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Gearbest Xiaomi Mi Band 3
Xiaomi Mi Band 3
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Smart Home Wind in the past few years blowing very hard, Xiaomi launched a lot of cost-effective smart single products, more families feel the changes that intelligence has brought to life.

How much can one hundred or two hundred pieces of smart home accessories do? More people want to have these devices before they have a whole experience.

In fact, green rice in the country has opened a lot of experience-style shops, but at present Hangzhou has not. Until one day in the riverside shopping, found a corner of the Treasure Shop—Yi Lu Intelligent Living Hall.

Said is in the corner is no exaggeration, the shop in Longhu Riverside Tianjie 4 Floor next to the ice rink, usually stroll past is not very good to find.

Close to the janitor is still very conspicuous, the door put a scooter, balance car and other products.

Door Head

The Cardinals at the door were very eye-catching and had seen it on the internet before, but the first time I saw the real thing or was handsome, the clerk’s little brother was very enthusiastic let me test drive, ran a lap or quite addictive ~

Red Cardinals

Into the store to see a lot of smart peripheral products, there are many millet and ecological chain brands, some next to the packaging is good, the clerk said will give gifts demand customers to provide free packaging, a smart home shop can think of this really very heart.

Cool Display Table

Can be packed for free yo

Visiting here will make people feel like this is a digital home store, and then go inside to see “smart home.”

Inside the table there are two smart home demo model, this thing was originally seen in Xiaomi home, a small model of fingerprint lock, lighting, air conditioning, curtains, monitoring are all demonstrated, quite vivid.

Smart Home Demo Model

The back of the whole wall is the smart accessories of Aqara and Mi home, basically there are here on the Internet.

A variety of smart home accessories

Also took the switch apart the display, have to say green rice this workmanship is really good.

Smart Panel disassembly diagram

The clerk said they were green meters of Hangzhou authorized service providers, Hangzhou each Xiaomi home demonstration model is also their do. Instantly a kind of found the source of the manufacturer’s feeling.

Walk through the front of the product area, only really reached the overall solution of the exhibition area, living room, bedroom are real restoration of the scene of the home, just lights, sound and so on all made intelligent customization.

Living room

Overall display Xiaomi smart home is the bedroom, soft clothes relatively small fresh.



Control with a small love speaker, said “small love classmate, I came back”, you can turn on the lights, curtains, air purifier , electric fan, “reading” only lit the bedside lamp, leaving when the little Love said “I left” can shut down the whole house electrical appliances.

Intelligent Assistant Ais Classmate ~ Hey!

Although these have been seen in the video countless times, but the real body in which there will still be a “surprise” feeling. Hundreds of dollars of small parts can already make this effect really good.

Various remote controls

Especially like this small corner, bedside to do a sense of people, walk past will light the floor lights , very natural want to sit in the rocking chair reading and playing mobile phones, the ideal private space.

Out of the bedroom bar has some millet small household appliances, inside the kitchen is cloud rice gas stove, water purifier and so on.

This is afraid of the kitchen.

Living room with 100-inch hisense Laser TV, the picture quality is great, even better is the sound effect, big screen + Stereo Watch film is too addictive, the clerk does not introduce simply can not see the ceiling hidden on the horn.

100-inch Laser Big TV

The Glass house in front of the living room is very thoughtful, put a few Sonos speakers, next to the small room is a set of sonos5.1 stereo, color value and sound are good, suitable for home.

Here comes the point! There’s a private theater hidden in here! Isn’t this the private entertainment room everyone dreams of?! The top of the starry sky is too beautiful!

Discover the Chamber of Secrets, a private theater

The sound effect is very good, do not lose at all outside the cinema. It is said that some equipment can be used as KTV …

Feel the end of this you think just the living room that is the entry-level bar …

To sum up, it is the experience of Hangzhou to be more complete smart home experience Hall, than Xiaomi home to play better, and more than the green rice Experience Hall rich, cooperative brand quite a lot.

A lot of brands

After a stroll, I hope that my home also has such a configuration, especially the bedroom and cinema, Super want to have!

Want to be a smart home of small partners can be referred to, this side also provides program design and installation.

In fact, soft clothes can also come to find inspiration, such as I saw the bedroom rocking chair and this painting …

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