Sony echo Wall HT-S200F hands-on experience

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I’ve been using this for a while, so I’ll skip the point.

First, let’s have a look at the basic parameters of this echo wall. The ht-s200f is about 58cm long and weighs about 2.3kg, so I put it directly on the chest of drawers opposite the bed in the bedroom.

Although is a thousand yuan price echo wall products, but both design and texture, the ht-s200f has retained the SONY consistent high quality. Seen from the side, ht-s200f adopts a splicing design scheme, with a metal mesh cover on the front, imitation leather texture process on the top and polyethylene plastic on the bottom.

Personally, I like the lychee pattern on the top, which is very delicate. The audio function keys are also located at the top, from left to right are power, signal, bluetooth, and volume reduction buttons.

In front of the touch button are three source lights, TV, bluetooth and USB, which are used to remind the user of the sound source playing on the echo wall.

When it comes to audio sources, ht-s200f has three inputs and outputs. For TV users, the traditional 3.5mm analog input is discarded, while the optical input and HDMI OUT (ARC) are retained. The ARC here is that the TV can output audio sources independently through the HDMI signal port, which is more lossless than the 3.5mm analog output. It is also more convenient to connect devices. This interface is quite popular, and many TV sets now have it.

USB interface is connected to U disk and other external devices, used to play storage lossless music.

I use this echo wall not only to watch movies through the projector connected by bluetooth, but also to play music on my mobile phone.

One thing that surprised me was the stability and coverage of bluetooth. I walked from my bedroom to my living room with my cell phone, two walls apart, and the music was playing all the time without disconnecting.

The ht-s200f has a simple back layout, and the external power supply and power cord can be removed.

This echo wall also supports hanging, and if I had a TV in my bedroom, I might have hung it up to make it more supportive.

There is an infrared reflector in the middle of the back to prevent the echo wall from blocking the remote signal of the TV.

In addition to the touch button at the top of the ht-s200f, you can also quickly adjust the sound, volume and music switch through the random remote control.

The sound quality

Although ht-s200f is a compact echo wall product, its total power reaches 60W, which can definitely meet the demand of watching movies in the bedroom. On both sides of the echo wall, there is a medium-high frequency speaker with a power of 20W.

Since ht-s200f comes with s-force Pro front-end virtual surround technology, the two front-end speakers can create a virtual surround effect. In my personal experience, I found that the surround effect is quite different according to the film source. The more advanced the film source is, the better the surround effect will be. Therefore, I suggest you pay attention to it when looking for the film source.

The bottom of the echo wall is the essence of it, a 20W subwoofer, and the design towards the desktop, so that when playing bass, it can bring a shocking effect.

On both ends of the sound system, a bass inverter is designed to further improve the low-frequency performance of the echo wall.


Show everybody the installation effect of ht-s200f, the white wall on the top is my home “curtain”.

I use EPSON’s projector to watch movies in the bedroom. Because it supports side projection, it is ok to put it on the bedside table in the bedroom. The machine is still good and has been reviewed before.

Turn on the player’s bluetooth, pair up the stereo, and enjoy the movie in your bedroom.

Let’s experience the sound of the movie first. “Ghost Ghost” This film has a “strange words” of the visual sense, although the overall is not as frightening as imagined, but the film’s BGM to do very well, especially inside there is a flute sound integration is very clever, this bizarre soundtrack in the ht-s200f voice performance, so that the scene in the picture has a sense of generation, Can’t help but make people sweat cold.

If it is not a horror film, usually close the curtain, second change private cinema. Is it not pleasant to lie in bed at the end of a day’s work?

Listen to another live concert by zhou huajian. Zhou huajian has a distinctive voice. His timbre is relatively bright. The middle part is naturally soft and has strong magnetism. The rich surround sound effect of ht-s200f can also reduce the distortion of the sound, which can almost perfectly express its characteristics. When I listen to it, I feel that I am the audience.

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Small body, big energy, full of atmosphere, with the remote control adjusted to music mode more rich sense of presence, with it to listen to the song of zhou huajian, you can hear the kind of firm and tender coexistence, sadness and sunshine with the feeling, listened to a little touched. No wonder people cry in music shows. Emmmm might have that.

In addition, it is a good choice to connect with PS4, with good sound effects, and more pleasant to play games. Playing ht-s200f for a few dollars, whether it’s the dialogue of the characters, the breathing of the animals, or the sound of the trees being blown by the wind, is vividly reflected through it.

Then tell me how the sound quality after the upgrade.

1, the first is to say goodbye to the headset, with his wife can enjoy the evening movie;

2. The 15-square-meter bedroom of the school district is equipped with ht-s200f, which is not as shocking as the surround sound, but still brings a good auditory effect; Especially when there are some action movies, explosions or car RACES, there is still a good sense of presence. I believe the ht-s200f is enough to deal with some small living rooms.

3. I began to worry about the stability of bluetooth connection and the delay of sound. After a month of tests of many movies and music, there was no break or interference. As for sound delay, I found that except for a few cases of slight delay in 4K resolution films, all of them were basically within the range of human ear perception.


Overall, ht-s200f is a distinct audio products, beautiful shape, small size, the sound quality standards, audio input methods, easy connection, etc., the key is cost-effective is also particularly high. If you, like me, are ready to give the bedroom a sound upgrade, ht-s200f will be a good choice on the market right now.

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