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Open box Display


The display is produced in February, indicating that the go out to ask is in advance in the stock, do not know how the sales, the current jingdong evaluation of less than 200.

Paper shell is still relatively thick, but the workmanship still can feel a little cheap.

There are fewer accessories, only one charger, no charging head, a manual, a quick start manual.

Charger Line length More than one meter, less than 1.5-meter, magnetic suction charge.

The color value is still good, but still can see the glass surface and the gap between the metal, in this regard should be a little more effort, because compared with the traditional watch, in addition to the free replacement of the dial, the workmanship at least can not be too different, can be accepted it.

Back sensor, film ripped off is matte, texture is good

As can be seen, compared to a generation, display effect, battery capacity, waterproof grade have improved, but the sensor has shrunk, the thickness has increased, the size of the dial has shrunk, may be to be closer to female users. For watch processors These, I don’t quite understand. But Qualcomm’s WEAR2100 was released in 2016, now the latest is 3100, do not know why not used, presumably the amount is too small, Qualcomm can not see?

Here there is a tweet, quick Manual on the wear OS download QR code, I tried a few browsers can not sweep out, WeChat can sweep, but there is no way to download, the last download of the App Store, have bought a small partner, can also watch after the boot, with the watch on the QR code to try.

Permissions need to be turned on

This generation of watches has been replaced with a wear OS platform, more convenient to connect, according to the tutorial step by step, the steps to remove authorization, and Apple’s connection interaction is a bit similar, anyway, than the first generation of the connection, to be more humane.

Built-in has several official dials, which can be set on the watch or set on the phone’s wear OS, automatically syncing on the hand table.

The official dial has dark light mode, which is usually shown in dark light mode, and the screen is automatically lit when the wrist is lifted or picked up.

Left stroke is the step number interface

The next row is the Setup interface

The upper row is the notification interface

Right stroke is the small Q interface + a variety of information cards, cards need to be logged in, a bit like the leftmost interface of the phone

The watch has 24 apps built in, and most of the life needs are contained in it.

WeChat motion Access

Bus card, it seems that C2 to wait until the update can be used, but now rarely use the bus card, a variety of UnionPay apps, Alipay, are just sweep the code bus, this does not need to open the card fee, also convenient, hope to be able to support as soon as possible.

Download the security control, tie the card, you can pay directly, the platform is to ask your own payment platform

Go out and ask the store can download a variety of applications, but it seems not to support a full screen phone, the following inexplicably less a piece, very cheap.

Experience of Use

This generation of watches, indeed, compared to a generation has made great progress, after the replacement of the Wear OS platform, the stability of the connection has also improved, but after simple use found that when the dial interaction, there will still be occasional carton phenomenon, menu options sliding, there will still be jumping position, if you want to use one of the applications, It takes a bit of patience to locate and open quickly. There is still a lot of room for improvement in this comparison between Samsung and Apple. Huawei is no contrast, I feel dozen, now the new Glory phone I did not try, look at the comments, seems to be about the same. (Don’t hit me with pollen)

In the mobile phone notification of the humanization is also good, you can choose the watch in the wearing, mobile phone in a mute state, trial a bit, but also, in the meeting or public, more practical.

Watch interaction, and a generation of differences do not hide, but the dial display more delicate, which should be attributed to AMOLED’s display. The accompanying wristband is leather, feels much better than silicone, texture is also good, but summer do not know how to use not.



  1. Display delicate, no longer have a sense of granularity, will not lead to a reduction in life, but also need to be further used
  2. High playability, more humane way of interaction, there are many more practical functions
  3. The dial is plentiful and there are many homemade and official dials in the Dial App Store, enough to meet the personalized
  4. Price pro-people, relatively speaking, the price is relatively cheap
  5. Yan Value Online, the overall design sense is still very good, take out to have face.


  1. Bus sweep code is not convenient enough, NFC card opening is too troublesome, payment methods should also be more diversified.
  2. The review said support for older devices was not good and there would be concerns about whether they would become themselves after a year.
  3. The glass of the dial can still see the sense of crevice, the workmanship should be better
  4. Open the interaction of the app, although the fluency is improved, but not to the point of satisfaction
  5. If you can have the test room during the exam, the student party will be blessed.

This release of the new product, for just start, is satisfied, but feel should be able to do better, otherwise how to compete with similar products, feel out of the door to ask not to fully play their own advantages. More details of things, wait for me to use one months later, and then tell everyone. I am not a professional evaluator, just want to share something about the use of the feeling, please the small partners a lot of understanding.

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