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A lot of friends are bothered by the question of choosing the right notebook. Because of the lack of knowledge of notebook hardware, resulting in only through the introduction of friends and mall recommendations to choose, sometimes there will be some not by their own. In fact, the simplest way to answer is to look at these aspects: processor, video card, life.

To buy an affordable notebook, you need to compare it in a lot. For example, this millet Ruby lightweight notebook, is a relatively high cost-effective one, let’s take a look at it.

Hardware configuration

Xiaomi Ruby 15.6-inch metal lightweight laptop with Intel i3-8310u processor, 4 core 8 threads, 4MB cache, 4GB memory, hard disk storage capacity 128GB Ssd,graphics 620 set Cheng Xianka, 2GB graphics, 15.6-inch LCD screen, 1920×1080 resolution, 4-cell battery, 65W AC adapter, 2.18Kg weight. Pre-installed Windows 10, Home Student Edition Office software at a price of $490.

Interface conditions

This Ruby has a comprehensive interface, a USB2.0 interface, two USB3.0 interfaces, an HDMI interface, headphone jack, three in one card reader, gigabit network card, HDMI, Power interface. Interface Plug and Play, no converter.

This notebook uses a double fan, double heat pipe, double heat dissipation outlet, dispersion thermal efficiency is relatively good. During use, you can feel the heat from the bottom and front side of the fuselage.

The bottom glue bar is set up and down two, in order to make the notebook can be more stable when placed.

After reading the above related parameters introduction, perhaps you have a certain understanding of this cost-effective notebook. Let’s take a look at some of the configurations mentioned above.

Elegant appearance of the atmosphere, 15 inch Notebook Although people criticized the volume is too large to carry, but this ruby fuselage is very light, so you do not have to worry about the convenience after buying the problem. Because the 15.6-inch screen is large, the keyboard sets up a separate numeric keypad, making digital entry more convenient.

The a face of the fuselage does not set any logo or any words related to Xiaomi company, but is a very pure side. b Face in the center of the screen is directly below, engraved with Xiaomi logo, such a design is still a relatively low-key idea, for the average young people, a face of simple and clear, can let everyone to develop their own understanding of the notebook and their own can DIY into the appearance of the look.

For the average computer backpack can still be very easy to install this notebook.

Keyboard keys are very soft, for the usual use of rough protruding keyboard-Lenovo notebook keyboard, with Xiaomi Ruby this shallow pressure keyboard, feel very different, before the kind of hard knock, turned into a gentle press, very comfortable.

The heat dissipation hole of the fuselage is set at the bottom and in front of the side of the keyboard, so that a set of wind cycles can be formed, and the heat inside the fuselage is dissipated as soon as possible.

The camera and built-in Mike are set directly above the customary position screen. Let’s take a look at the internal configuration of this book.

I3-8310U is a low-end energy-efficient CPU launched by Intel, the Intel Kaby Lake-r series that introduces the design of the four-core i7 and i5. Although this is a dual-core CPU, it has hyper-threading capability, and the main frequency of the CPU up to 3.4GHz is feared to crush large i3/i5. Although the baseline primary frequency of this CPU is lower than that of the previous generation i3-7310u, due to its 4MB caching and acceleration frequency, the CPU is proud to call itself a “high-performance CPU”. In a word, it is though i3 but comparable to i5 performance.

This version is based on the Intel UHD Grahhics 620 graphics card, this video card is counted as medium level, for the usual only office software for me, such a function is enough. In terms of life, for the usual daily office use, 7-8 hours long is also a very powerful performance.

128G hard disk size, for today’s ultra-large capacity of computer notebook, such a space size for a new product, it is really a bit overstretched feelings, but on weekdays as office or video production and other functions can be completed.

Under such a configuration, it is still relatively good. However, compared to many mainstream notebooks, the price and use experience is probably Xiaomi Ruby to bring users a strong performance.

This notebook uses a 15.6-inch full HD anti-glare screen, large field of view, vivid and bright picture. With a resolution of 1920*1080, the sharpness is 1.5 times times that of a 24-inch desktop display. 178° wide viewing angle, the picture performance is more delicate, rich, let you watch the film easily.

When it comes to running software, some of the commonly used Office Office software is running smoothly on weekdays. Tested the video editing software Power Director PC version, from the video clip process to the generation of video file overall effect is OK, but encounter large video files and the generation of high-definition files, will be slightly slower, for the use of words can still be acceptable, But the personal feeling is that the performance of the i3 processor is, to some extent, less powerful than the i5 processor.

All in all, as a notebook brand of the Forces nouvelles, Xiaomi’s notebook whether it is quality or workmanship, can reach a certain level. Xiaomi by taking the notebook cost-effective line, can do is better to cater to the vast consumer market. This notebook, which is cost-effective and less stressful to buy, is a good choice for both work and student families.

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