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Appearance Showcase

The birthday present for her boyfriend was the Samsung Gear Sport series, and he didn’t like the look of Apple Watch, and the original Ticwatch bought was broken

Just as a boyfriend now uses an Android phone, which has the function of health monitoring, he can be urged to exercise more.

The selected watch is a dark blue wrist strap, a silicone sport

Unfortunately, this watch’s data cable is still the old MICRO-USB of the phone connector, if you change to usb-c how good, you can save a data cable

This gear Sport model is: SM-R600, look at the warranty seems to be limited to mainland China to enjoy three packs of services

The charging head of the watch is the 5v-0.7a output, preferably with the original charging head, otherwise it will be damaged to the watch battery

Looks like Samsung’s charger looks the same.

Silicone Sports Watch Wristband

The magnetic induction adsorption of the watch of the charging base, the principle should be a wireless  charging method of it

You can just put your watch on the charging dock.

Boot requires a period of time

You can download the system on your phone to upgrade on your watch

The application interface of the Watch is a ring app

The function of the drop-down menu is still relatively rich.

Supported features are more practical

The watch also has a built-in 2.47GB storage space where you can store some  music resources in your watch

Compare niche mobile operating systems, Tizen

Usage Feelings

Galaxy Wearable APP

Start Bluetooth pairing for the first time after using the device you want to select

The next step is to complete the setup

Two system upgrades received by the smart watch after hand

Usage information for Watches

Battery, storage, memory can all view detailed usage

The use status of the watch is clear at a glance

Automatically update system versions

The dial can be selected to load the picture in the phone gallery

There are 13 default dials in the app, and you can download a third-party dial to fit the use

App crying can download the main content is mainly dial mainly

The functions of different dials are not quite the same.

The Setup function is still very rich.

Watch notifications are also detailed

Watches bring their own apps

The Widget in the watch

Watch specific Settings interface

You can check whether a piece can be upgraded


Boyfriend experienced Samsung Gear Sport says it’s just a qualified sports smart watch. Although I am not quite sure of the specific differences between these so-called Sports smart watch brands, but also a little understanding of the relatively professional sports watches Samsung this price is not expensive, and for the different sports watch brands between the “smart” service function and brand awareness I still choose to believe in Samsung.


Samsung Gear Sport’s screen quality is good (round amoled material screen), Samsung’s own Tizen custom watch system, the watch hardware configuration is relatively high-end, support swimming waterproof use.


Samsung Gear Sport has a long boot time and has been upgrading the firmware for a long time; Samsung’s Watch wristband is rich in watches and wristbands that are not available with Apple Watch.

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