Amazfit Hand Ring 2 generation: More point function, less innovation!

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For sports bracelets, including sports watches, I have used many before, and I have used so many wearable devices. Which one is the best? Actually I also couldn’t come up with an answer, like mobile phones, updated annually particularly fast, as for the step program, the basic function such as heart rate monitoring, alarm clock like mobile phone calling and texting, although bracelet don’t like mobile phone, everyone has, but for like fitness, outdoor running group, is essential to have, like mobile phones, has become a communication tool, people and bracelet? It has become a tool for communicating with your body.

The smart wear market is becoming saturated, with each brand launching its own AMAZFIT 2 this year, for example.

The outer packing

Since 1 generations of the Amazfit bracelet have been used before, the outer packing of the 2 generation this year has not changed much, almost identical. Below is the logo of the Amazfit bracelet.

Amazfit Cor bracelet, officially named Amazfit Cor bracelet, is available in cheetah black, although this color is the only available in the mall. There are also four colors, namely dolphin grey, bettas red and parrot blue.

The accessory is also relatively simple, AMAZFIT Cor bracelet, magnetic suction charging line and instruction manual.

AMAZFIT Cor wristband adopts magnetic suction charging as the previous generation, and its magnetic suction position and magnetic suction force are slightly improved compared with the previous generation. The magnetic suction card position can be absorbed and charged without any intentional alignment.

AMAZFIT Cor bracelet exterior detail

For hand ring, think shape design and color is also a lot of consumer consideration, design is particularly important, consumers are not what it used to be worn casual, bracelet external shape, texture and so on demand more and more heavy, AMAZFIT Cor bracelet still retained a generation in terms of the overall design, may be because the generation of design on the customer satisfaction is higher.

AMAZFIT Cor has a 1.23-inch color IPS display on the front of the bracelet, and the main body of the bracelet is designed in an arc with the casing of the bracelet, giving it a nice visual effect.

Screen using corning gorilla glass 3 generations of glass using full lamellation process, the surface also has the anti-fingerprint coating, in the sun will be more thorough, reduce the screen reflected light, the details of the wrist band and bracelet where the main connection is close.

AMAZFIT Cor’s wristband is a return to the traditional design, which was directly pressed down with metal clasps in the previous generation. In my opinion, there is no obvious difference between wearing it in a comfortable way and wearing it by clasp. The only difference in wearing experience is that wearing it by clasp is troublesome, but it is almost impossible to get rid of it.

The heart rate sensor on the back of the bracelet is also significantly upgraded from the previous generation, with triaxial acceleration sensor and PPG heart rate sensor.

According to the experience of purchasing wristbands in the past, every manufacturer will prepare many colors for their new products for consumers to choose. However, AMAZFIT Cor wristband is officially only made of cheetah black. Fortunately, the wristbands can be dismountable and replaced by the manufacturer.

Wearing feeling

For wearing comfort, personal feel if the materials are all the same, then wear comfort depends on the width of the wrist strap and breathe freely, in general, wider or narrower wristbands comfort is poorer, AMAZFIT Cor wristbands belong to just the right, but fewer air holes, and so can only say that everything was on the wearing comfort.

In addition, in the wearing process, compared with the previous generation, it is more laborious, mainly because the fastener is short and one end of the perforated wristband needs to be pulled to align.

Screen display and its main functions

General appliance with ring group or is out at the gym or outdoors mountaineering activities such as running, so in terms of screen display is also a bracelet manufacturers need to improve, AMAZFIT Cor bracelet in the sun, actual display effect is clear, but since 80 x160 pixel screen, look in the sun, particles or more touching!

For most wristbands, there are only a few built-in dial types, which seems to be nothing new, while AMAZFIT Cor’s wristband can change the dial at will, as long as it is connected to the mobile phone, downloaded from the mobile phone, and synchronized with the dial you like, which is what really impressed me.

In addition, the anti-touch function is supported, and you can open the up slide to unlock when you do not often operate.

In general, AMAZFIT Cor bracelet is unique for its operating experience.

APP connection and its applications

For APP binding connections, most of the bracelets will take some time to connect, while AMAZFIT Cor will be able to quickly connect and sync the bracelet data as long as the APP is bluetooth enabled.

The bracelet has a built-in 170mAh lithium ion battery, and it only consumes 15% of the power after three days of using the self-powered auxiliary heart rate monitoring, so the battery life is not a big problem.

Sports: AMAZFIT Cor bracelet has been optimized based on this functionality, with significant improvements in counting accuracy and heart rate measurement compared to the previous generation, possibly due to sensor iteration.

Different heart rate values can be used to determine the current state of your body.

As long as the bracelet is connected via bluetooth, the data will be synchronously analyzed inside, including the real-time heart rate. This is very helpful for users who are exercising, and they can judge whether their warm-up is in place through the heart rate and the APP.

AMAZFIT Cor wristband is accurate to the minute for controlling your sleeping time. It USES triaxial acceleration sensors and PPI heart rate monitoring to determine whether you are currently asleep, whether you are currently in deep sleep or light sleep, and statistical analysis of your sleep status.

Statistics can help you find out whether you sleep well in time, and the APP can give you appropriate Suggestions to improve your sleep quality.

Weather function: you can check the weather in recent days. Of course, you can also set a weather warning on the mobile phone to remind you and your family to pay attention to the weather changes.

Music playback: after bluetooth connection, you can play music via your mobile phone, which can be used when you are running outdoors or working out independently.

Still, some say what about gyms in public? Try it, mobile phone at the same time and bracelet, bluetooth headset connected, bracelet is able to control the bluetooth headset currently playing music, so not only can be convenient to listen to music, but also can concentrate on exercise.

Payment function: AMAZFIT Cor bracelet is currently connected to the alipay payment interface, and users can pay directly through the bracelet.

After a few steps of operation in alipay Settings, the bracelet can be bound. The bracelet can be charged for consumption. After a certain amount of money is charged, the user can directly go to the supermarket to scan the code for payment.

Binding account information:

AMAZFIT Cor has a bar code and qr code payment system that automatically brightens the screen, as does the phone, when the display screen is opened.

Actual test: when making offline payment through the bracelet, as the display screen is only 1.23 inches, the display surface is relatively small, so it needs to be close to the code scanning window. However, the recognition speed is basically the same as that of the mobile phone, which is very fast!

The consumption record will be displayed in the bound account, including the name of the product. The portability of consumption is greatly improved through the bracelet. Of course, the security of bar code and qr code should be paid attention to when consuming, and the awareness of protection and prevention should be maintained.

AMAZFIT Cor’s wristband will support a bus pass, which will be “swiped” through a built-in e-bus pass. If your city does, AMAZFIT Cor will be able to take the place of a bus pass.

Other areas of support include access control.

Finally, we are more concerned about the message reminder function, a lot of people like to exercise when the fitness will not hold the phone to see the message, and at this time if there is a message to remind how to do? It’s not safe to look at your phone while you are running, AMAZFIT Cor’s wristband will push messages across the screen via the APP.

For the normally used notification apps, such as SMS, WeChat, microblog and QQ, they can be displayed. One page can display 32 characters and two pages.

AMAZFIT Cor’s wristband, by the way, has an emoji display, so that the APP notification is a very human experience.

In the case of general bathing and hand-washing, there is no need to worry about damage, and we don’t know where to start. 50-meter waterproof has become one of the standard parameters of a wearable device, but it is better than nothing!

Experience summary

After using AMAZFIT Cor bracelet for several weeks, my biggest feeling is that AMAZFIT Cor bracelet, namely AMAZFIT bracelet 2 generation, has been improved to some extent compared with the previous generation in sensors and other components, in addition, it has more perfect system analysis ability in sleep monitoring data.

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