Miniature SLR camera only Sony? There’s actually Panasonic GX85 to choose from.

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Front appearance

GX85 is still a familiar look of Panasonic. No warship head, flat top more convenient to carry. The grip is not particularly lenient and feels grudgingly. The main groove point is also this all-plastic fuselage.

Reduces the weight at the same time, but also reduced the texture. The choice of color matching of the fuselage, I think silver black is always the “best option.” With silver or black lenses, it’s all in harmony.


Top control Area

▲There is not much content at the top of the fuselage, a mode turntable, a paddle wheel, and no separate exposure compensation.

But there is a slot point: The Rec key is completely flat with the top, and it is difficult to locate it by the touch of the hand. Imagine that you’re taking a picture with a viewfinder and want to click on the recording. Blind operation is impossible, must take a look, in order to press on. This interrupts the continuity of the entire operation.


Built-in Flash

▲Small flash, the effect will certainly not be too good.


Expandable Hot Boots

▲GX85 supports hot boot expansion. But for this price of the machine, there must be not much chance of hot boots to play.


The Back button is plentiful.

▲On the back is the familiar Panasonic layout, fn1~fn4 many function keys, can be customized.


The position of the rear paddle wheel is very clever.

▲Under the switch is the rear dial wheel, when shooting can adjust the main parameters.

As mentioned above, GX85 does not have a separate exposure compensation dial. At first, you couldn’t find out where to turn the exposure. Mistakenly found that the original is integrated into this rear wheel: first down, and then scroll left and right, is to adjust the exposure compensation. At first it didn’t quite understand the design, only to discover the beauty of the design later.

Single-handed control

▲Right hand single handheld machine, index finger control shutter, that thumb naturally leaned near the rear dial wheel. Suppose the camera is in the a gear, the rear dial is the default adjustment aperture, and then click, and can adjust the exposure compensation. That is, a thumb can adjust 2 parameters without too much movement, which is very convenient for one-handed operation.


Numerous 4K function keys

▲Fn3 default is 4K continuous shooting shortcut key, 4K shooting function is also the highlight of GX85. I didn’t experience it much this time.


The effect of the general EVF

2.76 million pips, 0.7x. This viewfinder looks good, but it always has some diaphragm to use. The most obvious is the color of the viewfinder, higher than the actual figure saturation, contrast, it is easy to interfere with your choice of shooting parameters. At the same time, the viewfinder drag shadow is serious, the effect is far less than I used before the LX100.

In short, I prefer to use the screen to view the scene. Another small drawback is that when you use the viewfinder, the touch of the screen does not automatically turn off. Eyes to the viewfinder, the nose is easy to touch the screen caused by misoperation. Does Panasonic feel that with the viewfinder at the same time, the nose can control the touch focus?


Flip on the screen

Flip down the screen

Touch screen, can be flipped, are in recent years M43 camera standard. GX85 support on the flip 80°, lower fold 45°.

The screen can be flipped, and shooting at the angle of shooting is a bit calmer. But GX85 this screen flip damping is very large, adjust the angle is very laborious, used a few times to give up directly. Or don’t flip it and use it directly!



▲Match the lens. Instead, the 25mm F1.7 lens is selected.

There are many reasons to choose 25 instead of 20:25 1.7 support GX85 240Hz High speed focus, focus quiet more suitable for recording, dark angle control is better, and so on. But these are not the key, or because GX85 with this lens to buy more favorable

Lens coating looks good.


Actual photo Experience

Many home users buy cameras in order to shoot children, make pets and so on. The most valued should be focus.

▲Whether it’s a child or a pet, it’s not going to stand up and shoot you. And with GX85 + 25mm, fully appreciate the power of this combination. Sufficient light to match face recognition, press the shutter on OK.

Panasonic’s Intelligent ISO

Panasonic fuselage also has a “smart ISO” gear. Detect that the screen has a fast moving object, will actively pull up the ISO to ensure the shutter speed. Avoid dynamic blurring and further improve the success rate of snaps.


▲GX85 is also familiar with Panasonic color: refreshing and crisp. Personally, I like this style very much, in most cases can be used. Eliminate post-processing.


Cases where the metering is not allowed

▲In most scenes, the light measurement of the GX85 is reliable. Occasionally, it can go wrong, mainly with insufficient exposure (dimming). This is not a big problem, the use of exposure compensation to solve.


Shoot the building with 50mm.

▲The 25mm lens is on the M43 machine with an equivalent focal length of 50mm. This focal length to shoot the scenery, the building is still a little cramped. may be more suitable for making humanities and portraits.


▲The maximum aperture of the lens is F1.7. Don’t look at the aperture looking big, but because the photosensitive element is small, the blurring effect and the full frame of the F1.7 is still not comparable. But it’s much better than taking pictures on a cell phone.


Indoor Weak light


Center Zoom in 100%

▲The sharpness of the 25mm F1.7 is not ideal when the aperture is fully open.

Long Aperture exposure night view

▲Long exposures are often used if you want to take a night view. But GX85 (and many M43 fuselage) native minimum ISO is only 200, and the choice of parameters is less flexible.


Minor problems

Even with high-end equipment, automatic white balance is unlikely to be 100% accurate. Especially in the light source is more complex, night neon lights and so on. Automatic white balance is very easy to run deviation, which is understandable.

White balance Case

But in use, I found that GX85 ‘s automatic white balance would be a little problematic. Like a picture of this food above. The white balance of jpg straight out on the left is obviously blue.

Shooting food subject matter, the color temperature is cold looks less tempting. Although this situation has not occurred many times, but I am still quite mind. Because the light on the scene is not complicated, the subject is not complex in color, and the white dots of the picture are clear. AWB had no reason to judge the error. But GX85 still made a mistake, which is hard to accept.


Night View Focus failed

▲The previous mention of Panasonic’s DFD focus is very powerful, in the evening to try to take a picture of the river, many times try to focus, the camera automatically tuned to the lens focus of the nearest point, the first three times have only photographed this large aperture spot. Finally manual focus, only a smooth shot clear the scenery on the other side.



Night View Focus failed

In addition, I found that this focus failure does not occur randomly, but has a certain pattern.

In the ambient light is dark, but there are one or two strong light sources in the picture, it is easy to appear repeated failure of the focus. But then again, GX85 uses a 49-point DFD focus from the older generation, and the new generation of DFD has been upgraded to 225 points. Don’t know if the new generation of DFD models still have this problem?


Panasonic’s Yellow

▲The last small detail is probably not a “shortcoming”.

GX85 straight out of the color I am quite satisfied, except yellow. The car above, on the left is the “standard” color in the machine, and on the right is raw to apply “Adobe color”. I saw the color of the body closer to the right with the naked eye, while the left side was slightly green. It appears that the yellow color is not “pure” enough.

But the color of this thing, but also depends on the individual’s aesthetic preferences. I wonder what kind of color people would prefer? Is it left or right?


High sense picture quality

Sensors for GX85

Picture quality put to the end, in fact, is that the small frame camera is not necessary too demanding, the quality of the picture can be OK. But 3000 yuan price, more people will still choose Sony’s A6000, after all, Aps-c’s sensors are placed there.

So how much difference does the difference between the aps-c and the M43 frame bring to the picture quality? Because did not borrow A6000, so the side of the A5000 to replace. If it was A6000, the picture quality would have been better.

▲Two cameras use a lens similar to the focal section to secure the aperture F4. In the same light, shoot with ISO1600 and 64,002, respectively, and zoom in to the center to 100%.

▲In the ISO 1600, there is no need to say much. Whether it’s jpg straight out or raw noise reduction.

A5000 and GX85 are a gap that can be seen at a glance. By the DxO Photolab, look at the blue part of the A5000 two diagrams above. The use of DxO prime in the noise reduction at the same time, but also the print of the tattoo are restored, terror. Of course, the disadvantage of prime noise reduction is slow, a photo output for several minutes.


▲Skip 3200 and look directly at 6400. After the ISO pulls up the two gears, there is a clear deterioration in the picture quality on both sides. But it’s still GX85 this side more serious. The contrast of the text is also significantly lower.


▲Switching to DxO noise reduction, interestingly, A5000 color noise is significantly more, and GX85 color noise control is more reasonable. But on the whole it is A5000 this side is good, the outline is clear.



The M43 in my heart

Lumix GX85 is not the first time I have been exposed to the M43 system. Before also have experienced: Olympus E-PL5, Panasonic GM1, LX100 (barely also count M43? And so on My impression of the M43, is everywhere full of the fun of photography. Small size, carry with you on the walk without burden.

Focus Fast, shake the force, the shooting experience is pleasant. A bunch of cheap shots, plus a lot of cheap fuselage, you’ll never be short of playing because you’re short of money.

The Family of LUMIX

And what about the quality of the picture? M43 ‘s picture quality has a natural disadvantage, but the quality of the picture is never its focus. People who use cameras do not all depend on photography for a living. We choose to take pictures with the camera, what is the pursuit of? Is it an attempt to retain the touch of the moment? Miss the ritual feeling of pressing the shutter? Maybe that’s all M43 can offer.

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