Personal Personal Portable version Air Purifier PURE Supply PS2WT

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Personal Personal Portable version Air Purifier PURE Supply PS2WT

Appearance Showcase

Conspicuous logo and status indicator, as well as hanging rope, the top of that small brush-like thing is used to adsorb all kinds of dust debris

Charging Port


The commercial air cleaner has been sold in Japan for more than 10 years as an adult gas commodity to relieve pollen and allergy symptoms. This “PURE supply” will be the past product improvement into USB charging portable, streamlined shape, cool shape! The machine boasts the removal of pollen, viruses, bacteria, p.m2.5 particles, cigarettes and other substances that may cause allergies. In addition, the computer has radiation and electrostatic field, and electrostatic field inside there are a large number of dust particles, coupled with radiation can easily cause damage to the skin, causing acne and other skin problems. This one is also a good place to avoid these problems. 1μm Pollen allergy substance, 0.02μm ultrafine particle material can be removed. PS: The product brochure also says that the release of negative ions can bring the beauty muscle effect!

So suitable for sensitive skin people, or pregnant women, as well as beauty of the Lady ~

Well, in fact, this is not my use, you watchman understand it …

The weight is only 50g, hanging on the neck is very light, the boot state completely without any sound or other feeling. And a single charge can be used continuously for 150 hours, and do not need to replace the filter, because this is by the so-called negative ions purification ~ Working principle is as follows: Pure is said to be Supply body released a large number of negative ions will be the face around the PM2.5 and allergens wrapped up, and then constantly released negative ions like magnets negative negative repulsive, will be wrapped up the dirty thing to play far away.


Give you an understanding of the propaganda map, followed by the measuredThis publicity has a big bug, we live in a space is not a closed space, even relatively closed indoor, it is impossible to achieve such a small space use, at least a 10 square meters of office environment bar. Below I will simulate the application under the office environment, you have a big open eyes oh.

Office, the area of about 10 square meters, there are commonly used office equipment, PM2.5 71, more clean, closed doors and windows, open central air conditioning status, there is a certain ventilation effect

Now simulate extreme cases, explode the table, more than the numerical detection, what reason?

The reason here, the equivalent of you being spit in the face of a cigarette, monitoring the direct explosion table, PM2.5 exceeded the detection value

Please note that the PM value changes over time. At this time because the room is completely closed, smoke, originally I have quit smoking, in order to this evaluation to suck A, it is a sin, do not give the reward I do not let you ha. PM’s detection value is very jumping, unstable, basically in 200-999 jump back and forth. A cigarette was finished, the indoor air was cloudy and the concentration was relatively stable.

In the shutdown state, there is still a burst table

Turn on the power switch, static, meditate in Wonderland ~ 10:16 clock at this time

After 10 minutes, the table shows pm251

Presumably this situation is too extreme, the small purifier does not have any effect, then I test again under normal circumstances. Or in this office, ventilation 1 as a child, close doors and windows, Central air conditioning open state. Test again. Note that the previous test height was about 120cm and the simulation sat on the table.

Now the height is 40cm, simulating bed, or sofa seat height. At this point close the purifier state and previously flat about 70 in the early, as shown in the following figure:

12:25 min.

After 3 minutes of opening the purifier, the index 73, which can be considered no change.

Usage Feelings

Things small and convenient, price dead expensive, Japanese products, no affection. Other feelings? Wood has feelings, if other people’s evaluation is so good, estimated to either brush the list, or psychological comfort bar, to my objective evaluation is the following summary.

Please note that in practical use, you can see the purifier’s lanyard near the detector metal shell when the very small arc, although the human body touch without any feeling, but always the heart has sad Yan. Please also note. I feel this should actually be an electrostatic generator, used to absorb the surrounding dust and other substances, we think of such a gadget, can adsorb how many things, if the shutdown, it is not all kinds of dust and re-drift, again caused pollution. So ~ this is the thing to pay IQ tax, not to mention that it is made in Japan, if you are really not comfortable with the surrounding environment, then it is recommended that you use the mask with peace of mind, or air purifier bar, cheap and effective, and true to see. You are also interested in what, say listen, perhaps I can evaluate a little advice to you ~ Thank you for your attention, support please visit ~

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