VIVO sub-brand top edition Iqoo monster evaluation

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One: Appearance

As watched vivo from being accused of most like the same period iphone to 18 Vivo design has been praised, have to admit that vivo in the design, a lot more of their own design language and ideas.

The front of the fuselage is a relatively secure water droplet screen, screen fingerprints must have.


On the back is the glass material, can see the unique light sense pattern.

In the lower left corner of the Iqoologo, the middle line of monster inside its strong performance domineering exposed.


If you think the monster inside is darker, then in fact, when charging, it will cycle flashing, or quite surprised. Of course, this built-in light band will shine more than just when charging.



The upper left corner of the back is a three-camera, equipped with a 1300W F2.4 aperture ultra-wide angle +2x1200w (2400W photosensitive unit) F1.8 aperture standard focal length +200w like So San camera.


With the front and back, it’s time to talk about the side. Iqoo Monster in the face of geek players, the fuselage in a mellow while increasing the side of the addition of two hard lines, officially known as: Super Run waist Line box.

On the left is the Jovi control key, which is the AI button, and the previous model is also configured.

In the lower left corner of the small vivo logo, it seems that the first generation of products are  not very comfortable.



The right side is more powerful, in addition to the traditional switchgear and volume keys, but also an extra L/R two capacitive touch buttons. If friends who have known other gaming phones before May know, like Nubian’s Red Devils phone, there is such a configuration. Specific uses we’ll talk about it later.


At the bottom is the speaker, mic and reassuring type-c interface, how meaningful.


At the top are noise-cancelling mic and 3.5mm headphone connectors.

Ben has nothing to say, in the headphone hole has been canceled today, the reservation instead needs to praise. You know, such a game to the phone, if there is no headphone hole, bluetooth headset is more or less there is a delay, will affect the game experience .


Finally add a surprise option, I have for you to compare with “a hit model” over the chin, well, even a little short.



The appearance part is finished, this flagship workmanship Iqoo monster, in the main design closely follow the trend at the same time, increased the back of the lamp belt and two capacitive touch buttons, really in the practicality and personality of the mind.

II: Screens and fingerprints

Iqoo Monster uses a 2340×1080 19.5:9 water droplet screen, the color performance and the past Vivo model without the obvious difference visible to the naked eye. Put on the two real-picture screen map, the left side is Iqoo Monster, the right side for the contrast model NEX dual screen version .


Screen fingerprints, Vivo has been a leader, this time Iqoo monster with the sixth generation of screen fingerprints, intuitive feeling is enough to use.

Put a real pat on the unlock, the animation does not accelerate playback.


Screen and screen fingerprints have always been vivo reassuring part, this time Iqoo monster performance has also maintained a consistent standard, let people rest assured.


Three: Performance, system and gaming experience

1: Performance

Before 2018, Vivo had a high-priced, low-matching hat, and later the NEX series came out and was finally the flagship configuration. This time Iqoo monster in the early publicity said Valiant Dragon 855 is only a “small advantage.”


Then I learned that Valiant Dragon 855+12gram+256g Rom, this time Iqoo monster can be said to be the real top.


As a hand-disabled game party, thousands of people drilled five players of me, this time with Iqoo monster actually hit the drill four, well, luck. This configuration of the King Glory can be said to be a slight waste, because the performance is too powerful.



2: System

On the system side, Iqoo Monster got the Vivo real story, Funtouch Os,jovi, readily available.

The ease of use of the system is also absolutely reassuring. Because of the time relationship, there is no test can unlock and root or anything …


Take a closer look at this version of Funtouch OS, in the settings-security and privacy, added anti-malicious video screen and security input , for the recent accident of a financial app screenshot  user information, this follow-up speed is fast enough, the function is intimate.


In addition, the redesigned shortcut menu, a variety of intimate features are also worthy of recognition.



Of course, similar small details can be said to be all over Funtouch OS, you may not remember,X23 ‘s launch, Vivo said has been combined with engineers to rewrite the optimization of the android underlying code .

3: Gaming Experience

This time Iqoo Monster’s optimization of the game can be said to be a combination of hardware and software.

hardware: l/r two capacitive touch buttons have been added to the right side. These 2 keys can simulate the traditional game handle of the LR key, after the use of found that the suitability is very high, LR keys can be free in the game to customize the mapping of the keys, completely unlimited, compared to the traditional hand-tour handle mapping requirements: cracking, much better.


software : Iqoo Monster inherits the game Magic box, game space in NEX. and through both hands simultaneously press L/R two capacitance touch button quickly into the game space.


Game Magic Box, can be set for each game whether background calls, shielding notifications, 4D tremors and so on.



In the game space, you can quickly start the native load of the game, you can also view the game’s various data.



Say back to Iqoo monster on the game’s hardware and software optimization, we all know that eating chicken game two fingers control has a great limit, the master is four fingers control or even the use of external buttons.

And such an artifact, carrying is not particularly convenient.


Back in the NEX dual screen version, Vivo introduced the back screen operation, can achieve four finger game.


This time Iqoo monster, through two capacitive touch buttons can be free in the game to customize the mapping of the keys, can be said to be “official hanging”. The specific enablement method is: After entering the game, the top of the screen sliding to the inside can be recalled. Then click the pressure button to customize the settings.



I played a game of King Glory with Iqoo monster, mapping the capacitive touch button on the left to buy gear so you don’t have to stop when you buy the gear.


After a short period of adaptation, the operational efficiency is greatly improved.

Of course, this capacitive touch button will be much more helpful to eating chicken. Mappings can be customized and can adjust the operational sensitivity and enablement of capacitive touch keys. The specific operation depends on everyone’s own.


IV: Charging & amp; life

If the previous game phone only focus on improving performance, the battery technology is not a breakthrough before simply avoid the charging life. So Iqoo monster this charge and life, can be said to be a direct hit pain, to solve the user’s actual use of pain points of the great initiative. I call it: the game has unlimited life.

Charging aspect:

Iqoo Monster is equipped with a charger 11v/4a up to 44W, the actual head is only a little larger than the NEX charger.


Charging speed Officer Bo has actually been released, 45 minutes full.

The first time I got it, I measured it once. The charging animation at the time has not been updated.


Measured 5 minutes charge 17%, 15 minutes charge 50%, 45 minutes full, really domineering. For example: Friends of the game mobile phone-Red Devils, but also stay in 5V, 3.2A “fast charging era.”

There may be friends who care about the versatility of this quick charge and cable, I did a set of tests and concluded the following figure.


Iqoo Monster has a requirement for a charging head, and to use a dedicated charging head, there is no requirement for the data cable.

Duration of life:

Measured half-hour online video (medium brightness, medium volume, WiFi Open, blue teeth, GPS off, gravity sensor off) power consumption 4%

One inning, 15 minutes. King Glory/high quality, high frame rate

(Medium brightness, medium volume, wifi off, data opening, blue teeth, GPS off, gravity sensor off)

Power consumption 6%


In addition, daily standby thanks to 4000 mah large battery, look at this battery curve: if simply standby, the life can be said to be inverse to the sky.




Charging and the life part, Iqoo Monster gave me the first feeling is: charging speed is extremely fast , how fast? I finished playing a game, plugged in the charging line, immediately began to match the second game (King Glory call mode), match finished after entering the game this time period, the phone has been charged 9%. And a 15-minute Kings Glory consumes only 6 of thepower. That’s why I said “game Unlimited Life” at the beginning.


V: Photographs

Iqoo Monster is a main performance of the phone, the photo part is not to be fair to the top of the configuration, for example: This year was fired very hot 4800W pixel camera TA is not equipped.

The specific three parameters are: 1300W F2.4 aperture ultra-wide angle +2x1200w (2400W photosensitive unit) F1.8 aperture standard focal length +200w like So San camera.


If not intuitive enough to compare, Iqoo Monster three =nex the main camera + better than X23 ‘s ultra-wide angle, +200w like So San camera. So its picture quality performance can still be expected, after all, I used NEX and X23 have made a lot of satisfactory film.

Because after getting the prototype local has been rainy, helpless under the mall scene and rainy night patted a few, we feel it.


But I also noticed that Iqoo Monster’s front camera was a basic 1200W camera that did not use the dual-core pixel 2x1200w that Vivo had been using, so the selfie dropped slightly on the parameters.

In addition, after updating to the latest system,Iqoo Monster supports RAW format shooting in professional mode , which is indeed a boon.

According to the actual shooting, my feeling is:Vivo generously tuned his image to iqoo this sub-brand , this mobile phone imaging compared with their own last year’s NEX and X23, the effect is in Bozhong.

VI: summary

From seeing with you the establishment of Iqoo brand, to the explosion of online espionage, to the official release of some small blasts, to I get the real machine, watching this huge energy of the guy really show, I am still surprised.

In the past by spitting high prices and low matching vivo, incredibly willing to make a performance first, the price and friendly business front of the product, I in the launch price announcement, only dare to make sure that this is true.

Let’s take a look at the first official bombshell parameter chart.


highest cpu+ memory configuration to date: Valiant Dragon 855+12gram was Iqoo Monster in the pocket.

44W fast charge to create 45 minutes full of the ultimate charging experience, 4000 ma large battery daily can rest assured Ooh ho, the combination of the two, that is probably infinite bar.

Before some small shrinkage on the Vivo, Iqoo Monster is also configured, TYPE-C interface and NFC finally equipped.

Appearance: maintain sufficient level of workmanship while adding personalized elements to the appearance

screen side: Water droplet screen makes 91.7% of the screen share; sixth generation screen fingerprints faster than fast

performance: Valiant Dragon 855+12g save +256g storage space , mobile phone game high picture quality smooth and comfortable

System: The system inherits from Vivo Funtouch OS, avoids the new brand initial system is not perfect, at the same time can see to follow up the user’s actual required function point.

Game side: the right Border adds L/R two capacitive touch buttons. With the game Magic box in the system, you can customize the mapped keys in the game at will, greatly enhancing the game operation experience.

Charging Life: 45 minutes full of 44W fast charge with 4000 mah large battery , endless life.

Photo:2x1200w Dual-core pixel +1300w pixel ultra wide angle +200w like So San Camera, Support Professional mode raw output. The actual shooting experience is basically the same as NEX and X23, and the color and portrait adjustment are also relatively friendly. but compared to the 18 model did not further enhance the photo hardware, the launch of the words  beam is: a mature solution . But then again, a friend’s game phone, or a single photo.

Overall, the pursuit of the ultimate Internet crowd iqoo monster, in the appearance, configuration, price, has been completely without the shadow of the previous years vivo, it is no wonder to set up this sub-brand. At the same time, we also note that this is a look at the appearance of the design and performance of the monster as a selling point, and not too much to enhance such as the past vivo respected HiFi and other mobile phones for the established population , after all, the comprehensive bucket machine flagship, is not everyone needs.

written at the end of the launch: If you’re looking for the ultimate performance, the only thing you might want to worry about on this 2998 phone (6+128g version) is whether you can grab one at the time of sale.

And in the hands of this 12+256g top version, 4298 of the price, if it is in stock, I think it is also very good.

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