One plus 6T McLaren custom layout Rewards

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With the Supercar brand joint, the launch of a custom version of the flagship machine, seems to be a part of the 2018 mobile phone enthusiasm.

Mobile phone brand Plus has joined the ranks. On the afternoon of December 14, Beijing time, a plus in Shenzhen held the “Five anniversary special event”, in addition to with fans to review the phone for the past 5 years, the core theme of the event is still on the product release.

This product is a plus with the supercar brand McLaren launched a custom version of the mobile phone-a plus 6T McLaren plate making, it can almost say that it is a “highest specification” of a flagship machine, not only in one breath to upgrade the hardware specifications of the mobile phone to “845+10+256”, but also the past has been used in the 20W The Dash flash charge is upgraded to a new 30W Warp flash charge.

▲ Salute to Speed

In terms of packaging, the overrun joint phone seems to have one thing in common, that is, like to add a joint sports car brand design elements on the box, such as the front, Lamborghini version of Find X let us see its Lamborghini unique Y-shaped taillights all over the box, and in the McLaren version plus 6T, Carbon fiber texture and orange have become the main design of this custom version of mobile phone packaging.

Open the packaging, the eyes are a delicate picture book, McLaren set plate plus 6T will be hidden in the last picture of this album.

Interestingly, this album tells the story of the history of McLaren and the common point of a mobile phone in product development in the form of a chapter, combining the stories of two brands.

In addition to the mobile phone body, the package contains a carbon fiber texture of the protective shell, 30W Warp power adapter, Warp with the words of orange braided charging line, type-c to 3.5mm adapter and instructions and other accessories.

▲5V/6A’s new Warp flash filling head

▲Exquisite data lines for workmanship

▲ Liu’s Letter of thanks

In addition, the box also contains a “small egg”–printed with McLaren Logo of the glass material souvenirs. ”

Back to the McLaren set plate plus 6T product itself, it is more like a “Emperor version” of the configuration of a plus 6T, in its overall design and hardware on the basis of a certain degree of improvement.

For example, mobile phone storage from one plus 6T top 8GB to 10GB, stored space from top 128GB to 256GB, still equipped with Qualcomm Dragon 845 chip, long-term 20W Dash flash charge also upgraded to 30W Warp flash charge, which makes the phone 20 minutes can be filled with 5

0% of the battery. In terms of appearance, McLaren set plate plus 6T of the main tone is black, but the back of the phone is supplemented by U-shaped light, which is filled with McLaren’s lucky color “refreshing orange”, it will change from light to deep color changes.

On closer inspection, you can also notice the “carbon fiber texture” hidden under the black glass on the back of the phone. According to one introduction, multi-layer 3D printing technology is used in this paper.

As with the previous custom version of the model, the McLaren custom plate plus 6T also enclosed with some exclusive wallpaper.

Karen’s Logo will also appear throughout the boot process, and there will be a McLaren themed AR app when the phone is first set up.

At present, this McLaren set plate plus 6T has been on the official website to open an appointment, the price of 4599 yuan, the specification of Valiant long 845+10GB+256GB, and will be on December 17 10 o’clock in the morning open for sale.

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