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In unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) market, the status of xinjiang is currently unable to shake, believes that many users will preferred xinjiang products, of course, big jiang unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) price of the product is not popular, for ordinary users like me, perhaps some should proceed with entry type products, find the feeling, such as well, and then to obtain some more professional product test is more appropriate, such as the xinjiang Tello, iDol intelligent vehicle these similar products.

This product is officially named as iDol intelligent aircraft. Its main features include support for AI gesture recognition, intelligent tracking, electronic fence, out-of-control protection and other functions. In addition, in terms of storage, it can be folded and stored, which is very convenient.


The appearance is light, compact and steady

Remember this product is before millet has tasted crowd-funding hit the shelves, has been concerned about before, this was signed, it is fate. Therefore, on the outer packaging, in addition to the front of the product name and aircraft, the upper left corner of the LOGO millet youpin mall. The whole package reflects the millet series as always simple.

The inner package includes one aircraft, power adapter, rechargeable battery, charging base, 4 spare propellers and a manual.

This is an iDol intelligent aircraft. The appearance adopts lightweight design and the fuselage is designed with 4-axis folding. After folding, the size is about 22.6cm x 14.4cm x 4.8cm.

The vehicle is deployed at 180 degrees

In the fuselage color, the basic use of black, folding shaft position and rotation shaft position for orange, stable and lively. In addition, we can see that the blade design of iDol is quite special, which is different from the products I played before. The anti-propeller design is adopted, and the blade is designed at the bottom of the protective cover, so the design is folded and folded without damaging the blade, and I feel relatively safe when flying.

IDol of intelligent vehicle support 4 kinds of positioning methods: GPS positioning and the orientation of light flow, ultrasonic and pneumatic positioning, the base of the machine, we can see the two sensors, one is ultrasonic positioning sensors, one is light flow positioning sensors, four kinds of positioning, for all kinds of environment protect the safety of the flight and precision hover even indoor.

IDol’s camera supports 1080P/30 frame video shooting and 1920X1080 photo resolution output. The camera can rotate up and down 120 degrees, but cannot rotate left and right. In addition, do not try to rotate the camera by hand, which will damage the motor of the camera.

Power switch on the other side

IDol’s fuselage is stored as 8G, with micro-usb interface on the fuselage

For aircraft, most people are very concerned about its range, the iDol of intelligent vehicle adopted 1800 mah lithium polymer battery pack, the theory of flight time in 10 minutes or so, however, aircraft have a low battery protection, will automatically open when power is less than 30%, so, in fact the experience of time less than 10 minutes, enough, this is also the pain points of this kind of intelligent vehicle.

Simple APP at a glance

IDol smart iDol is connected to the mobile APP. We downloaded the APP FUNSNAP in advance. The interface of the APP is simple and clear. In addition, the overall weight of iDol intelligent aircraft has exceeded 250g, so you have to register your real name in the uav’s real name system first. There is also a reminder on the homepage of the APP, which makes registration relatively simple.

IDol intelligent aircraft adopts mobile phone WiFi connection and has a special remote control to choose from. Of course, the standard version I have does not include the remote control.

We can see that the operating interface of iDol intelligent aircraft APP is relatively simple. The top shows the speed, distance, height, power, GPS signal strength and other data of the aircraft. These data are relatively important, and it is best to pay attention to them in real time when flying. However, iDol intelligent aircraft has done the maximum safety protection on flight safety. For example, if it is too high and loses contact with the APP, it will automatically return after about 10 seconds, which is quite considerate.

On the left side of the APP interface, from bottom to top, there is a key for takeoff, course reversal and camera up-down adjustment. On the right side, from top to bottom, there are options for intelligent mode setting, flight setting, photo taking, video recording and picture viewing.

In the middle, the left virtual rocker controls the rise and fall, the left and right turns, and the right controls the forward, backward and left movements.

In the flight setting on the right side of the APP operation interface, the speed of the aircraft can be set, headless mode can be turned on, and electronic fence can be set. In my opinion, headless mode and electronic fence are very new to use, and there is no need to worry about the bewilderment caused by the aircraft running around when there is light wind or no wind.

“Intelligent flight Settings” option can choose a variety of built-in flight play, such as sky, gradually far, intelligent follow, gesture control, surround and so on!

The actual flight control is simple and convenient

I have used sma-x5, XPLORER Mini, dji Tello and other uav products before. These products are basically entry-level products, portable and lightweight. Certainly, iDol intelligent aerial vehicle also belongs to this kind of product. Overall, the flight control is still good, during the New Year, anhui area a piece of rain, take time to play under the test.

The stability of

Because the weight of the Idol intelligent vehicle is about 360g, is a lightweight product, in the stability of all, as long as the wind speed is not small, the control is more handy, it is recommended that the wind speed under the Breeze (3 below) flight, in addition, in the recording process, if the direction of control, the fuselage tilt is more severe, Causes the picture to deviate from the horizontal line, which is believed to be a common problem with lightweight products.

Intelligent model

Fade mode screenshot

how Idol Intelligent Vehicle Intelligent model, such as a one-click how, asymptotic, surround need to take off hover in the state can be operated. Either way, the app’s interface has a red icon of intelligent model at the top right, and when the red icon disappears, it means that the pattern is over; the measured one-click how can rise to about 21 meters to stop, when you can take a targeted photo to the fullest. Gradually it rises to the top of the camera at a 45-degree angle, so say that when you choose the asymptotic approach, set the direction of the aircraft in advance.

Gestures and smart follow

iDOL Intelligent Vehicle support gestures and smart follow function, personal feeling intelligent following function, the height of the aircraft can not be too high, otherwise the effect is not very good, the gesture function is the same, but the gesture photo is very fast, the palm of a close photo success, play is good.



Life, in fact, most of the time in about 8 minutes, this time according to the different play of some differences, the official said 10 minutes to live can still be achieved; In practice, when the power is less than 20%, the intelligent vehicle will prompt low power, and jump out of the window, prompt to return as soon as possible, if flying high and far, Then you can click OK to return slowly; Of course, if the flight environment is better, the location does not deviate too much and the wind speed is OK, it is OK for individuals to wait until 10% to return. When less than 5%, the frequency of the alarm will become higher and lower, in addition, in terms of the accuracy of the return, by the wind speed is relatively large, under the Level 3 wind, the return position deviation is relatively small.

In terms of image transmission, iDol intelligent aircraft has a built-in memory of 8G, which can only be downloaded when the mobile phone is connected to the aircraft. All video photos are arranged in chronological order, which is clear at a glance. When downloading too much at once, it’s advisable to connect to MicroUsb. In addition, in terms of details, photos and video has been transferred to the mobile phone, in the top right-hand corner of the thumbnail, according to a green ✔ is easy to distinguish, lest repeat the download.

Not many video photos were taken because of the weather. I’m looking forward to flying out again in fine weather. Then share.

Advantages: compact, foldable and easy to carry, headless mode, one-button take-off and return, electronic fence, Wifi signal is relatively stable, even if the APP is lost, it can also automatically return and other functions, equipped with GPS and other 4 positioning modes, positioning is accurate, relatively safe in flight, can do a great deal to avoid blowing up; In addition, intelligent follow and gesture control increase the playing method of iDol intelligent aircraft.

Disadvantages: Battery life is relatively low, the body details work also need to be strengthened, the app side of the personal feeling in addition to a one-click return to whether you can add a key landing or emergency landing button.

Generally speaking, it supports 4 positioning methods and can rise up to 50m. With multiple intelligent playing methods and safety protection, iDol intelligent aircraft is quite cost-effective.

Here are a few of the real photos

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