Based on Movidius Myriad x technology: Asrock launches Athena A1 smart Camera

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In recent years, Asrock (Asrock), which has been involved in other fields across the border, has once again moved towards a higher technological highlands. Today, Asrock officials released a Athena A1 “Athena” smart camera based on Intel Movidius Myriad x technology, which accelerates deep learning and AI algorithms for vision devices and can process data 4 trillion times per second for drones , smart cameras, vr/ar helmet development training, etc. Unfortunately, officials have not yet disclosed the exact time and price of the sale.

Asrock Athena A1 shape is very much like a projection, the overall shape is round and simple, surrounded by a large number of breathable grille, large size is: W220 x D117.6 x H 58.6mm, heavy 1kg. Front of a 2 million megapixel ip camera camera and microphone to support 1080P@30FPS and H.264 acquisition recognition.

The biggest highlight is the integration of Intel Movidius Myriad x technology, with AI deep learning capabilities, to support “Openvino” deep learning packages that help edge devices such as drones, cameras , robots, VR, and ar to reason more quickly, Combining visual processing with AI capabilities extends the application scenarios for many devices.

Specific specifications, based on Intel Apollo Lake Atom Atom processor, equipped with 4GB/8GB Lpddr4-2400mhz memory, 32GB EMMC storage, support m.2 2242 SSD expansion, but also extended WiFi wireless modules. Front and rear extensions include: USB 3.0, Micro HDMI, microSD slot gigabit lan (Real Timek 8111G), micro SD and SIM slots, powered by 12V AC External adapter.

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