DJI Tello UAV unpacking and use experience

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Open box Pictures

First of all, a packing chart, very light.

Square’s packaging, very light

See the knife in the lower right corner of the picture? I’m going to do it.

When you move the knife, you’re afraid of paddling to the machine.

There is a cushion foam, can also play a role in cushioning.

Daughter-in-law has been eager to rip off its coat.

There is a invoice attached to it.

Basically full of boxes.

Take it out of the bag, then a positive picture, and the battery is in the big black block below.

At the dinner table at night, where there was some light.

One more back map.

On the back are parameter introduction and specification models as well as accessories recommended

The official recommended three accessories: remote control handle, battery butler and colorful chassis.

DJI Mall App has more accessories to choose from

Appearance Showcase

Remove the box, which is already installed on the drone.

The factory battery is out of power and needs to be recharged before use

Recharge first.

Charging port is Micro USB interface, charger using ordinary charging head can be, fully charged about less than one hours.

Usage Feelings

Rui Incandescent is a wholly-owned holdings, this Tello UAV is also a product of the low-end market of DJI layout, may be similar to red rice to Xiaomi, Glory to Huawei Bar.

The Tello App’s interface is very simple and easy to use to get started. The lower left corner controls the rise and fall rotation, the lower right corner control before and after the flight, the upper left corner is takeoff, flight mode and settings, etc., the upper right corner can choose to take photos or camera mode, the middle display power, connection and other information.

It’s still very easy to use.

Tello’s flight control system uses DJI technology, uses Intel ‘s processor, and is fully secure in terms of safe flight. At the same time, players can also use the Tello Edu APP for visual programming, allowing drones to fly out of the same pattern.

Visual Programming Interface

The whole machine is very light, only 87g. The official indication of the maximum flight speed is 28.8km/h, but you can choose the speed, the first player or the use of slow flight is better. Full of one electric flight time is also 10 minutes, the measured maximum can fly to about 10 meters.

It can fly about 10 meters.

supports a variety of flight modes: one-click flying distance mode, omnidirectional roll mode (this mode requires more than 50% power), throw mode, one-click 360 mode, one-click Wrapping mode and Bounce mode.

Various flight modes

Tell me about the drawbacks:

Limited by price factors, Tello’s picture quality is very touching (crying out that kind of). The 5 million megapixel camera behaves badly when the light is darker or the air quality is slightly near, and the videos or pictures that come out are the kind that can’t be made into a circle of friends. For our long time in the gray weather in Jinan users, simply patched up another knife.

Outdoor shooting situation:

Shooting time is 5:23 P.M.

One more indoor shooting situation:

Shooting Time is 7:09


In general, as a low-end product line in DJI, Tello has broad support in software and has no problems with the experience. Hardware, in terms of the current market price of drones, 699 can not do too much. But I think the flight time is limited by the quality and volume of the whole machine, short can be understood, the camera is a bit not thick enough, after all, 649 of the Red meter 6A (Jingdong price) are using 13 million megapixel camera.

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