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Xiaomi Mi Band 3
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As a masterpiece of xiaomi in 2019: xiaomi 9 can be said to be both appearance level and full of technology! The following is for everyone to say Xiaomi 9 start experience!

First from the appearance, the appearance of the Xiaomi 9 adopted the more popular drop screen and the rear vertical row of three photos plus the gradual change of holographic magic color, set appearance level and performance in a suit, of course, good or not good vary from person to person.

Pick up the Xiaomi 9, you can find that the millet 9 hidden a beautiful light, the magic of this s-type light, neither texture, nor coating, because the body of the natural curve to form a smooth light. At the same time, the mi 9 full surface design, on the surface of the back can not find any flat, single from the back cover feel, all the bending are appropriate fit in the palm, the phone is like “lying” in the palm, comfortable!

This time around, the mi 9’s highlight feature is the addition of an AI key. Long press directly call out small love students, can also be customized click, double click can set different functions. And there are a lot of practical functions “small love shortcut”, complete a variety of complex continuous operation! With this feature, it will no longer be as awkward as the previous voice call out, just press the AI key to exhale.

At the same time, the mi 9 also supports 20W wireless charging. According to the current wireless charging power in the market, the mi 9 has made great efforts in charging.

Like game enthusiasts, the mi 9 also specially developed [GameTurbo]! Special optimization was carried out for the problem of touch and chirality in the game, which greatly reduced the delay from touch to screen response. When playing the game with the mi 9, it felt like “playing where you want to play”. Can also be customized according to different habits of operation hand, similar to the sensitivity of the mouse, some people like very slow, some people like very sensitive.

Xiaomi 9 with a game to stimulate the battlefield! My first impression was to turn on the display enhancement function before the game, which improved the contrast of images of fog, night scene, grass and woodland, so as to find the enemy more quickly. And can choose according to oneself be fond of bright or bright-coloured picture. At the same time, the mi 9 also customized sound parameters for different games. Wearing headphones, the footsteps can be clearer, and the position of nearby enemies can be predicted in advance.
When I had voice communication with my teammates, I was able to reduce the noise of the environment and reduce the interference of the background sound of the game on the voice call, finally getting rid of the noise!

In terms of the screen, the mi 9 USES samsung’s AMOLED screen, which is characterized by energy saving and the ability to restore details in a high degree of color reproduction. The mi 9 also supports a screen-based display, and is in color, which can be customized to your preferences.

The front panel of the mi 9 is made of corning 6th generation gorilla glass, which is 50% higher than corning 5th generation gorilla glass and the hardest glass so far. I don’t have to worry about my screen breaking, and I can get rid of the film.

As for taking photos, the xiaomi 9 camera hardware and material accumulation are summarized as follows:
1. SONY 48 million sensors, amazing resolution
2. Laser focus, all three lenses are closed-loop motors, focusing accuracy, high film rate
3. All the three lenses are 6P lenses with excellent picture quality
4. Sapphire glass protective sheet, stainless steel support, integrated black coating……

In addition, the mi 9 is also equipped with the fifth generation of off-screen fingerprint recognition technology, which is almost on tap. Secondly, we can successfully unlock the phone under dry fingers, low temperature and direct sunlight outdoors. At night or in dim scenes, the screen will reduce the brightness of the display area to unlock the fingerprint, reducing the visual discomfort caused by unlocking light leakage. Slowly the details have no!

As for the disadvantages, I don’t like the design of the water drop screen, which affects the integrity of the body. Moreover, it looks very uncomfortable in the visual aspect. Moreover, the vertical row and double shot are placed on the left side to kill the obsessive-compulsive disorder.

To sum up, xiaomi 9 is considered to be a successful flagship model of xiaomi. Although the price has been slightly increased, the money has been spent on stacking materials and the cost performance is still good. This is also the consistent style of the xiaomi family. As a snapdragon 855 flagship, the mi 9 is still worth owning.

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