Ultra Wide angle Holding, vivo X23 night photo effect

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Xiaomi Mi Band 3
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First show you two original night scene shooting sample, shooting equipment is of course today to introduce to you the protagonist vivo X23, the overall view of the night scene effect is still very beautiful.

Taking photos has always been an advantage of vivo, Vivo X23 uses the Sony IMX 363 sensor, the main camera has dual-core 12 million pixels, a single pixel size reached the 1.4μm, the photosensitive area is larger, the night racket is even better. To say the biggest upgrade, is to add ultra-wide angle mode, after a 125° ultra-wide angle of the camera, equivalent focal length of 11mm.

Taking photos in ultra-wide angle mode can give users a wider view of the scene, there are many times in order to shoot a building, or group photo, to pull the distance very far to capture the full appearance, the use of wide-angle lens on a certain path can solve such a dilemma;

From the picture, Vivo X23 ultra-wide angle shooting effect is still very shocking, the picture in the wide angle of the vertical deep feeling has been greatly enhanced, users can also achieve a richer photography play through this function, the output is comparable to the SLR blockbuster. At the same time, the picture can accommodate more character views than before.

I have always thought that the most important thing to measure the effect of a mobile phone is to look at the quality of the characters at night, obviously vivoX23 in the night to do a good job of taking pictures.

I believe that we have heard of beautiful photos pay attention to is “knife sharp milk”, that is, the main body behind the photo of the virtual background is very important, the above two pictures is the use of portrait mode to open the background of the effect of contrast. Mobile phone two cameras in collaboration with the selfie, so that the main body of the shooting character sharp prominent, the degree of background blurring in turn aggravated, highlighting the character’s own unique temperament.

In addition, the camera also has backlight shooting, panoramic shooting, AR Sprout and other photo play, enrich the user photo experience.

From the sample point of view, the color saturation of vivo X23 is still very balanced, and there is no saturation excessive appears too gorgeous, and not the lack of color appears too vegetarian. Aperture virtualization Transition is also very natural, the main edge of the part also did not appear in the case of algorithm injury.

Night scene and weak light environment, the machine for the overall brightness of the screen and noise control is quite in place, in the case of ensuring the main details, the dark details are still clearly visible, which is definitely a big surprise for users who like to shoot the night scene.

Through the above picture can also be seen, in the automatic photo mode, the camera shutter reaction speed is like a machine gun, lighting color, detail description of the comparison in place. Above is the NAP life of the city of Tianjin, along the Haihe coast all the way to take pictures of the night scene, is still very beautiful.

A few more connectors of the hand shot, are the use of automatic mode, do not need the user to set any parameters and settings, it is very simple to use. The figure can be seen in the black and color contrast is more obvious, giving the feeling is that the photo is very clean, there is no too much noise, particle sense appears.

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