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Intelligent speakers may be one of the main control centers of smart home in the future. At present, the Internet giants have entered, each has its own strengths. After studying, they are not what I need most. Some people have written about the main application functions (scenarios) of smart speakers in the following order:

Asking questions

Query weather

Play music

set an alarm

Setting up a calendar/reminders

Controlling Smart Home

Broadcast news

Check around restaurants/shops/banks, etc.


I think only the first seven functions will be used in real life experience. The sixth function is to control the smart home, which needs the support of all household appliances. Nobody will change the furniture for a speaker. So this is not mature in China. Although the intelligent ecology of Ali and Millet is relatively good, there is still a big gap from the actual smart home life. At present, it is just a gimmick (I only need voice control TV). The fifth function is very low frequency for office workers. The fourth function is hardly needed because I am not in the bedroom. The third function varies from person to person. The seventh function should be seldom used, but I want to learn English by listening to English news, which happens to be used. The first function is the voice interactive search engine, which is the only weakness of Amazon speakers that is not as good as Google speakers (Amazon is better than Google in smart home control), so I chose Google speakers.

Another reason I bought the Google home mini speaker was to have an English communication environment (English search engine and 100,000 why) so that children could practice spoken English and learn it. Secondly, some children learn video without TV membership, mobile phones are not convenient for projection, you can use chrome very convenient projection to the TV.

After studying for a while, I found that if you want to control Android TV through Google home mini, you’d better need a Chromecast, so I decided to buy Google Smart TV kit, which is more affordable. As for why we don’t buy Chromecast Ultra, different people have different opinions and wise people have different opinions. I don’t think we need 4K at home. Google just released the third generation of Chromecast in October 2018, and its performance improved, so Black Five started. Chrome can project streaming media content from mobile phones, PCs and other support devices. Content access providers, including Netflix, Hulu, HBO and other video services, as well as Spotify, Google Play Music, Pandora and other music services, have access to Chromecast.

Open box blueprint

Partners and APP

Chromecast is so rude that there is no Google logo on the charging adapter, although the adapter is not commonly used.

The charger of Google home Mini doesn’t have the same color as the speaker, so you’d better buy white.

It’s challenging to use Google home mini and chromecast in China. From the time I got it to the time I could use it properly, it’s also a constant problem. If we compare this analogy to game clearance, it’s definitely Hard level. In order to facilitate the use of future generations, some ways to solve problems also give some hints.

First, activate Home Mini and Chromecast and install Google home APP.

Second, Chromecast encountered problems during activation and failed in the last step. You can set the mobile language to English or traditional, then activate it and return to Simplified Chinese.

Third, Chromecast Mirror Screen Failure/Interruption (Google Play Service: Screen Projection has stopped). This should be the lack of some services or service versions of Google in the mobile system, not the latest and most complete. Install Google, Google Play Service, and Google Service Framework. When I met at Mi6, it was no problem to use my family’s Mi5 to cast the screen. Later, I found that Mi5 was a thorough root system. Mi6 simply refreshed the development version for the root authority. The millet development version was not a complete root authority. It also lacked some original Android system’s Google service or castration version or not the latest. If other brand mobile phone systems are not native Android system, please check whether there is a lack of google. The service framework or Google play service needs to be reinstalled to the latest version.

Fourthly, home Mini encounters problems such as activation or unavailability. Some netizens say that Google Assitant can only be used in published languages and countries. You can try setting mobile phones into English and setting the location of home App to the U.S. address. I haven’t encountered this situation myself.

Fifth, Google home Mini prompts something to go wrong or chrome not to use some services because Google products have built-in DNS of 8.8.8. For the students who configure DHCP to access the Internet, they may neglect the fact that the devices in the LAN can not access the Internet without the DNS service of the router. The solution is to hijack 8.8.8 and DNS traffic. The IPtable that will command Linux sets up the firewall to cut off DNS traffic from these two IPS to the router DNS service. More people don’t want linux commands and have clumsy ways. Routers have Luci interface settings. Simply, firewalls can hijack all intranet 53 ports to router DNS service ports.

Sixth, watch the video comparison card, WiFi to 5G.

Use experience

The core of Home Mini is that Google Assitant,Google Assitant’s English recognition semantic analysis and English interaction should be done very well, common communication is not too many obstacles, based on the powerful google search engine, many questions can give accurate answers. Many of the answers come from google and wiki, which are more accurate. 

Daily features such as weather and music are also easy to use. 

“Hey Google,How is weather today? ” 

“Hey Google,play a light song.” 

Especially “OK Google,How is my day?. “this answer can be set on the google home APP according to individual needs.

Chromecast’s projection/mirror function is also more practical. I don’t know if I use DLNA protocol?! Unlike in the past, mobile phones can’t do other work when they are projecting screens, Chromecast is a content source from the cloud. For example, videos are just sent to chromecast to process video links. What should we do after the mobile phones are projected screen? It doesn’t affect watching videos on TV. That’s what I value more.

Home Mini can also use voice to control TV to watch videos, the main video sources: YouTube, Netflix, HBO Asia, Reb bull (which are all extreme sports), music is generally Spotify and Google play music, YouTube music. This is suitable for people who like to talk and do nothing.

Of course, Chromecast also has some features that I haven’t used. I haven’t used Home mini’s smart home control and other functions. More functions can be tapped on their own.



As a $29 smart speaker, Google Home Mini still has a high performance-price ratio. Free your hands and do nothing.

If you want an intelligent English assistant to communicate and practice simple English, Home Mini is worth considering.

Like listening to English songs, Home Mini is also an option.

Chromecast is also a good choice if you have TV on demand for oil pipes or other American dramas.


It is inconvenient to use and needs strong hands-on ability.

Home Mini is smart, but the sound quality is not comparable to traditional speakers. People who like high quality sound quality need not consider it.

Home Mini controls smart home, which is a smart ecosystem in China. It can be ignored if it does not do well.

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