JBL Everest 100 Elite Noise Cancel Headphones

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Xiaomi Mi Band 3
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First of all, I usually use the bingteli Backbeat Fit generation red bought on taobao in April 2016. After using it for so long, I feel that the battery has no loss at all. It is a perfect match for iPhone, easy to use and convenient to carry. After all, I placed the order after comparing more than a dozen bluetooth wireless earphones online. I won’t spend any more money on earphones until they wear out.

Three boxes were received, as shown in the figure.

A, out of the

Packing carton contains: a pair of earphones, a zippered portable cloth bag, three sets of earplugs, three sets of earplugs (looks like the 69 one), a USB cable, two neck muffs (sorry I can’t think of the name), and three English documents.

Second, the assembly

  1. Pick up your headphones (crap);
  2. Put the right ear brace (the one that looks like 69, please notice the difference between left and right) on the earphone;
  3. The earplug that suits oneself (do not divide the left and right sides) plug goes up in the small bump of earphone, individual proposal USES the set of intermediate size first, when paying attention to plug, should force a bit, lest fall off;
  4. Pass the neck sleeve (left and right) through and over the neck sleeve in the thinnest position on the right and left sides respectively, and then pull it down. At this point, the assembly is completed and the finished product is shown in the diagram.

Three, key operation

There are two convex spots on the left side of the neck, M and S. There are two convex spots on the right side of the neck < And & gt; , the specific operation and the results are as follows:

The function of the S key can be set through the APP. For details, please refer to chapter 4 3b of firmware upgrade steps below.

2 & amp; 3 the voice prompt can be turned off. Please refer to chapter 4 3d of firmware upgrade steps below for details.

Iv. Firmware upgrade

  1. Download My JBL Headphones at the App Store (iOS) or Google Play.

2. Open the App, check these two items on the homepage and click Start. Of course, you have to agree.


And then you see this page. The main interface consists of four parts:

A. Power display bar, display the power according to an integer multiple of 10%;

B. EQ SETTING All you need to do is touch the touch tone in the secondary interface. All you need to do is touch the Vocal tone. , and support customization;

C. NOISE CANCEL active NOISE reduction switch;

D. AWARENESS, which can be divided into left and right sides to adjust the AWARENESS of environment: high/medium/low/close.

3. Click the Settings button on the upper left corner to go to the Settings menu. The main functions are as follows:

The firmware of the Device must be updated when the headset power is more than 50%. Upgrade process is very simple, in the case of connected headphones, click the icon in the middle, the progress bar will go by itself, 2 minutes or so that the upgrade is successful (strongly recommend that all friends get the first upgrade firmware!!! );


After the upgrade, the upper left corner of the setting interface will be displayed as the latest version number.

B. Programmable Smart Button for editing the S key function, which can control environmental perception or active noise reduction;

C. Auto Off Feature automatically turns Off the device. If it is turned on, it will automatically turn Off the device if it is not used or connected to the phone for a long time;

D. Enable Voice Prompt Voice Prompt, on the state, press the S key will have English female Voice broadcast Voice, off, Voice Prompt no longer, press the S key no sound.

Five, use feeling

1. Battery durability: this pair of headphones is fully charged at 13:00 and has been listening to music at 14:40, with 60% battery life remaining. Therefore, it is estimated that the battery life is about 4 hours.

2, comfort, ear support surprisingly comfortable, without any discomfort; Neck sleeve should be to prevent headphones from slipping off the neck, but the effect of personal feeling is limited, there is no problem when both sides are worn, when wearing a side only, still can fall;

3. Tone quality. All the Vocal sounds are still clear under the Vocal sound effect when environmental perception and noise reduction are turned on.

4. How easy it is to use, Siri can be called normally, the button function is clear and the design is reasonable, and the APP control mode is more centralized, which is great.

Six, summarized

As a purchase price of 160 yuan headphones, cost-effective. But: those who want to wear it to the gym can give it up. The ones that are most suitable for you have been mentioned at the beginning of this article. Other groups are available.

Note: if you do not contact me directly reproduced, will be held responsible for the end.

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