LG SL10YG sound bar

Gearbest Xiaomi Mi Band 3
Xiaomi Mi Band 3
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Say out of the box feeling, should be the world’s debut, length and 65 inch TV similar, relatively thin, simple placement, 2 HDMI in an out, basic functions are available Bluetooth, support Atmos, wireless connection subwoofer and surround, very convenient, Wiring without any difficulty, the overall process is good, and the old sk10y contrast, a number of Google assistants and dtsx format support, Google Assistant in the country is not very easy to use, basically equal to the full format of the bully, Bluetooth said, listen to music is very general, feel small Love Sound Pro is also better, here is not described, with the Q5 set-top box and PS4 pro to do testing, my now only installed in the room, later moved to the hall, first said direct feeling, the overall sound field is very good, in the selling shop heard Bose 30 and Sony z9f Z9r, If it is Atmos’s film, basically can kill the first 2, the effect is better than them, the effect of wrapping has, but not very good obvious, can only be used for auxiliary, the sky sound effect has, but must have some scenes, and the effect is not very good, the overall view of the film effect on the field and sound fields is very good, But the glass broken sound is not very sharp kind, play PS4 game, Test big cousin and NBA, the effect is far worse than the film, but it is normal 5.1 plus surround, show not that momentum, sound positioning or relatively accurate, you can hear the stadium fans in all directions, and guns left and right to open the sound of different positions

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