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I. Unpacking and Wearing Experience of Products

Iwown P1C watches are packaged in a crisp yellow color.

It is the body of the watch that catches the eye when the cover of the plastic packaging box is removed.

The list of other products is also relatively simple: watches, USB charging lines, charging base, paper instructions, which need to be explained here is the charging base non-magnetic suction type.

The appearance of Iwown P1C energy sports watch is rectangular with straight board.

In color, Iwown P1C uses a more technological silvery gray, combined with ultra-narrow border, making the overall appearance of its high value.

The main dial of Iwown P1c energy movement watch is a 1.3 inch 2.5D thin curved mirror glass. The screen is a TFT color display screen with a resolution of 240*240. Thanks to the proper material and design, the whole watch looks very beautiful and fashionable.

Wearing experience

Wearing the whole machine, the band of Iwown P1c energy sports watch is a gray single row hollow skin-friendly band, which is suitable for the color of the surface and has a slightly hard touch.

Iwown P1c energy sports watch is equipped with three molybdenum alloy rebound physical keys, the upper key on the left is menu key, the lower key is page turning key, the right is confirmation key, while supporting touch screen operation;

Iwown P1C Energy Sports Watch

Product Function and Sports Experience

When it comes to watches, the most important thing is to reflect their respective values in the actual sports scenes. The most frequently used smart watches and the most user-recognized value are the real-time collection, monitoring and analysis of motion data. Because only by collecting and analyzing the user’s sports data through sports watches, can we provide valuable sports fitness suggestions for users.

Therefore, positioning technology is very important. Iwown P1C energy movement watch uses GPS+GLONASS dual-star positioning mode, which can be used separately from mobile phones. At the same time, the detailed data of movement track and movement can be viewed through display screen and APP, including: speed, distance, total time, movement time, pause time, total consumption, movement consumption, average speed, average speed. It’s one of the biggest pain points of former exercise Er that we can’t throw away mobile phones to exercise, which has been realized here in Iwown P1c now, and the data may be the most parameter of the same price so far.

Therefore, the monitoring accuracy of Iwown P1C energy movement watch is good. However, one disadvantage is that the positioning time is unstable, outdoor positioning is faster than 10 seconds, and slow positioning may take nearly a minute. In addition to complex outdoor environment and signal problems, there may be limitations of positioning technology and hardware, but this is also an inevitable embarrassment for inclusive products. Fortunately, the absolute time-consuming is not very long, the user experience is not very bad, if you really can not accept, you can consider high-end products.

Iwown P1C trajectory tracking and data monitoring

In addition, Iwown P1C watches have a higher level of waterproof than IP68 watches and can be directly worn for swimming. Seven kinds of swimming data can be recorded: number of swimming trips, swimming distance, average SWOLF, total stroke number, average stroke number, average stroke speed, single stroke distance. Although this function has not been tested, the following facts can be made clear only according to the official description: Iwown P1C energy sports watch supports 50 m deep diving underwater.

3. Software Services and Interactive Experience

The APP name of Iwown P1C energy sports watch is Iwown assistant. Iwown assistant uses bold and colorful colors. The interface structure of APP is very refreshing, which is divided into: sports, equipment and individuals. Among them, motion recording and analysis of motion monitoring data, equipment is personalized watch settings and operations, personal data and signs and other related data.

The motion interface is designed by segment navigation. The top part is the core data of standing time, pace and calorie consumption. The bottom part is the main movement mode. The left and right sliding can adjust the movement data of the corresponding movement mode. The bottom part is the data charts of sleep, heart rate and fatigue value. Motion data monitoring is a detailed and time-based display of your movement data: speed, distance, total time, movement time, pause time, total consumption, exercise consumption, average speed, average speed, standing time, etc. But unfortunately, data monitoring is very detailed, but the analysis of the data suggested guidance is limited to heart rate change guidance, or slightly poor.

In the device interface, users can operate the watch according to the schedule, alarm clock, sedentary reminder, intelligent reminder, etc. They can also set the time period of smart beat, vibration reminder, weather format, wearing mode and turning the wrist screen. Some settings, such as sedentary reminders, wrist-lifting screens, are very human, while watches support firmware push updates.

Personal data can be entered into personal physical information and exercise goals, while supporting the synchronization of information to the QQ and Wechat sports rankings. In addition, electronic product manuals can help you get started faster, while providing forum exchanges and shopping malls to buy services.

Fourth, more interesting discoveries

Colourful Night Running Lamp

One function of Iwown P1C energy sports watch that is remarkable in its innovative playing method is the dazzling night running lamp. The so-called dazzling night running lights refer to the night running, through the setting can achieve the watch screen color flickering with the pace, with the change of heart rate interval into different colors. To put it bluntly, run one step at a time to light up the screen and change the color of the heart rate across the range. It can be said that it is not only a bright and fussy operation, but also safe and practical.

Running is also subdivided

Because running is the most commonly used exercise mode, Iwown subdivides the running mode again. According to the recorded data, seven running modes and five heart rate intervals are divided. The fine distinction is more targeted, which can better record users’status and data, and make fitness more data-based.

An important feature of Iwown p1c energy sports watches is that there are many movement modes. Supported sports form is the most seen so far, including running, walking, cycling, mountain climbing, basketball, badminton, table tennis, football, volleyball, sit-ups, rope skipping, yoga and other 16 sports patterns. This also demonstrates in disguise the strong sensor capability of Iwown P1C energy movement watch.

Message push is more intentional

Iwown P1C Energy Sports Watch’s message push is more intentional than others. It can not only receive QQ, Weixin, Weibo, SMS, but also receive other APP messages through settings.

Fatigue Value Detection

HRV values are calculated according to the requirements of medical algorithm for ECG raw data configuration, and then the time-domain index Ln rMMSD data in HRV values are converted according to certain mathematical and medical basis. At the same time, it is convenient for users to interpret parameters and understand them intuitively. Then the data are defined as fatigue, and the fatigue values are corresponded to a percentage system. The fatigue value interval is defined as follows. Generally speaking, the higher the fatigue test value, the better the condition.

80-100, in good condition;

65-80, in general condition;

50-65, state fatigue;

0-50, very poor condition.

The reason why Iwown P1C energy sports watches introduce this new detection parameter is also closely related to its product motion positioning. There are a large number of Marathon enthusiasts and long-distance runners among the people. These people invest enough in sports, but they are extremely vulnerable to excessive harm such as sports injury. Fatigue monitoring can digitalize fatigue and be used as an effective tool for monitoring training and restoring balance. Fatigue test values can help you prevent overtraining, improve training efficiency and ensure sports safety.

Five, summary

I’m delighted with Iwown’s exploration and innovation in these areas; of course, besides the pleasant things, Iwown P1C energy sports watches also need to be optimized.

For example, the content pushed to the screen beyond the screen can not be displayed or paged; data synchronization function is not perfect, the first use of data synchronization function after APP registration will first clear the data of previous watches need your attention. For example, you wear a watch for a few days before registering the data of APP synchronization, then the data of watches in the previous days will be cleared. Motion recognition function is not intelligent enough for the time being, not all motion patterns can be recognized effectively. Watches can receive incoming calls, can hang up, but can’t answer them (there is no communication module); however, these minor problems need to be treated objectively, and can not be a reason to deny that Iwown P1C energy sports watch is an excellent product.

Iwown P1C energy sports watches have high facial value, abundant and powerful functions. New and innovative functions give more data value to smart sports watches. It really achieves the goal of having or not (17 sports modes), having or excelling people (the most comprehensive analysis of sports data parameters, supporting swimming function), creating or creating people’s excellence (fatigue value). More importantly, the hardware function of this product is more important. Its excellent performance enables it to have a wider applicability, covering most of the user groups with sports needs, and more suitable for the use of ordinary people.

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