefield,” to try out, and use fast no to record the frame rate of the game. From the actual test, the phone can be opened in 40 frame mode on the premise that the picture quality is set to equilibrium, but if the picture quality is set to HD then only 30 frames will be set. This is also likely due to the new machine, the game manufacturer has not yet adapted, I believe that future version update after the Meizu Note9 can set a better picture quality mode.

From the game process point of view, Meizu Note9 not only to achieve the “no card” demand, but also very smooth. I did half an hour of game testing, the results show that most of the scene Meizu Note9 can achieve full frame operation, only some special scenes will have frame rate fluctuations. And thanks to the Valiant 675 processor, the phone’s heating control is also good, half an hour later the phone is only a little slightly hot.

“Take photos, customize CMOS, handheld night view online”

Now users on the phone’s photo requirements are really getting higher, which also prompted mobile phone manufacturers to take pictures. Remember that the Phantom Blue Note6 is the same price of the photo God machine, this time Meizu Note9 is also the same. The analytic power of the 48 million megapixel main camera is conceivable, and it’s perfectly easy to kill those 12 million megapixel phones in seconds. And in the algorithm, Meizu finally brought the long-awaited handheld super night scene mode, so the night shooting ability has been further improved.

Taking pictures can only use the sample to show its strength, the following is my outdoor shooting of a set of samples, I can see that Meizu Note9 ‘s photos did have a great improvement. In normal mode, and turn off AI scene recognition, Note9 can be very accurate to restore the photo scene, a clear record of the details of the picture. And turn on the AI scene recognition function, Meizu for the color of the tune is very radical, for the user to give users a better sense of the picture, so the color will be more intense, this is also the charm has always been the characteristics.

I also used this mobile phone to take a picture of a high-rise street, which is actually more reflective of the Phantom Note9 ‘s photo strength, 48 million pixels of the main camera does have an amazing analytical force. The text at the top is also clearly visible while ensuring that the theme picture is clear and the exposure is accurate. After zooming in, although there is also a certain degree of smear, but the outline is still very clear.

Personally, I actually prefer to use this phone’s portrait pattern to take some macro images, such as the following small flower on the side of the road is in portrait mode shooting. Thanks to the large aperture of the secondary camera, coupled with the portrait algorithm, the virtualization transition is very smooth. And the main petals are very clear, the details of the texture are the slightest.

What makes me most intoxicated is the night racket of this phone, and the night shoot after joining the handheld night scene mode does improve a lot. Like handheld night rackets on other branded phones, Meizu Note9 has to wait a while to press the shutter in Night view mode, though it only takes about two or three seconds. After the synthesis of the algorithm, the overall picture brightness of the night photo is well controlled, the noise is greatly reduced, and the high light suppression is very powerful. The glaring places you see at the time of the viewfinder are well suppressed after imaging, allowing the bright details to be preserved as well.

Unfortunately, the haze was a bit severe the night I filmed the sample, so it also had a degree of impact on the Note9 of Meizu, making many photos look less penetrating. But even in such bad weather conditions, Meizu Note9 still brings a lot of good photos of the night scene.

“Duration, 4000 ma with mcharge”

For most users, the life of the phone is really a headache now, I personally like the big battery phone. Meizu Note9 This time equipped with 4000 mah high-capacity battery, although such a large battery design is the thickness of the fuselage has increased, but fortunately the phantom design is compact enough, so the grip feel is not affected. But the benefit of the big battery is obvious, and that is that the life effect has been improved.

From my actual test, when the battery is 100%, play half an hour of “stimulating the battlefield”, set the picture quality to be balanced, frame rate is super high, and then through the fast no data recording, the final power consumption of 17%. That is to say, if you keep playing chicken, this phone can theoretically play for about 3 hours. And the continuous brush Weibo half an hour power consumption of 7%, online watching video half an hour of power consumption is also 7%, in the end, in the daily use of this phone is enough to meet everyone’s needs for a day of use.

In addition, charging speed is also a concern of many people, so I also carried out a charging test. Start charging when the phone is 1%, charge 15% in 10 minutes, this time should be the highest charging efficiency, 20 minutes charge 29%, 60 minutes charge 80%.

“Summary, this price, buy right.”

In fact, in the Meizu Note9 body, there are a lot of bright spots, not only custom screen, not only tough photos, but also not only good life, it also has Flyme7, but also has a humanized interaction, more have the price of conscience! In fact, at 1398 yuan this node, very few mobile phones can do so perfect, so I think, if your budget happens to be this interval, buy right. From my experience in this period of time, Meizu Note9 can fully meet the needs of the use of a variety of scenes, bucket machine no doubt!

Advantages: Good color master sense, camera power, night Pat good

Cons: Power consumption is a bit fast, plastic fuselage

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