How smart is a smart trash bucket?

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These two years of intelligent things endless, smart switch, smart stereo, whole House intelligence, and so on, I also rushed to measure a smart trash can.

“Open the Box”

Can see the packaging, the packaging is strong, very careful. Introduction to side functions, front machine photos.

The internal structure is simple but the protection is quite perfect, from the upper and lower two fixed plate fixed very secure.

Overall display of all accessories, inner barrel *1, outer barrel *1, nose *1, battery *1, instruction manual *1, garbage bag *1

Details Size:

Overall size, Height: 34cm, Width 16.5cm, length 25.7cm. Can be perfectly placed in a variety of seams.

Appearance material: The fuselage material is stainless steel drawing, Watchman Network introduction can also seal oil anti-fouling, so this trash can is particularly suitable for the bathroom and kitchen, not only to avoid touching the trash bins, but also easier to keep the trash can clean.

Leachate Hole: The head of the smart bin has a waterproof design, very practical. At the same time, in order to better moisture-proof, the nose under the leachate hole can let the nose seep into the water, unified convergence into the garbage bag, thus protecting the smart toilet.

Anti-skid Base: There is a rubber anti-skid base at the bottom of the bin to ensure that the trash can also be placed smoothly in a humid environment.

Battery compartment: The battery takes a removable design and does not have to move the bin every time it is charged. The battery compartment is a rotary battery compartment with notes to facilitate the removal of the battery compartment.

There will be a clatter during installation to ensure that the battery compartment is installed in place. The original battery can be installed or equipped with four rechargeable batteries.

Seamless inner cylinder: the inner cylinder adopts a seamless design, the thickness is larger than the ordinary garbage bucket, and there is no odor. and the internal and external barrel design can avoid the garbage bag exposed, greatly improve the value of the trash.

Storage hole: Inner tube design storage hole, you can use the storage hole to secure the garbage bag in the trash, and will not easily slide, but at the same time because the storage hole design is large, too thin garbage bag cannot be fixed.

This handle in the garbage bag is placed in the bag, put away the garbage bag, easy to pick up the handle to clean the inside bucket.

Garbage bags can be their own mouth, the use is very convenient, at the same time the thickness is sufficient.

“Use Experience”

Waterproof head: Smart bin head Waterproof, can be placed without concern in the bathroom and kitchen location. And the label is easy to rip off, very good design, can directly rip off the lifting value.

Mute: The trash bin is very small when it is opened and closed, and is almost mute and does not produce noise.

Charging experience: Because the battery can be removed, charging is very convenient and free to charge directly.

Working mode: The working mode is divided into four kinds, and different working conditions can be separated by the simple and obvious area of the indicator light.

The specific working status is shown in Figure four below. Long Standby mode: Long Standby mode is activated when not used for a long time after power is powered on, and the indicator light flashes every five seconds to alert the device to power.

Intelligent induction Opening and closing mode: When the object is close to the sensing area, the garbage bucket opens the induction open mode, the signal light is lit, the barrel cover is automatically opened, and the barrel cover automatically closes 5 seconds after the object leaves the sensing area.

Manually keep the open mode: The open and close keys are set on the touchscreen panel, and when the hand touches the indicator light, the reminder selects the regular open cover state or the off state.

Delay closure Tip: When the barrel cover induction is turned on, as long as the object is out of the sensing area, the Panel will continue to light the light reminder, only the object left the sensing area 5 seconds after the panel will be closed.

“Usage Scenarios”




1, induction distance of about 20cm, with five seconds Countdown cover, and support touch operation, so that it is convenient to open the barrel cover for a long time.

2, mute effect is not generally good, open cover and close cover basically no sound, this great praise!

3, the overall value is high, at the same time the surface has been treated not as easy as ordinary plastic or metal trash can dirty.

4, the nose waterproof treatment, can be placed in the bathroom or kitchen use do not have to worry too much about the water.


1, although there is a storage hole fixed garbage bag, but if the use of ordinary garbage bag storage hole may not be fixed, but the original garbage bag is really strong, is the long-term use of the price is a bit expensive AH.

2, really not smart enough Ah, every time also need to change their own bags is too inconvenient.

3, trash barrel inside the tube although there is a handle but the concubine really do not know the handle should be in the bag or outside Ah!


1, can not directly charge the machine, but also need to take out the battery every time to charge, but for the bathroom or kitchen trash can also avoid back and forth, if you do not want to use rechargeable battery, you can also use 4 dry battery, the power is very OK for nearly one months currently did not flush.

Recommendations for use: It is recommended to use in the bathroom, living room, study, bedroom and so on need to close the trash can, while throwing garbage when the hand may not want to touch the bin place.

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